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analysed; analyser; analyses; analysing; analysis; analysts; analytic; analytical; analytically; analytics
  1. The chiropractor and psycho-analyst has invaded the Place, as may be seen by a sign on the eastern side.

  2. We wonder what the psycho-analyst a few blocks below would say about it.

  3. As an analyst the Frenchman was in many points refuted by Ercole del Rio ("the anonymous Modenese").

  4. A knowledge of the solubility of salts considerably reduces the number of acids likely to be present, and affords evidence of great value to the analyst (see A.

  5. His comment, as amplified and broadcast by military analyst Hanson W.

  6. For example, in listing the principal military issues before the United States in the postwar period, military analyst Hanson Baldwin did not mention the employment of Negroes in the service.

  7. But the psycho-analyst doctor would really want to hear details.

  8. Your psycho-analyst doctor," said Nan, and her voice was a little harder and cooler than before.

  9. The more they protest," the psycho-analyst would murmur, "the more it is so.

  10. The psycho-analyst would listen, passive and sceptical but intelligent.

  11. Evans and the other psycho-analyst doctor at St. Mary's Bay.

  12. There is a practising psycho-analyst there now.

  13. That, said her psycho-analyst doctor, was quite in order; that was what it ought to be like.

  14. Let the subtle analyst make what he can of that; it is the truth.

  15. The subtle analyst would argue from all this that Lushington was one of those painfully orderly persons, who are made positively nervous by the sight of a hair-brush lying askew, or a tie dropped on the floor.

  16. When such a sample of milk has been condemned, the analyst has often been confronted by an appeal to the cow herself.

  17. Long before the days of the public analyst there was an official who was, in a sense, his forerunner, and his methods were simplicity itself.

  18. It is mainly with foods of this latter description that the difficulties of the public analyst arise.

  19. However much an analyst may deprecate the fixing of standards for such products as milk and butter, he is forced in practice to fix a standard for himself.

  20. As a rule, the public is apathetic in the matter of adulteration, and errors of judgment, frequently inevitable under the present system, on the part of the analyst have led to his being regarded as the natural enemy of the tradesman.

  21. These details have been given at some length, for they are typical of the problem which the public analyst has to solve in the case of many natural products, i.

  22. Stevenson, was an official analyst to the Home Office), Dr.

  23. Count Guido in his complex wickedness, brooding in his prison cell, is more interesting to such an analyst than Pompilia fluttering her wings on the borders of heaven.

  24. The poet is a soul analyst first, and a teacher next.

  25. From Meredith to Hall Caine is from the study of the analyst to the foundry of the statuary; from art in cold calm to art in stormy fire.

  26. To make them believe that their emotions are worthy of the scrutiny of a great analyst of the human heart is to increase their morbid temptations, and in the end to render those temptations irresistible.

  27. The chief analyst returned, a sheet of computations in his hand.

  28. The chief analyst took less than the estimated ten minutes for his next set of figures.

  29. To the chief analyst he gave the job of putting all the data together in proper form for feeding to the electronic brain.

  30. Then he put down the position of the asteroid, taking it from the paper the chief analyst handed him.

  31. Certainly the report of the analyst did not support the doctor's theory.

  32. At once the Coroner's officer interposed with the remark that the analyst was present, and would give evidence.

  33. The evidence of Dr Slade, Analyst to the Home Office, being brief, was quickly disposed of.

  34. When the analyst had concluded, a smartly-dressed young woman, named Arundale, was called.

  35. The bitter sadness is that of the profound analyst of character, with a temperament of almost feverish intensity and nervous force.

  36. The charm of boyhood, with glimpses of some generous instincts, may for a time have deceived even the experienced man of the world and the brooding analyst of character.

  37. Seneca's career, given a latent fund of moral enthusiasm, was really a splendid preparation for his mission, as an analyst of a corrupt society and a guide to moral reform.

  38. And the analyst was a curiously vivid painter of character, the character of individuals, of periods, and of peoples.

  39. The chief analyst pulled a notebook from his pocket.

  40. The great achievement of Freud is the technique which enables the analyst to interpret this symbolism so that his own unconscious thought and desire are made known to the subject.

  41. The analyst looks for some mechanism of controlling ideas and their relation to impulses which are operating in the unconscious.

  42. Ernest Jones, the most prominent Freudian psycho-analyst in England, appears to be afraid of it.

  43. The analyst cannot advise, because no man can tell another how to live his life.

  44. I told you the other night that no analyst should give advice, and I refused when you asked me for it.

  45. We have mentioned that starch of various kinds is a common adulterant of many foods and the budding food analyst might do worse than learn to recognise the various starch grains under the microscope.

  46. We have started in every case by knowing what our solutions contain; the duty of the analyst is to discover what he has before him.

  47. Note 2: While variation of two parts in one thousand in the values obtained by an inexperienced analyst is not excessive, the idea must be carefully avoided that this is a standard for accurate work to be !

  48. The ignited product is assumed to be CaO and the analyst reports 29.

  49. The student should also be constantly watchful to insure parallel conditions during both standardization and analyst with respect to the final volume of liquid in which a titration takes place.

  50. It is usually carried out only when a large number of analyses are to be made, or when the analyst has some other specific purpose in view.

  51. A prime essential for success as an analyst is attention to details and the avoidance of all conditions which could destroy, or even lessen, confidence in the analyses when completed.

  52. The analyst should assure himself that the weights in a set previously unfamiliar to him are relatively correct by a few simple tests.

  53. But when the model suggested for study was her own husband, in leash with a strange young lady, whom she had not seen, she felt the position of a philosophical analyst uncongenial.

  54. The geometer must be tried by his peers, and those who truly deserve the title of geometer or analyst have usually been unable to find so many as twelve living peers to form a jury.

  55. The dream which followed soon afterwards, reported in brief, runs: The analyst asks the patient what he actually does at his mistress'?

  56. So I hold fast to the maxim you quote from me: "Every interference on the part of the analyst is a gross mistake in technique.

  57. But the exquisitely deceptive rĂ´les are never presented to the analyst on the surface, coming to light always only outside the hour of treatment.

  58. Diverse things in the life of the analyst can arouse the patient's envy; one fact here in particular had recently made a marked impression.

  59. But I think you have already answered this question, since in your last letter you write: "Every interference on the part of the analyst is a gross mistake in technique.

  60. But if the analyst desires to suggest nothing, should he remain silent for the most part and let the patient speak--except that in interpreting dreams he may lay before the patient his own interpretation?

  61. But he himself must be the builder, the Analyst only furnishes him with the necessary tools.

  62. The question as to how much the analyst involuntarily suggests to the patient is a very ticklish one.

  63. Those who go to an analyst usually know quite well why they go to him and not to some one else.

  64. The analyst lowered his eyes, shook his head wearily.

  65. The analyst stared from one to the other of them in growing consternation, then looked pleadingly at the baron.

  66. The analyst leaned forward with a slow accusing glance that swept the faces of the three officers, then centered on his antagonist at the other end of the desk.

  67. As he stared around, he felt a lessening of the anxiety that had gnawed at him since the analyst Meikl had predicted dire consequences after the landing.

  68. After a moment's silence, he turned to the analyst again.

  69. He crossed slowly to stand before the analyst and stare at him icily.

  70. Are you an analyst or a dramatist, Meikl?

  71. It should be clear enough to all of you," the analyst retorted hotly.

  72. Scarcely knowing why, the analyst jerked the trigger, felt the gun explode in his fist, saw the renegade topple.

  73. The analyst left the native with the sword and went to seek the next in line of command.

  74. Pale, trembling with suppressed disapproval, the analyst bowed curtly and turned to the girl.

  75. However, acquired ability, plus somewhat of natural gift of the psycho-analyst to trace signs to their source and intertwining, must be beyond question.

  76. Right here is the chance for the wholly honest, wholly earnest psycho-analyst to score.

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