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  1. Further, a fracture may coexist with a dislocation--a most important complication.

  2. These may coexist with supernumerary toes, and the condition is often met with in several members of the same family.

  3. It may coexist along with the common form of flat-foot, or it may be associated with the neuralgic pain known as metatarsalgia.

  4. Love for a woman is too absorbing, too exclusive, to coexist in the heart of a priest, side by side with an undiminished love for God.

  5. Can a dogmatic faith, whether narrow or broad, indefinitely coexist with modern science?

  6. It is necessary that all the details coexist in our memory just as the parts of a painting coexist under our eye.

  7. Equilateral and rectangled do not contradict each other (they coexist in the square), nor does either of them contradict a triangle.

  8. Great narrowness of mind may coexist with great goodness of heart, and I do not believe Balthazar Gracian was right in saying (Discreto, p.

  9. Indeed even the highest intellectual eminence can coexist with the worst moral depravity.

  10. But when it is caused by the interposition of an opaque sensible body, this circumstance alters the case, so that a faint appearance this way caused doth not suggest greater magnitude, because it hath not been experienced to coexist with it.

  11. Friendship may coexist with entertainment, may even thrive in spite of it, but is neither cause nor result of that strange process.

  12. Individual savages may be assimilated by the civilised competing race; but savagery and civilisation cannot coexist when they come in contact and competition.

  13. The above parts do not coexist in full activity in any living adult member of the Vertebrata, though all of them are found together in certain embryos.

  14. A well developed body cavity may coexist with an independent system of serous spaces, as in the Vertebrata and the Echinodermata; the perihaemal section of the body cavity of the latter probably representing the system of serous spaces.

  15. In most Teleostei the pronephros and mesonephros coexist through life, and their products are carried off by a duct, the nature of which is somewhat doubtful, but which is probably homologous with the mesonephric duct of other types.

  16. The four most important cases in which the two processes coexist are the Porifera, the Coelenterata, the Nemertea, and the Brachiopoda.

  17. These constrictions still, however, coexist with the earlier, though at this stage relatively less conspicuous, vertebral constrictions.

  18. The spiritual idling and drifting of the Rousseauist would be less sinister if it did not coexist in the world of to-day with an intense material activity.

  19. When those who coexist with propitious fortune come into life, the world is in order; when those who coexist with unpropitious fortune come into life, the world is in danger.

  20. There are a few people out there for whom "operating systems" and "love" could plausibly coexist in a sentence not constructed by an infinite number of monkeys.

  21. Some of its young would probably inherit the same habits or structure, and by the repetition of this process, a new variety might be formed which would either supplant or coexist with the parent-form of wolf.

  22. Geoffroy St. Hilaire has forcibly remarked that certain malconformations frequently, and that others rarely, coexist without our being able to assign any reason.

  23. A spirit which, out of deference to its own creed, wilfully disobeys the divine word, is not of God, and can not coexist with a pure heart.

  24. They coexist and mutually support each other.

  25. Physical causation and moral obligation can not coexist side by side.

  26. But in Greece and India these ideas coexist with myths and religious beliefs as purely spiritual and metaphysical as the belief in the Pachacamac of Garcilasso and the Amautas of Peru.

  27. There is no single orthodoxy on the matter, and we shall see that all these theories coexist pell-mell among the mythological traditions of civilised races.

  28. The different feelings, then, when more or less of the retina has been affected, are capable of being associated with other feelings, which may coexist with them.

  29. Now, though there are certain feelings which may coexist and unite, it appears to me, that there are others which cannot be so blended.

  30. It may be regarded, then, as another general law of the mind, that when many sensations coexist of equal intensity, the effect of the increased intensity of one is a diminished intensity of those which coexist with it.

  31. Further, if one body can coexist with another in the same place, there is nothing to prevent an infinite number of bodies being in one place.

  32. Therefore it is not impossible for others also to coexist with them, and so on to infinitude; therefore an actual infinite number of things is possible.

  33. Therefore because opposites cannot coexist in the same subject, it seems that the perfections of all things are not in God.

  34. Hence one good can coexist with the privation of another good.

  35. But supposing the accident to be such as to follow on the essential principles of the subject, then the privation of such an accident cannot coexist with the subject.

  36. I therefore believe in the coexistence of attributes in God, in some manner different from that in which they coexist in me as limiting each other: and thus I believe in the fact, though I am unable to conceive the manner.

  37. We have only to form the corresponding image, to see the manner in which the two attributes coexist in one object.

  38. Sometimes it is used, as Leibnitz here uses it, to denote an apprehension of the manner in which certain attributes can coexist in an object.

  39. Molinia cærulea; especially if sedges and rushes coexist with them.

  40. Among the Capitellidae, which in several respects resemble the Oligochaeta, wide and short gonad ducts coexist in the same segments with nephridia, the latter being narrower and longer.

  41. In other forms genital ducts and nephridia coexist in the same segment.

  42. The variety of forms which the existing Mammalian orders of animals assume, shows the astonishing range of structure of the skeleton which may coexist with the Mammalian brain.

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