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  1. The account which the model husband, Ischomachus, gives in his dialogue with Socrates of his experience in wife training throws many sidelights on the marriage relations of the Athenians and the philosophy of their system.

  2. Gorgo, one of the ladies, goes by appointment to the house of her friend Praxinoe, where the dialogue begins: GORGO.

  3. This dialogue is not the hundredth part of what actually passed between us till dinner-time.

  4. Our dialogue was getting rather sentimental, and with that ease which is only acquired in the best society, Pauline turned it to other topics, and soon asked me to allow her to go upstairs.

  5. The Evil Spirit, like God himself, was held to be invisible, and inappreciable by any human senses: and when words are attributed to him, they represent only the dialogue which he is supposed to hold with the silent and tempted heart.

  6. It is a portion of a dialogue between a minister and his parishioner.

  7. The dialogue varies from simple to elaborate, from the conversation of ordinary life to the highest refinements of poetical taste.

  8. Lakshmana carries on a dialogue with Ravana, disguised as a juggler.

  9. These form the transition to the fully developed Sanskrit play in which lyrics and dialogue are blended.

  10. On this refusal, Ravana goes forth after a brief dialogue with his queen Mandodari, who animates his drooping courage with the true spirit of the tribe to which she belongs.

  11. Their dialogue is disturbed by a rising whirlwind from which they take shelter in a neighbouring pavilion.

  12. A dialogue opens between the two birds, Jatayu and Sampati, the vulture-descendants of Kasyapa, who have seen successive creations.

  13. The prose of the dialogue in the plays is often very commonplace, serving only as an introduction to the lofty sentiment of the poetry that follows.

  14. The addition of dialogue was the last step in the development, which was thus much the same in India and Greece.

  15. Nearly forty lines of dialogue that follow are cancelled in the MS.

  16. Tis his humour, Madam; he is accustomed, though it be in company, to hold a dialogue with his thoughts.

  17. The briskness, too, and cleverness of the dialogue closely recall Shirley; but it must be owned that there are few plays of Shirley's written with such freedom, not to say grossness.

  18. Coachman make hast, and have a care you leave none of your trinketts behind: after a little dialogue with my scrivenour Ile returne, and then to Coach.

  19. We must pursue a deeper dialogue with China for the sake of our interests and our ideals.

  20. I hope we can have a constructive bipartisan dialogue this year to build a consensus which will lead eventually to the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

  21. We must remember, secondly, that some of the scenes would take longer to perform than ordinary scenes of mere dialogue and action; e.

  22. The old Countryman comes at a moment of tragic exaltation, and the dialogue is appropriately brief.

  23. The reader will have observed the want of brevity, retort, interruption, rapid alternation, in the dialogue of the poem.

  24. Mr. Tennyson, moreover, has not the dramatic touch; he rarely finds the phrase or the movement that illuminates a character, rarely makes the dialogue strike sparks.

  25. Dryden had done him the honour to make him a principal interlocutor in the Dialogue on Dramatic Poesy.

  26. His definition of religion is that of Euthyphro, in the Platonic Dialogue of that name.

  27. Emilien Paccini made a very good translation; Hector Berlioz was commissioned to write the recitatives, for it must be remembered that Weber's opera contains dialogue, and that dialogue is not admissible in grand opera.

  28. When he liked, he could write verses and dialogue which often reminded one of Moliere.

  29. A dialogue then took place between him and the Missionary.

  30. The following dialogue now took place between them.

  31. And so large a part of what he reported was proved to be false, that this reasonable belief of a fabricated dialogue becomes almost a certainty.

  32. Discussion by dialogue as a method of scientific investigation.

  33. The epic is everywhere interlaced with dialogue or discoursive scenes.

  34. Analytic, self-communing passages would, of course, point to a later stage in evolution; but the Welsh version dialogue is of the simplest description.

  35. A prisoner being brought up to Bow Street, the following dialogue passed between him and the sitting magistrate: “How do you live?

  36. A boat ascending the Ohio river was hailed by another boat, when the following dialogue ensued:-- “What boat is that?

  37. Sheridan was one day accosted by a gentlemanly looking elderly man, who had forgotten the name of the street to which he was going, when the following dialogue ensued: Stranger.

  38. He will give the same answer, and moreover he will expressly enjoin on us to read his dialogue the Crito,(49) where Socrates is shown warning us not to take heed of such things.

  39. Republic: “The period of dialogue is one which remains lax, and is also simpler than the historical.

  40. Dialogue between a Sovereign and a One Pound Note.

  41. Fontenelle has translated this ode, in his dialogue between Anacreon and Aristotle in the shades, where, on weighing the merits of both these personages, he bestows the prize of wisdom upon the poet.

  42. I heard this curious dialogue which made me laugh then, and makes me laugh now as I write it.

  43. I asked in my dialogue whether it was lawful for a provost-marshal to call himself simply marshal, and whether a lieutenant-colonel had a right to the title of colonel.

  44. The boys are going to have a dialogue too.

  45. When you ran off the platform after the fairy dialogue one of your roses fell out of your hair.

  46. During this dialogue the child had remained silent, her eyes roving from one to the other, all the animation fading out of her face.

  47. This means real progress; for the dialogue is the very life of the play.

  48. The dialogue and the incidents are but two phases of the presentment of the story.

  49. Then, valuable as dialogue is, it may be redundant, and make a play "flabby.

  50. I wished to ascertain whether a play depending for its interest rather upon character and dialogue than upon plot and sensational situations, would be at first tolerated and afterwards enjoyed by an average audience.

  51. But the Greek Chorus does not only sing its great odes on an empty stage; it also carries on, by the mouth of its Leader, a certain amount of ordinary dialogue with the actors.

  52. The men who spoke in the Melian Dialogue were full of what they considered "Sophia.

  53. We shall have a dialogue in longish speeches, each more or less balanced against its fellow, beautiful no doubt and perhaps moving, but slow as music is slow.

  54. In Greek tragic dialogue the metrical form is stiff and clear; hardly ever could a tragic line by any mistake be taken for prose; the only normal variation is not towards prose but towards a still more highly wrought musical lyric.

  55. The life takes the form of a dialogue--apparently a dialogue with a lady.

  56. On the principles of the Melian dialogue he is best out of the way.

  57. The dramatist may make his characters express all that they can properly feel; he may put into articulate dialogue all that it will bear.

  58. There are also peculiarities of metre, such as the elision of -ai, which are unheard of in tragic dialogue but regular in the more conversational style of the New Comedy.

  59. At times, in these dialogue scenes, an effect is obtained by allowing the Chorus to turn for a moment into ordinary flesh and blood.

  60. We should rack our brains to compose a "natural" dialogue in which her state of mind would appear, or we should make her best friend explain what she is like, or we should invent small incidents to throw light upon her.

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