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fedde; fedders; fede; federalism; federally; federates; federating; federation; federations; federative
  1. The new Austria is forbidden to federate with the main branch of the race to which her people belong--though federation alone can save them from physical extinction.

  2. The position of these Latins, illogical as it may have been, was strengthened by the extreme length to which Rome had carried her principle of non-interference in ail dealings with federate allies.

  3. These towns, which were probably federate communities and exempt by treaty from the requisitions of Rome, appealed to the senate.

  4. The sturdy peasant class was largely represented here, and he probably had more faith in its permanence amongst the federate cities than amongst the needy burgesses whom the commissioners were attempting to restore to agriculture.

  5. The Roman could appeal only as an individual; the Latin appealed as a member of a federate state.

  6. Ridiculing the plan to federate three village churches, a typical city man remarked, "What is the use?

  7. Ideally it will federate them all in community leadership.

  8. These communes would federate to constitute nations in some cases, even irrespectively of the present national frontiers (like the Cinque Ports, or the Hansa).

  9. An attempt was even made in 1834 to federate all the crafts into a permanent national organization; but it perished within three years through lack of support.

  10. About 1834 an attempt was made to federate the unions of all the different crafts into a national organization; but the effort was premature.

  11. To the British colonist it seemed natural and proper that all the southern end of the "Dark Continent" should some day federate itself under the Union Jack.

  12. When freedom come missy give all de men niggers $500 each, but dat 'federate money and have pictures of hosses on it.

  13. Fust de 'federate sojers come and takes some mules and hosses, den some more come for de corn.

  14. Massa Frank jines de 'Federate Army and course I's his valet and goes with him, right over to Camp Carpenter, at Mobile.

  15. De 'federate soldiers comes and dey takes de rations, but de massa has dug de pit in de pasture and buried lots of de rations, so de soldiers don't find so much.

  16. It tends to develop into federate organization on the one hand or into caste on the other hand, according to the attendant conditions.

  17. An attempt to federate the Empire by a great act of political reconstruction would therefore differ from other events in our history not so much in kind as in degree.

  18. Tasmania has strong commercial reasons for wishing to federate with Australia.

  19. The different dioceses in the State of New York have been desirous of having a “federate council” of their own, and some action was taken on this subject.

  20. The federate council of New York is granted sufficient power to keep it from dying of atrophy or inanition, but we fear it will prove only a sickly sort of existence after all.

  21. He come back from de 'federate War and never got over it.

  22. Shumaker was commander of the 'Federate artillery and kilt the first Yankee that come to Lynchburg.

  23. Durin' the war I worked in Massa Thurman's bakery, helping make hard tack and doughnuts for the 'federate sojers.

  24. Narrative by a Lorraine Federate (given in Hist.

  25. First that the men of Montelimart do federate with the already federated men of Etoile.

  26. The tribute drawn from the federate cities, and their African subjects.

  27. All, however, had, in the worship of Jehovah, one common bond, uniting them into one federate state.

  28. Complete political equality of all the federate cities; in this respect it essentially differed from all the earlier federations in Greece.

  29. He ask her how many niggers dey had; how many men dey had fightin' on de 'Federate side, an' what wuz was she gwine do if de niggers wuz was set free.

  30. But when de time come dat long neck gander out fit de whole 'Federate army.

  31. The difficulty was only to find such form as would permit to federate the unions of the guilds without interfering with the unions of the village communities, and to federate all these into one harmonious whole.

  32. Dere am a 'Federate camp dere at de start, but after 'while dey goes and de Yanks comes.

  33. De 'Federate sojers pass our house and go to Jedge for him to give dem something to eat and he allus did.

  34. I can't 'member my daddy, but mammy told me him am sent to de 'Federate Army and am kilt in Galveston.

  35. He spake, and cheered Messapus to the fray, And Latium's federate chiefs, and spurred upon his way.

  36. Atter while Marster's son Jim j'ined de 'Federate sogers an' I went wid him for to tote his knapsack, canteen and sichlike and to look atter him.

  37. But," queried the negro, "how you wear 'Federate coat and hat?

  38. I knows a 'Federate well as I does a coon.

  39. Re-called from the Cape, because the Government at home disapproved of his action in endeavouring to federate South Africa.

  40. The law of 1884 gave state employees the right to form associations, but not to federate or organize syndicats.

  41. But they have not been allowed to federate their unions.

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