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Example sentences for "cognate"

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cogitationes; cogitations; cogitative; cogito; cognac; cognates; cognation; cognisable; cognisance; cognisant
  1. The richness and versatility of Jonson's genius will never be fully appreciated by those who fail to acquaint themselves with what is preserved to us of his "masques" and cognate entertainments.

  2. He remained in England thirty years, devoting himself to the study of Anglo-Saxon, and afterwards of the cognate old Teutonic languages.

  3. The interior and the north coast, on the other hand, were filled chiefly by Indo-Germanic peoples most nearly cognate to the Iranian.

  4. Two of them have described the phenomena very forcibly in print, but anonymously, and two others have written on cognate experiences.

  5. I did my best in these respects, without forgetting the most important part of all--namely, to tempt my correspondents to write freely in fuller explanation of their replies, and on cognate topics as well.

  6. Another interesting and cognate inquiry would be into the motives that have sufficed to induce men who were leading happy lives, to meet death willingly at a time when they were not particularly excited.

  7. The man and the deed must be cognate and equal, and the melodic balance and blending are what first separate Homer and Hugo from the fabricators of singular adventures.

  8. Nominalism itself indeed was reckoned by the adverse sect cognate to heresy.

  9. His method is alphabetical, but it may be reckoned an alphabet of genera; for he arranges what he deems cognate species together.

  10. Pueblo Indians who inhabit New Mexico, as many as six distinct dialects obtain, no one showing anything more than the faintest, if any, indications of a cognate origin with the other.

  11. These were a tribe cognate with Apaches, and therefore of Athapascan stock.

  12. The Thracian was a language cognate with that of the Getæ; see Strabo, book vii.

  13. The Hebrew cognate dialect has the word also.

  14. The class of the chaetogatha, which is only represented by the cognate genera of Sagitta and Spadella, is in another respect also a most remarkable branch of the extensive vermalia stem.

  15. The old Latin sollus is cognate with Welsh holl, whole, entire.

  16. This name is cognate with elephant in the same way as alpha is correlate to alpa or alba: Ayliffe and Alvey are common English surnames.

  17. But on the British coin here illustrated a cognate form is issuing from the eagle's beak, and in Fig.

  18. The words genius and genie are evidently cognate with the Arabian jinn, meaning a spirit.

  19. This allusion to Bolloinge suggests that the chivalrous and intrepid Long Meg was famous at Bulloigne, and that the name of that place is cognate with Bellona, the Goddess of War.

  20. Ten years ago I published a study on Mediaeval Symbolism, and subsequent investigation of cognate subjects has since put me in possession of some curious and uncommon information, which lies off the mainroads of conventional Thought.

  21. The kings sat in order in their Forud (a word cognate with Forum), surrounded by their councillors and retinue.

  22. How can we account for the fact that they were confined to this belt except upon the theory that they were made and used by a single tribe, or at most by two or three cognate tribes?

  23. Whiche is cognate with the Latin qualis, and has here the same sense.

  24. Nyanja, perhaps the most extensive group of cognate languages in the Bantu field, is principally associated with the east and west shores of the southern half of Lake Nyasa.

  25. Chai-nòng is now used for both sexes, but the cognate languages point to chai (for chal) being the original word for the bovine species.

  26. Nearly the whole Russian harvest of folk-songs and cognate treasure comes from the south, from Cossacks and little Russians, the true Muscovite being almost a songless bird.

  27. To define the qualities in virtue of which these two cognate works appeal so very strongly and directly to the imagination is a matter of great difficulty.

  28. The success attending the volume was instant and gratifying, and led, as we will see further on, to other publications of a cognate but more ambitious character.

  29. To attempt something of a cognate character, yet upon a larger scale, Ramsay now felt encouraged.

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