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  1. All we know is that its mention is coeval with chronicle, and its origin lost in allegory.

  2. The appearance of the quality is really the sprouting of a seed whose original germ was in some sense coeval with the beginning of things.

  3. They are engraved by Montfaucon[81], and are supposed by him, probably with reason, to be coeval with the personages they represent.

  4. The towers appear from their style and masonry to be nearly coeval with the lower part of the building, though not altogether so: the southern is somewhat the most modern.

  5. The date of the origin of the trefoil-headed arch has been much disputed: these perhaps are some of the earliest, and they are unquestionably coeval with the building.

  6. Common tradition assigns the tiles to higher date, making them coeval with the conquest; and this opinion has not been without supporters.

  7. It is called the synchronous causation which is coeval with its effect, as the seed is coexistent with its germ, and the tree is contemporaneous with the produced seed.

  8. They were coeval with the Asuras whom they braved in battle, and were located in their homestead.

  9. Hence the visible world is not coeval with the mind its maker).

  10. The body and the mind are known to be present with coeval with their actions, and they participate with one another in their mutual acts (without which they are said to be inexistent).

  11. He has discovered in hieroglyphical writing those of the chief butler, chief baker, and others, coeval with the pyramids and anterior to Joseph.

  12. These have added greatly to our previous knowledge of the ancient and primitive people, who at a remote period, coeval with that of the ancient Egyptians occupied the northern part of Africa.

  13. The South-Sea islands, for example, were found on their discovery to be well stocked with a small black hog; and the traditionary belief of the people was that these animals were coeval with the origin of themselves.

  14. The use of fire, as an instrument of cookery, must have been coeval with this invention of bread, which, being the most necessary of all kinds of food, was frequently used in a sense so comprehensive as to include both meat and drink.

  15. Adam; as also of the coeval use of place and ritual for the worship of God.

  16. These, I feel certain, were coeval with the buildings, while the inscriptions are only coeval with their being defaced.

  17. A copy of the Vulgate of 1484 commands attention from the presence of a coeval MS.

  18. The original form of the exterior has been preserved, and the staircases and balusters are coeval with the building; but the garden and large bowling-green have dwindled into a miserable skittle-ground.

  19. At the end of St. Mark the margin gives in an ancient hand (whether coeval with the MS.

  20. If it is correctly attributed to Christian influences, the new alphabet must have been coeval with the birth of a native Christian literature in Egypt.

  21. These assumptions are two: the first, that the commencement of the geological record is coeval with the commencement of life on the globe; the second, that geological contemporaneity is the same thing as chronological synchrony.

  22. Several of the side chapels are enclosed by Pointed screens, coeval with the erection of the church.

  23. Those on the north side are quite perfect, and evidently coeval with the fabric.

  24. The late Canon Raines believed the church at Ribchester was coeval in antiquity with that at Whalley.

  25. Hoare thinks them coeval with the Round Towers, about the 9th or 10th century.

  26. It is most probable that many of the English words beginning with wh are from the same original as the Latin qui, quæ, quod; and both coeval with the Greek.

  27. This form of speech seems to have been coeval with the primitive Saxon, otherwise it would not have prevailed so generally among the common people.

  28. This Japhetic language, I take to be coeval with the Phenician or Hebrew; and there are some Hebrew words in the English language, which must have been derived thro the Saxon or Teutonic.

  29. But whether the soul be supposed to exist antecedent to, or coeval with, or some time after the first rudiments of organization, or the beginnings of life in the body, I leave to be disputed by those who have better thought of that matter.

  30. Coeval with flesh, the symbol appears wherever traces of civilization exist; a remnant of it in the ancient Phallus worship having come to us disguised in our Mayday dance.

  31. We have first, at a date probably coeval with that of the earliest monarchies of Assyria and Egypt, a primitive people whose arts and mode of life remind us strongly of the American Toltecans and Peruvians.

  32. The local centre of creation of the human species, and probably of a group of creatures coeval with it, was Eden; a country of which the Scriptures give a somewhat minute geographical description.

  33. The existence of life and organization on the earth is not eternal, nor even coeval with the beginning of the physical universe, but may possibly date from Laurentian or immediately pre-Laurentian times.

  34. That the materials of our existing continents are of secondary origin, as distinguished from primitive or coeval with the beginning.

  35. The long life of Aristotile, coeval with the best epoch of painting, permitted him to serve the ruling family and his country, until his old age, when Salviati and Bronzino began to be preferred to him.

  36. The earliest relics may be said to have been coeval with the invention of a written language.

  37. Probably coeval with a form of belief which sought such expression, was another under which images were resorted to, and set up as the recipients of the worship originally directed to a higher power.

  38. The rational and irrational aspects of mythology and religion may be of coeval antiquity for all that is certainly known, or either of them, in the dark backward of mortal experience, may have preceded the other.

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