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Example sentences for "analysing"

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analogy; analyse; analysed; analyser; analyses; analysis; analyst; analysts; analytic; analytical
  1. This prefatory inquiry will also coincide with our general purpose of analysing the influence of intellectual causes in the production of unbelief.

  2. The tendency of it will be in some degree polemical as well as didactic, refuting error by analysing it into its causes, repelling present attacks by studying the history of former ones.

  3. This urine I had the opportunity of analysing a few days afterwards.

  4. In the simplest form of this instrument the analysing portion consists of a single prism.

  5. And when we speak of analysing light, we mean that the light may be broken up into waves of different lengths.

  6. Much has already been done by the companies in collecting and analysing facts, so as to determine the average risk of injury and disablement among different classes of men.

  7. We may arrive at the same conclusion by analysing that unconditioned sense of duty which we call conscience.

  8. For the representation of the complex and obscure is chiefly done by the analysing understanding, and its work and pleasure in it lures the poet away from art.

  9. The psychologist must study mankind from the historical or comparative standpoint, analysing the elements which constitute the fabric of society, with its customs, its conventions and the main tendencies of its evolution.

  10. Perhaps a more satisfactory method is by analysing the drainage-water of a soil.

  11. Now in analysing the references in this note it must be borne in mind that they illustrate the statement that "doubts, more or less definite" continued to be expressed regarding the Ignatian Epistles.

  12. Lightfoot, however, goes on "to throw some light on this point" by analysing my "general statement of the course of opinion on this subject given in an earlier passage.

  13. In their case the existence of limits to their ‘working’ is either not known or not relevant, because they owe their adoption to their use and convenience in analysing and organizing a subject of inquiry.

  14. The other, called the cognitive, comprehends both things sensible and things insensible, synthesizing and analysing them (componendo e dividendo).

  15. After its apparent success in analysing mathematical procedure there was no more disputing the supremacy of the theory of ‘proof’.

  16. Aristotle already was not content with merely analysing the form of reasoning; he aspired to formulate the norm of scientific demonstration.

  17. In reality, however, this demand for certainty was extra-logical: it is not required for the purpose of analysing reasoning.

  18. Hence it is necessary to teach all the co-ordinated movements, analysing them as much as possible and developing them bit by bit.

  19. We may analyse the alphabetical signs in this way, discovering straight lines and curves, as by analysing discourse, we find grammatical rules.

  20. By analysing Wood-soot, therefore, we shall discover the principles we are in quest of.

  21. Analysing my earlier and late impressions I concluded that my earlier feeling of boredom sprang from the inevitable effect of the New Witness coming first and therefore having been read first.

  22. He felt too that the whole thing was good enough to be worth analysing in its rules and its effects.

  23. Nitrate of soda, Peruvian guano and superphosphate of lime in the form of bones dissolved by sulphuric acid were now added to the list of manures, and the practice of analysing soils became more general.

  24. The inland revenue department has a laboratory at Somerset House, with a staff of analysts, who are engaged in analysing for excise and other purposes.

  25. Those parts of their works in which they apply themselves to analysing and interpreting their authors survive in their full force: where they judge, find fault, and attempt to regulate, they inevitably become obsolete.

  26. Induction soon satisfies itself that their point lies in their impossibility; they constitute a new mode of pourtraying qualities of character, not by resemblance, but by analysing and intensifying contrasts to make them clearer.

  27. This would in effect be analysing numbers into components of the form a.

  28. In analysing the syllogism, he first says that a premiss is an affirmative or negative sentence, and then that a term is that into which a premiss is dissolved, i.

  29. Accordingly, scientific investigation among the Greek schools of speculation and their followers in the middle ages, was little more than a mere sifting and analysing of the notions attached to common language.

  30. We may add to this, that no one but a person competently skilled in those laws is capable of preparing the materials for historical generalization, by analysing the facts of history, or even by observing the social phenomena of his own time.

  31. I must forget what is behind, I must not lose time in analysing my state of mind to see how, during years past, this wish has worked itself out.

  32. In dissecting the plot, and analysing the materials of this poem, a critic might find innumerable occasions for satire and for ridicule.

  33. Analysing an atom into electrons does not destroy the atom.

  34. Analysing a liquid into a congeries of discrete atoms does not destroy or weaken or interfere with its property or fluidity.

  35. She found herself analysing his processes of thought.

  36. The same spirit is always analysing its own strength and its own weakness, counting what it owes to East and to West, to the olive-trees of Colonus and to the palm-trees of Lebanon, to Gethsemane and to the garden of Proserpine.

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