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concubines; concupiscence; concupiscent; concupiscentia; concupiscible; concurre; concurred; concurrence; concurrent; concurrently
  1. I heartily concur in the wish, though, I own, not in your apprehensions.

  2. I concur with you that the unit must stand on both metals.

  3. But by this time it ought to be a matter of elementary knowledge that a great political revolution can be wrought only by far-reaching political forces, whether or not these may concur with a propaganda of rationalism in religion.

  4. Two men, one of them obstinately prejudiced against missions, the other president of a missionary society, sit together at the board of a hospital, and heartily concur in measures for the health and comfort of the patients.

  5. But he ascertains both the specific and the commercial value of the castellano, which several of the old writers, as Oviedo, Herrera, and Xerez, concur in stating as precisely equivalent to the peso de oro.

  6. All concur in representing it as the bloodiest fight that had yet occurred between the Spaniards in Peru, and all assign to Carbajal the credit of the victory.

  7. It is difficult to convey to those who have never visited the Alps a just idea of the various proofs which concur to produce this conviction.

  8. All the appearances concur in leading us to conclude that the white chalk was the product of an open sea of considerable depth.

  9. Senate (same day) refused to concur by 11 to 10.

  10. No body of men were at first so much opposed to my views as the members of the London Entomological Society, but now I am assured that, with the exception of two or three old men, all the members concur with me to a certain extent.

  11. For all three Persons here concur and speak unitedly when they say, "Let us make.

  12. I concur with the majority of the Committee that Congress can not remit the judgment; that would be to exercise the pardoning power.

  13. I fully concur in all that is said within in behalf of Mrs. Griffing, and earnestly commend her to the favor sought.

  14. I concur in the opinion of Mr. Justice Bradley.

  15. I fully concur in the above, and hope that Mrs. Griffing will receive a conspicuous place in the Freedman's Bureau.

  16. Therefore, I concur that women can not vote.

  17. In order to render a party criminally responsible, a vicious will must concur with a wrongful act.

  18. In this latter proposition we are not able to concur with counsel.

  19. It must be what I may even have guessed, or wished, to be included in the Apostolic revelation; and at least it will be of such a character, that my thoughts readily concur in it or coalesce with it, as soon as I hear it.

  20. I hardly see my way to concur in attendance, though occasional, in the Roman Catholic chapel, unless a man has made up his mind pretty well to join it eventually.

  21. On this point, the two committees above referred to both concur in the same conclusion.

  22. Let him be caught, let the crime be proved upon him, and we would most heartily concur in the law by which he should himself be doomed to slavery for life in the penitentiary.

  23. The American abolitionists appear to concur fully in these sentiments, and a portion, at least, of them are incessantly threatening to dissolve the Union.

  24. In one thing I concur with the abolitionsts; that if emancipation is to be brought about, it is better that it should be immediate and total.

  25. Every organized being constitutes a whole, a single and complete system, whose parts mutually correspond and concur by their reciprocal reaction to the same definite end.

  26. An effort was now made to get the two houses of Congress to concur in an appropriation for this purpose.

  27. Continuing, he said: Other reasons concur to dissuade the United States from entering into such an alliance.

  28. The House at first refused to concur in the Spooner amendment, but after a conference it finally gave way and the measure was adopted by a vote of 260 to 8.

  29. The British government took up this suggestion and expressed its willingness to concur in such a course, but also expressed the opinion that the initiative should be taken by the government which was dissatisfied with its provisions.

  30. In your letter of October 3d you remark, that "England then urged the United States to enter into a conventional arrangement, by which we might be pledged to concur with her in measures for the suppression of the slave-trade.

  31. I concur in that sentiment; I hold that to be the most recent and authentic expression of the will and opinion of the majority of the people of the United States.

  32. Having made the report, Sir, I had no doubt that both houses would concur in the result of the conference, and looked every moment for the officer of the House bringing the bill.

  33. But your sentiments on this point do not concur with the opinions of your government.

  34. If you can concur with our wishes, please signify to us in what manner it would be most agreeable to you that they should be carried into effect.

  35. Is it not probable that he was in Brown Street to concur in the murder?

  36. Does it require of a public man to refuse to concur in amending laws, because they passed against his consent?

  37. Mr. President,--I cannot concur in this resolution.

  38. When the words in any supposed revelation take the form of a process of reasoning after the application of the soul in contemplation, God, the natural reason, and the devil may all three concur in the same process.

  39. We do not concur in all the opinions which are held in the school which F.

  40. Poulett Thomson, who is a trader as well as Privy Councillor, is very much disgusted in his former capacity at the measures he is obliged to concur in in his latter.

  41. Chalmers does not concur in such a conjecture.

  42. She was not at all shocked with Lord Robert's conduct; but resolved not to concur in his views, because she had no inclination to do so, that overbalanced her very moderate degree of prudence.

  43. She expected to be attacked alternately with all the violence of passion, the affected softness of dissimulation, and every art that cunning could devise, to force Sir Charles to concur in her persecution.

  44. All these causes, then, concur to their healthful and enjoyable longevity, though, no doubt, much also must be owing to hereditary organisation.

  45. I have call'd you to this Place for two great Ends, in which the Province of the Massachusets-Bay have sent Commissioners to concur with me, who are here present.

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