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analyse; analysed; analyser; analyses; analysing; analyst; analysts; analytic; analytical; analytically
  1. The following brief analysis will be sufficient for the general reader.

  2. Their chief interest at that time lay in the fact that certain laminæ of a dark green mineral present in the specimens were found, on analysis by Dr.

  3. Analysis shows these glauconites to be essentially hydrous silicates of protoxyd of iron, with more or less alumina, and small but variable quantities of magnesia, besides a notable amount of potash.

  4. God gives in his children an analysis of himself, an analysis that will never be exhausted.

  5. Chemical analysis reveals that, beyond the percentage of mineral ash which is found in living plants, there is little in a pure sample of coal that is not carbonaceous.

  6. Böhlau, in his analysis of the ornament as a whole, notes its independence of the Athenian vases, though remaining a parallel and closely-related development.

  7. The passage discusses the analysis of the glaze, and it seems appropriate to add the reference at the end of the paragraph beginning “This lustrous glaze.

  8. Therefore as human nature is the matter and basis of history, history is, so to speak, the judge of human nature, and historical analysis is the counter-proof of psychological analysis.

  9. To determine what these principles or ideas are, Plato now addresses himself to the analysis of thought.

  10. A profound analysis will further lead to the conclusion that if ideas of reason are not chronologically antecedent to sensation, they are, at least, the logical antecedents of all cognition.

  11. Utility, which in its last analysis is Pleasure, is the test of right, in the first method; an assumed or discovered Law of Nature, in the second.

  12. Plato made use of psychological and logical analysis in order to draw from the depth of consciousness certain fundamental ideas which are inherent in the mind--born with it, and not derived from sense or experience.

  13. All force, then, is of one type, and that type is mind; in its last analysis external causation may be resolved into Divine energy.

  14. The one yields a contingent general principle as the result of the comparison of a number of individual cases, the other gives an universal and necessary principle by the analysis of a single concrete fact.

  15. Its instrument is not simply psychological analysis, but also historical analysis as a counterproof.

  16. He extends his analysis to history, and he finds that the universal conscience of the race has, in all ages, uttered the same behest.

  17. The logical demonstration of the being of God commences with the analysis of thought.

  18. The Platonic analysis of thought reveals elements of knowledge which are not derived from the outer world.

  19. The following schema will exhibit the generally accepted results of this method of analysis applied to the phenomena of thought: (i.

  20. As I was saying, example clearly put down without comment is very often more powerful than analysis for the purpose of conviction.

  21. All this had so much the effect of philosophical analysis that those comfortable people were lulled into self-approving assent; and putting themselves altogether apart from the new reading public, they begged him to say what he meant.

  22. By his methods of analysis he displayed a quality of mind akin to and probably influenced by that of Calvin, while his intellectual attitude showed the stimulus of the Reformation.

  23. To be sure, an analysis of cases proves that a larger proportion of those haled to court were light offenders, "good witches" whose healing arts had perhaps been unsuccessful, dealers in magic who had aroused envy or fear.

  24. And it was in the last analysis the gentry, in the persons of the justices of the peace, who decided whether or no neighborhood whispering and rumors should be followed up.

  25. But, as I have tried to show in the analysis above, this supposition is not needed.

  26. Principles of Psychology;" the evolution of mind and analysis of mental states.

  27. Analysis reduces these several kinds of effects to one kind of effect; and these several kinds of uniformity to one kind of uniformity.

  28. We have now to consider whether in the actual ethical and economic experience of men there is any direct evidence confirming the conclusions which our logical analysis of the respective situations would appear to require.

  29. In our analysis of the process of judgment, we attempted to show that the predicate arises in case of failure of some line of activity going on in terms of an established habit.

  30. The emergence of the end into consciousness immediately makes possible and occasions definite analysis of the situation in which the end must be worked out.

  31. From this analysis of the conditions of the consciousness of objectivity we must now proceed to inquire whether in the typical ethical and economic situations, as they have been described, essentially these same conditions are present.

  32. The analysis of a standard cannot proceed without the "synthesis" or co-ordination of the type of conduct thereby defined with other distinguishable recognized types of conduct into a comprehensive ideal of life as a whole.

  33. IV In the last analysis the ultimate motive of all reflective thought is the progressive determination of the ends of conduct.

  34. Much of this literature only imperfectly distinguishes the logical and psychological points of view, so that critical reference to it, unaccompanied by detailed restatement and analysis of the positions criticised, would be useless.

  35. We can, of course, undertake no minute analysis of the psychological mechanism or concatenation of the process here sketched in barest outline.

  36. He recognizes the relation of reflection to a historic process, which we have here termed "reconstruction," and the origin and worth of hypothesis as a tool in the movement, but does not carry his analysis to a systematic form.

  37. Hence the contradictions, revealed in the analysis we have just given of the philosophy of the age, stood out in utter nakedness.

  38. The kind of statement which gives insufficient data should be classed in analysis with this same kind of erroneous statement.

  39. In the last and closest analysis a speech is valuable for what it conveys to its hearers' minds, what it induces them to do, not what temporary effects of charm and entertainment it affords.

  40. Such rehearsing of a play already studied should terminate the minute analysis in order to show the material for what it is--actable drama.

  41. All the speakers on one side should participate in this analysis of the proposition to find and state the issues.

  42. Such minute analysis may extend to the preparation of outlines and diagrams.

  43. The reader may perhaps desire a more minute analysis of Arabian beauty.

  44. Laws and Practice of Chess=; Together with an Analysis of the Openings, and a Treatise on End Games.

  45. For even Herbert Spencer allows that in ultimate analysis all natural causation is inexplicable.

  46. This analysis will have been at least sufficient to give a clear idea of the general argument of the Candid Examination and of its melancholy conclusions.

  47. Our analysis is now at an end, and a very few words will here suffice to convey an epitomized recollection of the numerous facts and conclusions which we have found it necessary to contemplate.

  48. No result of psychological analysis seems to me more certain than this[47].

  49. An analysis of the differences in the first part of the narratives need not concern us here, as our folk-tale is connected with only the last third of the romance.

  50. The points of resemblance will be indicated below in an analysis of the incidents found in the members of our group.

  51. A brief analysis of the characteristic incidents of these two "thieving" cycles will be of some assistance, perhaps, in determining whether or not there were originally any definite points of contact between the two.

  52. The result was reached because the analysis would go there.

  53. He attempts an analysis by the logical Understanding, where a synthesis by the Reason is required,--a synthesis which has already been given by our Creator to man as an original idea.

  54. Our analysis of his theory, then, must be conducted upon this hypothesis.

  55. In order to do this satisfactorily, the following analysis of the human mind is presented.

  56. To appreciate this result, we must return to our analysis of man.

  57. The analysis of reaction under light is rendered possible from the record of response of leaflet of Averrhoa, given in Fig.

  58. The analysis of the resulting effect, thus rendered possible, casts new light on the phenomena of response, proving that the anomalies which had so long perplexed us, are more apparent than real.

  59. In the final analysis where are these young composers of genius?

  60. It is impossible to give an analysis of this vast work here.

  61. I characterize it as good land, but the analysis will show its precise properties.

  62. An analysis of this deposited rock, which I subjoin, will give you some idea of the properties of the water, which, with the exception of the Beer springs, is the mineral water of the place.

  63. I subjoin an analysis of the soil in the river bottom near Fort Hall, which will be of assistance in enabling you to form some correct idea of its general character in the neighboring country.

  64. The following analytical result shows the precise qualities of this soil, and will justify to science the character of fertility which the eye attributes to it: Analysis of Powder river soil.

  65. In our last number we gave a very full analysis of the various documents transmitted to Congress at the opening of the session.

  66. We have not pretended to give an analysis of the work, but the facts we have recounted may serve to give an idea of the interest which attaches to this new publication of M.

  67. Ellis, who, in 1811, published some extracts with an analysis of the romance in the «Specimens of Early English Metrical Romances».

  68. But the mass of sentimental literature concerned with the analysis and description of emotion, headed by the poetry of Byron, is altogether of lower rank than the literature which merely describes what it saw.

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