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Example sentences for "carries"

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carried; carrieng; carrier; carriere; carriers; carriest; carrieth; carriole; carrion; carro
  1. The steel body of the plug which is screwed into the cylinder is in metallic contact with it and carries sparking points which form one of the terminals of the air gap over which the spark occurs.

  2. Instead of but one coil, the armature carries two, one of comparatively coarse wire, the other of many turns of finer wire.

  3. The cage of the main connecting rod carries two ball races, one on either side, fitting onto the crank-pin and receiving the thrust of the seven connecting rods.

  4. The bevel gear carries a cam-piece which moves the clutch sleeve back and forth as it revolves.

  5. The piston end is fitted with a gun metal bushing, while the crank-pin end carries two bronze serrated shells, which are tinned and babbitted hot, being broached to harden the babbitt.

  6. The type shown at C carries a roller at its lower end and may follow very irregular cam profiles if abrupt lifts are desired.

  7. The lower half carries the oil sump in which all of the oil except that circulating through the system at the time is carried.

  8. And then, in the dusk of the evening, Dilly Bal must take each star from the bag in which he carries it, polish it bright, and put it in its proper place.

  9. His name is Dilly Bal, and he carries on his operations wherever there are stars in the sky.

  10. Now, such talk as that, when it carries the evidence of sincerity along with it, is bound to win a young fellow over; youth cannot resist it.

  11. Now he carries himself well, and his health of late has left naught to be desired.

  12. A piece of brass chain must hang from the stem that carries the knob, and connect it with the interior of the jar.

  13. The later portraitures of Her Catholic Majesty, if correct, prove how very well she carries her age, with the assistance, perhaps, of some Spanish Madame Rachel.

  14. At last he carries the chair into the adjoining room; the music ceases, and his troublesome task is accomplished.

  15. One of the players now blows the whistle and drops it, and the hunter, being released, is told to find it; but this is no easy task, as he carries the object of his search about his own person.

  16. He now turns the chair upside down; carries it into the middle of the room; places it on the sofa; but all to no purpose, as he cannot stop the continual clatter of the magic music.

  17. He wears all his bad qualities in the face, is not the least of a hypocrite, and carries off his delinquencies with so impudent an air that no one can help admiring him, however they may object to his principles.

  18. The player who carries off the banner is called the Knight, and is chosen Captain for the next game.

  19. But this only carries us a short way towards a solution.

  20. The solidarity between the human race and the Second Adam, between the Church and its Head, is such, that the victory of the Leader carries with it the victory of the whole band.

  21. In his hand he carries a cane, or rather stick (for it is too short to be used as a cane), with some curiously carved figure for a handle.

  22. He comes to a happy home, and carries away a child, galloping back to the mysterious land whence he came.

  23. Such a danger seems sufficiently remote at present; but in the long run a policy which carries isolation too far is bound to provoke justifiable attempts to break it down.

  24. Such a system carries with it, however, two results, not always appreciated.

  25. The danger of European wars, except for national purposes of prime importance, carries its consequence into Africa and Asia.

  26. The bird whose instinct carries it over the wild seas from continent to continent sometimes droops its jaded wings and sinks, but it makes land at last.

  27. Where it is known that the landlord will not supply cards, "a sporting coster" carries a pack or two with him.

  28. A small card lying on the napkin carries the name of the guest to be seated here.

  29. A man’s visiting-card always carries the prefix Mr. The single exception to this is when Jr.

  30. Bill waited for another quarter of an hour, and then he stooped over the black hound and raised her bodily in his arms with great care, and much as a German nurse carries a baby.

  31. It is a sound that carries a very long way--though not so far as from the place of Finn's captivity to the Sussex Downs--and carries misery with it just as far as ever it can reach.

  32. That anarchist johnny carries about with him the finest assortment of bombs.

  33. Sophy," said she, in her high, sweet voice that carries like a thrush's.

  34. Jezebel herself, that carries her Head so High, wears her Heart upon her Sleeve, een like a simple Milkmaid!

  35. Claudius Marcellus, consul, having slain Viridomarus, the general of the Insubrian Gauls, carries off the spolia opima.

  36. Hannibal had pitched his camp near that village, with his back to the wind Vulturnus, which, in those plains which are parched with drought, carries with it clouds of dust.

  37. I have a good memory and it carries me back to the earliest scenes of childhood: scenes full of fairy visions and sweet remembrances.

  38. We arose at once, and the boy exclaimed, "Missi, she is not our own vessel, but we think she carries her flag.

  39. The black fellow carries with him to the field, when he goes off for a day's work, four or five sticks of sugar-cane, and puts in his time comfortably enough on these.

  40. The hero of the story has invented an air ship which carries terrible explosives to be dropped from a great height into the midst of the enemy.

  41. This it is more particularly that carries to many a certain amount of fear in the making of the passage, but, with proper caution and the right kind of boots, nothing of danger need be apprehended.

  42. Instead of one man or partnership with a comparatively small amount of capital, the corporation or joint-stock company with its large aggregation of capital carries on the business of manufacture and trade.

  43. We ought to meet the Hesperus before morning, and she carries a full cargo of Spanish gold.

  44. I am afraid the Magician carries the key with him, and I dare not break the lock.

  45. The privateer carries a pivot-gun," her captain had said.

  46. She carries a splendid pivot-gun, and she has six long sixes.

  47. Charles opens the knapsack, pulls out a waistcoat, carries it towards Catherine, and holds it before her face.

  48. It is with pleasure we relate, for we have often curiously observed the old man's demeanour towards his ass, that he seldom carries any instrument of incitement with him, nor did we ever see him lift his hand to drive it on.

  49. Now and then she drives over unexpectedly, and carries me back with her for the night.

  50. No officer ever has anything on him, and none of them carries a bidon except on a march.

  51. And this wretched huckster carries her deity about her,--her self-existent soul?

  52. His friend and follower often carries this precept to the point of caricature.

  53. The primal power of the composition carries us away, not its form, which, to tell the truth, is rather old-fashioned.

  54. The pillow of the nuptial couch becomes a swan that carries off Lohengrin weary of the tart queries made by his little bride concerning love and sex and other unimportant questions of daily life.

  55. The shaft carries a pulley, and a fan can be added at any time.

  56. It's probably Krail Rudi, with whom she is everlastingly playing tennis and carries on like anything.

  57. She always carries the copybooks home for her.

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