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  1. Gadolinum discovered by Marignac, and Germanium by Winkler.

  2. If excess of a mineral acid be added to a solution of an alkaline thiogermanate a white precipitate of germanium disulphide, GeS2, is obtained.

  3. Germanium dichloride, GeCl2, and germanium chloroform, GeHCl3, have also been described.

  4. Two oxides of germanium are known, the dioxide, GeO2, being obtained by roasting the sulphide and treatment with nitric acid.

  5. The germanium salts are most readily recognized by the white precipitate of the disulphide, formed in acid solutions, on passing sulphuretted hydrogen.

  6. Germanium compounds on fusion with alkaline carbonates and sulphur form salts known as thiogermanates.

  7. Winkler decided the atomic weight of germanium by similar reasoning.

  8. Niison and Pettersson's observations on beryllium and germanium have shown that the atomic heats of these metals increase with rise of temperature, finally becoming constant with a value 5.

  9. The sample capsules are loaded into an automatic sample-changing mechanism that places each one into an identical position above a lithium-drifted germanium detector.

  10. You find that your friend down the hall, who is a nuclear physicist, has a gamma-ray spectrometer that incorporates a lithium-drifted germanium crystal as a detector and a pulse height analyzer.

  11. The germanium detector is a device that senses the gamma rays that enter it and gives electrical signals related to the energy of the gamma rays.

  12. Other elements are named from countries or localities, as germanium and scandium.

  13. Its negative pendant shows the same form in silicon, germanium and tin; again, the fourth was unexamined.

  14. On the one side is carbon, with below it titanium and zirconium; on the other silicon, with germanium and tin.

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