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  1. The issue over the adoption of the Constitution had produced Federalists and Anti-Federalists, but with its adoption Anti-Federalism as such became a thing of the past.

  2. If any one ask why federalism which has succeeded in America should not succeed in the United Kingdom, the true answer is best suggested by another question: Why would not the constitutional monarchy of England suit the United States?

  3. Where federalism has succeeded, it has succeeded as a means of uniting separate communities into a nation; it has not been used as a means of disuniting one State into separate nationalities.

  4. Now each of these conditions upon which federalism rests has, as a matter of history, been absolutely unknown to the people of England.

  5. The new constitution is at bottom a federalist or semi-federalist constitution; it introduces into English institutions many of the forms of federalism and still more of its spirit.

  6. The negative characteristic of the English constitution is the absence of federalism or of the federal spirit.

  7. Experience of federalism is not confined to the United States.

  8. If Ireland is discontented Irishmen will demand either the extension of federalism or separation.

  9. The proposed arrangement is as foreign to the spirit of American Federalism as it is to the spirit of English law.

  10. The different features of federalism make their appearance though under strange forms.

  11. It was among this class that the spirit of discontent against the power of Federalism was strongest--a spirit that has often become decisive in our political fortunes.

  12. Every Federation in the world arose in the same way, by the voluntary act of States under one Crown or suzerainty, but independent of one another, and it is of the essence of Federalism that this psychological condition should exist.

  13. It would be Federalism run mad, and would make Alexander Hamilton turn in his grave.

  14. In New England, Christianity and Federalism were looked upon as intimately connected, and Democracy as a wicked thing, born of Tom Paine, Tom Jefferson, and the Father of Lies.

  15. You should detect and combat federalism in all your institutions, as your natural enemy.

  16. The rest are lethargic and federalism appears innate.

  17. Immorality is a federalism in the civil state.

  18. There the remains of Federalism are to be preserved and fed from the Treasury, and from that battery all the works of Republicanism are to be beaten down and destroyed.

  19. Alvarado, was recognized by the Mexican government, which had again inclined to federalism and, besides, did not take the matter very seriously, the local government rested simply on local sentiment.

  20. The rising of 1836 against Gutierrez seems to-day most interesting, for it was in part a protest against the growth of federalism in Mexico.

  21. Unifying, Jacobin artificiality corresponds to the metaphysics of individualism, just as the conception of national and international federalism corresponds to the scientific character of modern socialism.

  22. His opposition to this wild federalism involved his support of Andrew Jackson; but there was no other choice open to him.

  23. Yet Federalism did not die without fixing its stamp indelibly upon our institutions.

  24. So a deep distrust of Federalism sprung up, as out of sympathy with popular government.

  25. Federalism had too close affinity with Puritanism to suit many outside New England.

  26. In 1796 it was federalism to advocate the British Treaty; and now he presumed that it would be federalism to support the report of the committee and hightoned measures with respect to France.

  27. The federalism of the Government might have been as well preserved by an unequal representation in the Senate.

  28. In 1793 he acknowledged that federalism assumed a very different attitude from what it had on the present occasion; it was then the attitude of meekness, of humanity, and supplication.

  29. Much had been effected by the use, or rather abuse, of the terms federalist and anti-federalist, federalism and anti-federalism.

  30. The idea did not grow up under American influence; for no man was more opposed to it than Lafayette; and the American witness of the Revolution, Morris, denounced federalism as a danger to France.

  31. Many Frenchmen were convinced that Federalism would be the really liberal policy for them.

  32. The very forms of the village community, unknown to their code, the very principles of federalism were repulsive to them as "barbarian" inheritances.

  33. To him Federalism was nothing and State Sovereignty was nothing but the keeping of the commandments of the people.

  34. Politically he stood for Protection, and for an interpretation of the Constitution which leaned to Federalism and away from State Sovereignty.

  35. The history of New England Federalism may be traced in H.

  36. New England Federalism was not so much a body of political doctrine as a state of mind.

  37. The forces of militarism and federalism had been too strong for them.

  38. Then the tide turned and from 1837 to the Paraguayan war the central government grew stronger and federalism weaker.

  39. Federalism is the device by which organized democracy, without giving up anything essential to liberty, is placed in a position to wrestle on even terms with organized despotism.

  40. An adoption of Federalism is therefore no longer a leap in the dark.

  41. It was only after the Bill passed that Federalism could be discussed.

  42. As to the Federal solution, Ireland came first because its case was urgent, and English opinion on Federalism was less advanced than Scottish, Irish, or Welsh.

  43. If Federalism meant that Ireland was to have priority, that her powers under the Bill were not to be watered down, and that the six years' limit was to stand, the Nationalists raised no objection.

  44. Federalism he disliked as implying a written constitution, but it was not barred by the Bill.

  45. If the Bill was passed, Federalism would be impracticable, for there would be no power over the Irish Parliament.

  46. Had this body been created for the Canadas alone, this proceeding might have been justified, for they were already joined in a legislative union, though by practice and consent some features of federalism prevailed.

  47. For a time this party maintained the upper hand completely, but its ascendancy was menaced not only by the disaffected forces of federalism but by the continued tenseness of the clerical question and, after 1869, by intestine conflict.

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