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  1. No pains have been spared to render this collateral information trustworthy.

  2. Collateral with the development of the printing press are three important branches of the art--stereotyping, paper making, and type setting.

  3. For a time prohibition was extended to the seventh degree of consanguinity, counting, as did the canonists, in the collateral line, from the common ancestor and not through the same according to the Roman method.

  4. For the same reason it follows that intermarriage between the nearest collateral relatives may not have been excluded.

  5. It had come into the bank on October 10th along with other collateral to offset an overdraft on the part of Cowperwood & Co.

  6. His overdrafts were protected by collateral, however, and it was his custom to send bundles of collateral or checks, or both, which were variously distributed to keep things straight.

  7. He referred to a series of shares in the British East India Company, deposited as collateral at two-thirds of their face value for a loan of one hundred thousand dollars.

  8. Additional collateral would have to be furnished the several banks carrying them.

  9. He could use these city loan certificates deposited with him for manipulative purposes, deposit them at any bank as collateral for a loan, quite as if they were his own, thus raising seventy per cent.

  10. I don't suppose these have ever been used as collateral before.

  11. Although the directors had refused to go into the market for the purchase of exchequer-bills, they came to a resolution of lending three millions on direct or collateral security.

  12. It is necessary, in order to preserve the collateral relation of events, to return to the army of Whish before the besieged city.

  13. If such direct proof could require any collateral evidence to confirm it, I would observe, that this has likewise been the case in France, and probably in most other parts of Europe.

  14. Collateral successions are taxed according to the degree of relation, from five to thirty per cent.

  15. To the greater part of manufactures, besides, it has already been observed, there are other collateral manufactures of so similar a nature, that a workman can easily transfer his industry from one of them to another.

  16. It was decided, therefore to close the gaping arches of the collateral on the east and west, and to build a wall on the north side.

  17. I do not question but he informed the rest of his Audience, who had more Patience than I, of the Birth and Parentage, as well as the Collateral Alliances of his Family who made the Repartee, and of him who provoked him to it.

  18. Collateral evidence as to this is the extraordinary wastefulness, of operation which prevailed.

  19. The growing importance of railroads during the seventies was accompanied by collateral developments, which deserve mention in a general preliminary survey.

  20. It was acceptable, therefore, by reason of this collateral advantage.

  21. I suspected him at first sight to have something wrong in him, but was not able for a long time to discover any collateral proofs of it.

  22. It was "surgically precise" and civilian casualties were alchemically converted into "collateral damage".

  23. A bank guarantee, a promissory note, a confirmed letter of credit, a note or a bond guaranteed by the Central Bank - all will do as deposited collateral against which a credit line is established and cash is drawn.

  24. The gin receipt may be collateral for a loan from a cotton factor, or from a local bank.

  25. A collateral statement of such facts not inserted on the policy of insurance, as may give the underwriters a just estimate of the risk of the adventure.

  26. Argha belonged also to a collateral branch of Gulmi, which is supposed by some to have become extinct; but others allege, that the son of the last chief is now in Nepal.

  27. Tanahung Family and its Possessions, and Collateral Branches.

  28. The chiefs of Kaski leagued with Lamjun, a collateral branch of their own family, but had as a follower in war their kinsman of Satahung.

  29. It is probable, that Gulmi was the original seat of the family, as Khachi and Argha are acknowledged to be collateral branches; but with the claims of the other three chiefs I am not acquainted.

  30. A collateral branch of the Nayakot Rajas obtained a similar state called Satahung, which, besides the capital, contained a town called Gengdi.

  31. This Kalyan married a daughter of the Raja of Duti, a collateral branch of the Karuvirpur family, and by her obtained Sor, as an addition to his inheritance.

  32. A second collateral branch of the Nayakot family was Kaski, a more powerful state than that of the chief from which it sprang.

  33. Ghiring and Gajarkot, which belonged to two collateral branches of Rising, were still more petty than that state, but did not differ in any other considerable respect.

  34. This tree does not refuse to thrive even among others, and in great woods, provided you shrip up the collateral arms.

  35. The skin over the growths, in accordance with the originating cause, will be found chafed, covered with scabs, or even ulcerated and accompanied with collateral edema.

  36. In some cases the collateral circulation develops in time, so that the parts receive sufficient blood and the symptoms disappear.

  37. We are left to collateral evidence to fix the place of this petition, the official transcriber having contented himself with the substance, and omitted the date.

  38. At present such a difficulty would be disposed of by an immediate and simple reference to the collateral branches of the royal family; the crown would descend with even more facility than the property of an intestate to the next of kin.

  39. The collateral thinking may be revealed by an expansive paraphrase.

  40. It may be fast, or moderate, or slow, according to the amount of what may be called the collateral thinking accompanying the reading, of any given passage.

  41. There followed a couple of pages devoted to collateral branches of the Lonsdales.

  42. During the same period, he persuaded himself that a peculiar configuration of clouds prevailed; this he took as a collateral proof of his electrical hypothesis.

  43. His great fault was, that, by not opening sufficient spaces for reply or suggestion, or collateral notice, he not only narrowed his own field, but he grievously injured the final impression.

  44. As regards collateral bee-boxes, we owe our original acquaintance with them principally to White, nearly a century ago.

  45. Removed a box of honey from a collateral hive.

  46. Accordingly, on the 14th of June, in one of my collateral stock-hives, where the drones for a day or two had been hard pushed by the others, I opened a communication on the ground floor into an empty side box.

  47. Whether the box to be taken is a collateral or storified one, let the communication from the parent hive be previously cut off, and without any jarring.

  48. In the remarks that are to follow, we shall confine ourselves to a critique of the philosophy of Dr Reid, and of its collateral topics.

  49. Schools now place much less reliance than formerly upon text-books, while on the other hand they require of the student more collateral reading and reference work.

  50. Many books are used for collateral reading, others to supplement the instruction of text-books in geography and history, others still in the employment of leisure hours in school.

  51. The Beauforts, besides the good looks and strength of their founder, had collateral claims to muscular eminence.

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