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Example sentences for "counterpart"

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  1. And that's the reason I would have us less so: I thought our bustling guest without had said You were a chance and passing guest, the counterpart Of me and my companions.

  2. Alcina, the personification of carnal pleasure in the Orlando Furioso, is the counterpart of Homer's Circe.

  3. And side by side with baseness there is heroism, while beauty of the flesh finds its counterpart in beauty of the mind.

  4. Insistence upon it would lead us to the language of colours, counterpart of the language of flowers, but still more unstable and arbitrary.

  5. It is no more possible to-day to conceive of a novel which is not a counterpart or sequel of a preceding novel, than it is to conceive of rhymeless verse, or verses whose syllables have not been scrupulously scanned.

  6. A more accurate poetical counterpart to the prose descriptions given by contemporary writers of the appearance of the poor creatures who were charged with the crime of witchcraft could hardly have been penned.

  7. The women, gathered together in a group, formed a counterpart to that of the duke.

  8. All the verve and comical exaggeration which Coconnas had put into his speech found their counterpart in the tenderness, the intoxicating vigor, and the mock humility which La Mole introduced into his supplication.

  9. Moreover, there is not a single saying in the Scriptures of other nations, which has not its counterpart in the S√Ęstras.

  10. It would be worth reading a second time, were it only for the sake of one ancient Scottish spinster, who is nearly the counterpart of the admirable Mrs. Margaret Maitland.

  11. The display, so magnificent and grand, has its only counterpart in the picture which imagination paints of Sinai or the final judgment.

  12. You are the counterpart of the hero in this book," she repeated, resting one hand lightly on the volume under her elbow.

  13. Human nature is well and faithfully portrayed, and we see the counterpart of our story in character and disposition, in every village and district.

  14. One day was a counterpart of another; and yet the love of life, or, perhaps, the love of gold, made us fight the monster with a courage that became a better cause.

  15. To the ardent zeal for liberty which marked the Revolution of 1688, we can find no counterpart in the constitutional quietude of the present day.

  16. His story Fortunio, with its glorification of pleasure and idleness, is the French counterpart of Friedrich Schlegel's Lucinde; and he recalls the German Romanticists by his contempt for the distinctively poetic in poetry.

  17. I am sure his counterpart exists in every country town, and in the memory of every boyhood experience.

  18. I see a living past whose counterpart I well could wish might be a common fortune.

  19. The dolphin, so termed, of the mediaeval heralds is a purely conventional form, having no counterpart whatever in Nature.

  20. Sachuli kills a woman; his Russian counterpart kills a man.

  21. Like Cinderella, whose male counterpart he is, he at times arises from his low estate, becomes again a brilliant prince, but always capriciously eludes those who wish to retain him in that shape.

  22. The counterpart to Despina is Don Alfonso,[56] who displays throughout the plot no single impulse of sympathy or good-nature, and at the same time fails to inspire interest as a purely comic character.

  23. Papageno's chief scene is in the last finale, when he resolves to die for the love of his lost Papagena, and it forms a counterpart to the pathetic scene of Pamina's despair.

  24. This scene is the counterpart of a warm summer evening on the piazza--both typical of unrestrained, luxurious indolence.

  25. The apartment into which we were conducted was the most singular I have ever seen; certainly it has no counterpart in this world, unless the famous hut of Robinson Crusoe has escaped the ravages of time.

  26. It struck him that they were the exact counterpart of the new clique of humanity which has sprung up recently on this side of the Irish Sea; advanced thinkers without thought--the products of a little education without the ballast of a brain.

  27. In appearance he was an exact counterpart of his wife--short and fat; and his favourite attitude was standing with his legs wide apart and his thumbs in the arm-holes of his waistcoat.

  28. And that counterpart must be mortal; but in all else exquisitely contrived, perfect in intelligence, keen to appreciate our superiority.

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