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Example sentences for "analyse"

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analogous; analogously; analogue; analogues; analogy; analysed; analyser; analyses; analysing; analysis
  1. You are too self-conscious to be introspective and are actually proud of the fact that you never stop to analyse either yourself or your motives.

  2. When I try to analyse my impressions, I find that I distrust not you but your story.

  3. Let a man of enormous wealth analyse his life from day to day and try to estimate what are the things or hours that have afforded him real and vivid pleasure.

  4. If we analyse our own feelings on the death of those we love, we shall probably find that, except in cases where life is prematurely shortened and much promise cut off, pity for the dead person is rarely a marked element.

  5. You would sit down and analyse your feelings till you became perfectly certain that some greed of gain mingled with your affection.

  6. In making this problem the object of detailed and careful inquiry the artist came to analyse life, throbbing beneath its veil of air and light, with more refinement and thoroughness than the old masters had done.

  7. They discovered that, so far from being gilded, objects are silvered by sunlight, and they made every effort to analyse the multiplicity of these fine gradations down to their most delicate nuances.

  8. When we analyse regulation objectively there seems indeed reason to think that the processes are of the same character in behaviour as elsewhere.

  9. I could analyse his feelings as well, perhaps, as he could mine; and how I did pity him for his many disappointments!

  10. Undoubtedly, you may analyse the seed before you sow it, and thus may ascertain that it consists of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and azote.

  11. If you doubt whether each of these tiny tubes be a flower, you have only to analyse them with the assistance of your ever-useful lens.

  12. To this very natural astonishment soon succeeded, we doubt not, a desire to analyse the phenomenon.

  13. If we analyse it, we find that simple enumeration is a registration of repeated impressions of any kind.

  14. And yet I did not understand my own feelings: in fact, I never stopped to analyse them.

  15. There are many contingencies, all probable, as you choose to analyse them.

  16. Rosalie, her senses quite fully restored by this time, began to analyse the situation with a clearness and calmness that afterward was the object of considerable surprise to her.

  17. The student is obliged to analyse the exact meaning of every word of the English sentence, and this necessity inculcates a nice discrimination in the use of words.

  18. They analyse with great subtlety the historical environment in which the work appeared and the causes which have produced it.

  19. How could art ever be superior to philosophy, if philosophy make of art its object, that is to say, if it place art beneath itself, in order to analyse and define it?

  20. To analyse an invention into its several parts, would be equivalent to finding that a poem was only composed of the letters of the alphabet, or the words in a dictionary.

  21. With all my vagaries of disposition I am not a fool, and at anyrate I have learned how to analyse myself as well as others.

  22. She did not analyse and hardly recognised these sentiments, yet she strongly felt the need for composure, and it was only with an air of soft exhilaration that she made the announcement over the table to Helen.

  23. At first he did not correctly analyse it.

  24. His heart and his brain were all confused together in a turmoil of emotion which he could not analyse nor define.

  25. But the first feeling of desolation soon passed, for he had not been more than a companion; she could analyse every memory she had of him to its source and reason.

  26. You might have guessed that she was trying to analyse him, weighing him in the scales of her impoverished and lopsided knowledge of human nature, and wondering if such conclusions as she was able to arrive at were dependable.

  27. It is a sort of thing about which one cannot analyse one's feelings.

  28. Everything was too much of a rush for her to think and analyse things, and if she had been asked whether she was happy, she would have thought that she was replying with honesty when she affirmed that she was.

  29. Vanity is deeply wounded, and so the power to analyse cause and result sleeps.

  30. Having recapitulated the chief features of the Fiabe in their later form, I will now analyse L'Augellino Belverde.

  31. We did not analyse the bones and tissues.

  32. I did not analyse the tissues of the body of the dog.

  33. What I mean to do is to analyse the woman's sensations when she learns it.

  34. How difficult, then, to analyse the motives and inducements which actuated the several ringleaders in this dreadful crisis!

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