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Example sentences for "collate"

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collards; collared; collaring; collarless; collars; collated; collateral; collaterally; collaterals; collates
  1. Ellis was one of the earliest to collate carefully the sources in his Battle of Bunker Hill (1843).

  2. As soon as ever you reach home with your purchases from a ramble along the bookstalls, and whenever you receive books that you have ordered through a bookseller's catalogue, collate your acquisitions carefully.

  3. Not only will it give him a sound bibliographical knowledge of the books which he desires and hopes ultimately to possess, but it will enable him to collate immediately every volume that he acquires.

  4. We have had no time as yet to collate any portion of the translation of the two new volumes before us with the original text.

  5. It is not necessary that the bishop himself should personally institute or collate a clerk; he may issue a fiat to his vicar-general, or to a special commissary for that purpose.

  6. We cannot collate all the instances here, but a few may be brought together.

  7. I am unable to collate with its original in the Advocates Library, the copy I made of them in 1910.

  8. No one has endeavoured to collate the vast bulk of materials shrouded in the stories of all lands.

  9. Some librarians have claimed that it is best to collate books at the library in order to prevent imperfect books being bound, since it is always disappointing to discover, after a book has been bound, that it is incomplete.

  10. It will be almost as difficult to unearth and collate the documents which bear upon any events less than the most momentous, as to recover the memorials of Egypt from the pyramids, or of ancient Assyria from the mounds of Nineveh.

  11. At length, a great public movement amongst the divines of all denominations was projected, to collate the results of these partial recoveries of the sacred text.

  12. In conclusion, I must beg that you will collate my present account with my last, as I am apprehensive that I may have charged the same outlay twice; the copy of my last account was lost when my papers were seized.

  13. After my experience of JC I did not think it necessary to collate this manuscript.

  14. Donne's poems now in the possession of Mr. Elkin Matthews, who has kindly allowed me to collate it.

  15. Tischendorf says truly enough that something like a history might be written of the futile attempts to collate Cod.

  16. By the kindness of Lord Ellesmere I was permitted to collate his unique copy of the 1611 edition of the Anatomy of the World and Funerall Elegie.

  17. There had been some talk of his staying in Washington to collate the reports as they came in, but that had sounded even worse than having to visit hospitals.

  18. You could get a chimpanzee to collate reports like that.

  19. Suddenly he discovered in himself a great desire to sit around and collate reports.

  20. It must be mentioned here that the reactions of any particular substance are given under its own heading, and in this article we shall only collate the various operations and outline the general procedure.

  21. Neither teacher nor scholar can go very far with earnestness in Bible study without feeling an intense desire to collate and compare, to go to the bottom, to take views single in purpose, but wide in reach.

  22. Those same references will collate for you helpful utterances on the ethical problems of the passage.

  23. With insistent fervour they implored one another to be careful, and to collate what had been copied.

  24. When a man has copied a work of any length, it is hard for him to collate it with the original slowly.

  25. Neither was I able to collate the Wasco or Kalapuya, but have assigned them on the opinion of others.

  26. Hence I had either to collate my own copy, which was very tedious, or invent some new process.

  27. All I could do to earn a little money was to copy and collate MSS.

  28. It was no good encouraging me to copy and collate Sanskrit MSS.

  29. However, the outcome of it was that I did not go to St. Petersburg, but went on with my work at the Library in Paris, till one day I found it necessary to run over to London, to copy and collate certain MSS.

  30. But we are careful to collate it with the versions of Fineschi and Bonaini, taking note of significant divergences.

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