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analogie; analogies; analogon; analogous; analogously; analogues; analogy; analyse; analysed; analyser
  1. In animal society the coyness of the female is the analogue of modesty.

  2. The earliest movements of animal life involve, in the rejection of stimulations vitally bad, an attitude which is the analogue of prejudice.

  3. Swastika with the figure of an animal, is a striking analogue of the Trojan whorls, on which it is associated with the figure of the stags.

  4. Swastika with the figure of an animal, is a striking analogue of the Trojan whorls on which it is associated with the figures of stags.

  5. An analogue can be found in the case of the invention, development and operation of the smaller machines of every-day life: the inventor of each machine merely invents that machine; when he has done this his work is virtually finished.

  6. We see an analogue in the actual life of every individual.

  7. The nausea of the soul is relieved like its physical analogue by freeing it from the undigested matter, the "repressions," that lie so heavily upon it.

  8. In the evolution of the human race the different peoples and nations are the analogue of the different species in lower creation.

  9. This is the second joint of the leg: and if the coxa is regarded as the analogue of the thigh in vertebrate animals, this should seem to represent the patella or rotula, vulgarly called the knee-pan.

  10. The second joint or stalk, which may be said to represent the mentum, the liplets being properly in a restricted sense the analogue of the labium, its sides being turned up, forms a longitudinal cavity, which contains the haustellum.

  11. The first piece I regard as the analogue of the palate, and the second as connected with the sense of smelling.

  12. At first you would imagine the terminal part of this organ in the former to be the analogue of the tongue, or ligula F.

  13. Latreille also is of opinion, that the parapleura is the analogue of the posterior coxae.

  14. This genus may be the analogue of some heteromerous one yet undiscovered, as Calosoma is of Adelium (Kirby Linn.

  15. In the hypothesis before alluded to[2011] it is considered as the analogue of the tibia of vertebrate animals.

  16. They said they believed the name was Italian, and the reader shall judge if it were so from its analogue of Osier Wood.

  17. As the Stoics had their analogue to the tenet of final assurance, so had they also to that of sudden conversion.

  18. With the analogue of this contention also we are familiar in modern times.

  19. Western America, but has so close an analogue in Japan that the two were taken for the same by Thunberg and Linnaeus, who called them both R.

  20. Its analogue is not the nectar of flowers, but the saliva or the gastric juice!

  21. Cuvier and other modern physiologists, from the ganglionic structure of this organ, are of opinion that it is not the analogue of the cerebro-spinal system of vertebrate animals, but rather of their great sympathetic nerves.

  22. Amnios and Chorion, analogue of in insects, iii.

  23. Collar of certain insects, whether the analogue of the prothorax, iii.

  24. He also urges the analogue of "the anointing of the doorposts, which preserved the first-born by things that have no sense.

  25. This rite announces itself as the analogue of Christ's circumcision.

  26. The closest English analogue to Rabelais is undoubtedly Dean Swift.

  27. The modern analogue for Greek hereditary destiny, traceable to some original transgression and tainting all the action of a doomed family, is to be found in madness, which has as yet been tragically treated by no dramatist of the first rank.

  28. Even this has its analogue in the instinct of insects.

  29. Clearly an analogue of the heightened satisfaction of the will through delay.

  30. This may without violence be taken as an analogue of children's complaints, especially teething, in which it is just the future nourishers of the organism making an attack upon it which so often costs it its life.

  31. The analogue of the lamp- room when acetylene is employed is the generator-house, and this is a separate building at some distance from the residence proper.

  32. Radium then expels an alpha particle and becomes the gas, radium emanation, which is an analogue of argon and belongs to the zero group.

  33. Furthermore, in the thorium series 6 alpha particles are lost before reaching the end product, which again is perhaps the chemical analogue of lead.

  34. Something of doubt colours also one's view of America's entry and the career of President Wilson, in some regards a close analogue to that of Lincoln.

  35. By analogy we mean an imperfect kind of resemblance: like is a genus of which analogue is a species.

  36. In education, in knowledge of his trade, in the command of the comforts of life, a Mayo cultivator of six, eight or ten acres is the analogue of the English labourer at fourteen shillings per week.

  37. A Persian analogue is given from Sir John Malcolm's Sketches of Persia, chap.

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