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Example sentences for "coterminous"

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  1. Of the nine Northern States whose territories are coterminous with the dominions of her Britannic Majesty, six of them had questions of boundary or of territory, to adjust; and all of these are adjusted.

  2. The non-slaveholding States, coterminous with the British dominions are pacified and satisfied: the slaveholding and the Western States, remote from the British dominions, are to suffer and complain as heretofore.

  3. The tombs at Uruk, arranged closely together with coterminous walls, and gradually covered by the sand or by the accumulation and d├ębris of new tombs, came at length to form an actual mound.

  4. As a rule, the two were coterminous and the sentences are almost invariably "habit and prison for two years," or perpetual or irremissible as the case may be.

  5. Thus the tribunal could vary the penalty at its discretion, and was not bound to the rule of coterminous abito y carcel.

  6. Chapter XI Witnesses unto the Uttermost Part of the Earth The breadth of the Christian's vision is exceeded only by its height, and his influence is coterminous with nothing less than the human fabric of which he is a part.

  7. It is God's will that the Church should be coterminous with society, and that the unity of life thus produced should make the "communion of saints" a reality on earth and not a mere theory.

  8. Mexico is our near neighbor, and her boundaries are coterminous with our own through the whole extent across the North American continent, from ocean to ocean.

  9. The two Republics, both situated on this continent, and with coterminous territories, have every motive of sympathy and of interest to bind them together in perpetual amity.

  10. In this representation the area of widest cultural influences is coterminous with the area of commerce, because commerce in its widest extension is invariably carried on under some restraints of custom and customary law.

  11. This is the reason that the limits of society are coterminous with the limits of interaction, that is, of the participation of persons in the life of society.

  12. But if the area of the economic process is almost invariably coterminous with the widest areas of cultural influence, it does not extend to the smaller social groups.

  13. Hartford county, and a port of entry, coterminous with the township of Hartford, in the west central part of the state, on the W.

  14. Under the French, Acadia was roughly coterminous with the present provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and part of the State of Maine; but Acadia proper was the peninsula of Nova Scotia.

  15. But it is at least doubtful that the Emperor uses the expression "von Gottes Gnaden" in a sense exactly coterminous with that of "divine right" as used by Lord Macaulay and later Anglo-Saxon writers and speakers.

  16. Again on the west it is coterminous with the tribe called Satrapeii, who are not far from the tribes which extend as far as the Euxine.

  17. Christ Church was the only parish and coterminous with Middlesex County.

  18. The parish, coterminous with the county and created at the same time, also honored the Duke, being called Russell.

  19. The parish of Antrim coterminous with the county was established when the county was created.

  20. It was now made coterminous with the county of Buckingham.

  21. It was enacted that the portion in Surry be added to Southwark Parish, and Albemarle Parish be made coterminous with Sussex.

  22. The Parish lying in and coterminous with Isle of Wight County was called Newport from the largest city in the English island.

  23. Amherst Parish at the same time was formed from Saint Anne's Parish and made coterminous with the county of Amherst.

  24. The parishes in these counties were ordered to be coterminous with the bounds of the counties.

  25. This was subdivided into "realms" coterminous with the boundaries of States.

  26. Practically it may be taken that, save where the owner of the soil of a common acquires all the lands in the township (generally coterminous with the parish) with which the common is connected, an inclosure cannot legally be effected by him.

  27. Its northern border is coterminous with the northern border of Tertiary gravels, sands, and sandy clays.

  28. Its southern line is coterminous with the southern edge of the Triassic formation.

  29. The Empire shall be divided into four departments, the first to be styled the Realm, and coterminous with the boundaries of the several States; the second to be styled the Dominion, and =Amiei humani generis.

  30. When the Civil War began, the railway frontier had become coterminous with the agricultural frontier, and both were ready to span the gap which separated them from the Pacific.

  31. But by 1840 an Indian frontier had been erected, coterminous with the agricultural frontier, and beyond what was believed to be the limit of expansion.

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