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Example sentences for "everlastingly"

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  1. Alfred felt that he would be everlastingly disgraced when he announced that he was not able to pay the debts incurred.

  2. The family felt that they were everlastingly disgraced.

  3. Refine them, toughen them, scold them, coax them, everlastingly drill and discipline them!

  4. Can't you see it's you that makes Father so everlastingly tired?

  5. Everlastingly done"] The ram eat his grass and minded his own business from that time on.

  6. There was no trace of sadness even, no trace even of melancholy in him; he was quiet, as he had always been, but everlastingly glad at heart.

  7. A half-tipsy rhymester with an everlastingly ecstatic smile!

  8. Hill said the time passed so pleasant he forgot how it was going, and when he happened to think to look at his watch he found he'd have to everlastingly hustle his mules to get over to Palomitas in time to ketch the Denver train.

  9. And then she let out with all four legs at once, like a Colorado mule, and everlastingly gave it to all hands!

  10. Big, jetty crows gathered close to her, crying, as if warning her to flee before it was everlastingly too late.

  11. The real truth is, that since what happened to it last week, I'm so everlastingly proud of it I catch meself sticking it out on display a bit.

  12. I hope you’ll both be just everlastingly happy,” he said sincerely.

  13. You can’t travel about all summer with the same man everlastingly at your heels, without other people’s seeing him as well as yourself.

  14. Troth, if I had had them, enough anxiety should I have had from my children; I should have been everlastingly tormented in mind: but if perchance one had had a fever, I think I should have died.

  15. Cain would never have killed Abel if Adam hadn't made the fool blunder of trying to keep his two sons everlastingly with him.

  16. We do not give his exact language, but in the heat of debate he shook her and told her if she ever clawed on him again he would everlastingly go and tell her parents.

  17. Too many women act sort of queer just for fun, and the poor male man gets to acting improper before he realizes the enormity of the crime, and then it is everlastingly too late.

  18. She said her husband ran for an office once and the whole gang of Norwegian voters went back on him and he was everlastingly scooped.

  19. He probably had not time to take up a collection of his thoughts, and no doubt after he thought it over he was sorry he did not offer his services to them as a herder of mooley cows, but it was then everlastingly too late.

  20. Within its proper limits, on a basis which is lawful and everlastingly necessary; beyond them, on a basis unlawful, and everlastingly corrupting the framework of society.

  21. When a debt is denied, the lender loses instead of the borrower, that is all; the loss is precisely, accurately, everlastingly the same.

  22. I was everlastingly being interrupted at the trial and I can't stand it any more.

  23. Sally was for everlastingly leaving the keys about, and every time there was an inquiry about them, or a hunt for them, the old lady would read her a proper lecture.

  24. There is absolutely no delight, no love in me, the cause of which does not lie concealed somewhere in the depths of your being, you everlastingly blessed creature!

  25. My longing for you is constant and everlastingly unsatisfied.

  26. It groweth everlastingly from the tree of grace; it descendeth at all seasons from the heavens of justice and mercy.

  27. He is and hath ever been veiled in the ancient eternity of His Essence, and will remain in His Reality everlastingly hidden from the sight of men.

  28. Thus the people, kept always fluctuating between hope and fear, are held in bondage by the belief that God has created mankind for no other purpose than that of rendering them eternally happy or everlastingly miserable.

  29. This noble promontory thrusts itself boldly out into the sea for a distance of about three miles, where it sinks sheer for a thousand feet to the pale green surf that breaks everlastingly upon it.

  30. And they passed into the mortuary bedroom to gaze at Mr. Baines before he should be everlastingly nailed down.

  31. It's like a can full of angleworms, everlastingly squirming and wriggling to get to the top.

  32. If you could have it pretty and well-ordered without too much bother, well and good; but might the Lord protect him from everlastingly making omelets to look at and not to eat.

  33. But Griswold wasn't looking for the crooks; he was eternally and everlastingly breaking his heart over the sodden miseries.

  34. I'd everlastingly hate to run up against such a customer in the pine woods.

  35. Their coming had given the imperiled lad new vim; it seemed to him as though his muscles were renewed, and that he could keep on gripping that branch everlastingly now, such was the fresh faith that took the place of grim despair.

  36. And remember, Larry, if you should get lost don't go to wandering everlastingly about.

  37. Such things as these are enough to make one a little desperate; all these things are trifles, yet they are nevertheless annoying; and then it is depressing, everlastingly to displease exactly where one wishes most to please!

  38. Mrs. Gunilla, angrily; "people are everlastingly crying out now for education.

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