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Example sentences for "germane"

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gerfalcon; gerichtliche; gerland; germ; germander; germanische; germanischen; germanium; germe; germen
  1. What, hath the Germane acted more than thou?

  2. But more; the king by letters hath foretold That Fredericke, the Almaine emperour, Hath brought with him a Germane of esteeme, 15 Whose surname is Don Jaquesse Vandermast, Skilfull in magicke and those secret arts.

  3. To Haspurge: there your highnesse at returne Shall finde the Germane in his studie safe.

  4. But the institution was thoroughly germane to the nature, tastes, and literary needs of the French people, and it prospered.

  5. Of the nature of the variations, however, there are some points to be considered which are very germane to our subject.

  6. Now all this is very germane to our subject.

  7. They are not particularly germane to this record.

  8. They were not germane to a single one of his plans.

  9. Here, as at Philiphaugh, some fresh ramble was planned each morning; while the evenings were beguiled with pleasant converse, and apt quotations germane to the scenes of that land of romance.

  10. Nevertheless, all these things are but excrescences and not germane to the main theory, and they will doubtless correct themselves by the constant self-evidence of their absurdity or evil tendencies.

  11. But the consideration of this happiness is not germane to our book; and for our readers marriage is under the influence of two moons, the honeymoon and the Red-moon.

  12. One is not the incident of the other, nor in any respect germane to the other.

  13. I conclude this branch of the subject as I began, by putting aside all irrelevant matter, all superfluous questions, all surplusage, all topics not properly germane to the debate.

  14. It is in itself a case of such absolute and overwhelming justice that the Senate ought not to postpone it for a single day,--especially ought not to postpone it, when it has under consideration a bill so entirely germane as the present.

  15. But now that region hight Wales, of the Germane word Walsh, whereby that nation dooth vse to call all strangers without respect of countrie.

  16. In such a spirit, a reexamination of the argument for public support of public libraries must be regarded as entirely germane to the objects which the American Library Association has at heart.

  17. It fell to the lot of Germane to go and examine it, and he did not think the task a pleasant one.

  18. Towards the centre rose a high mountain, which they resolved to ascend, in order to view the island; and Germane and Diuran Lekerd were chosen for this task.

  19. Germane and Diuran waited to hear no more; but, returning to their companions, told them all they had seen and heard; after which the crew embarked and left the island.

  20. On the opposite side of the river, they saw a herd of animals like great hornless oxen, all lying down; and a man of gigantic size near them: and Germane began to strike his spear against his shield, in order to rouse the cattle.

  21. Now surely," said Germane and Diuran to Maildun, "Heaven has guided our ship to this place!

  22. Germane came into Britaine (as before ye haue heard) this Vortigerne on a time should denie the same S.

  23. Germane harbour: but one that kept the kings heards of cattell receiued him into his house, and lodged him, and slue a calfe for his supper, which calfe after supper was ended, S.

  24. They too are not germane to the discussion, even if conditions in Ireland were even approximately normal to-day, which decidedly they are not.

  25. There is also a good deal that the European railroad men might and should learn from some of our big operators and traffic experts--but that phase of the problem is not germane to this book.

  26. That that majority did not take into account the great difficulties under which both McAdoo and Hines worked is not germane to the present point.

  27. This plea is, of course, directly germane to our subject.

  28. But we must always remember that the extravagant luxury and hospitality of the old time were germane and proper to it, component parts of the social framework.

  29. But minor essays, letters of a more or less formal character, and prefaces and notes to the poems, make up a goodly total; and always display a genius germane to that of the poems.

  30. Sir Fouke de Newcastell a valiant knight, and coosen germane to the king on the mothers side died at London, during the time of the parlement.

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