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correspondency; correspondent; correspondents; corresponding; correspondingly; corrida; corridor; corridors; corrie; corriendo
  1. Now if you push a tumbler down into the water a distance of thirty-four feet the tumbler would be about one-half full of water and one-half full of air, which corresponds to one atmosphere in pressure.

  2. The dress of the Yumboes exactly corresponds with that of the natives, and they imitate their actions in every particular.

  3. Scotland has also its water-spirit, called Kelpie, who in some respects corresponds with the Neck of the northern nations.

  4. But Milton's sublime idea of a 'faery vision,' he thinks, corresponds more nearly with what the Persian poets have conceived of the Peries.

  5. The rapid diminution in the amount of free phosphate during stage 1 corresponds with the occurrence of reaction (1).

  6. The analogy may be carried to a further stage since the amboceptor is, like the co-enzyme, more thermostable than the complement, which therefore corresponds with the enzyme.

  7. He first shows, contrary to the statement of Mr. Carter, that the fine nummuline tubulation corresponds precisely in its direction with reference to the chambers, with that observed in Nummulites and Orbitoides.

  8. The glandular lining of the alimentary canal corresponds with the endoderm of Hydra; although this, too, is a more complicated affair.

  9. The skin corresponds with the ectoderm of Hydra, although it is a vastly more complicated affair.

  10. While the structure in Hatteria shows it to be an eye, its position corresponds with that of the pineal gland of vertebrates generally; so that we find, in fact, the trace of a third eye in all vertebrates, including ourselves.

  11. It corresponds to the field-magnet of the dynamo, while the diaphragm corresponds to the revolving armature, and the voice is the steam-engine that drives it.

  12. This corresponds to the Horns society among the Bloods.

  13. This corresponds almost exactly with one of the methods employed in killing buffalo by the Pawnees in early days before they had horses.

  14. Footnote 1: There is no word in English which corresponds to this.

  15. The ferns constitute by far the greater number of pteridophytes, and their general structure corresponds with that of the maiden-hair fern described.

  16. A section through one of these enlarged ends shows that each elevation corresponds to a cavity situated below it.

  17. This corresponds to the toil inflicted upon man (Gen.

  18. It is probable, therefore, that Etana is the king that corresponds to Abel.

  19. Much has been learned from archaeology about Egyptian brick-making, and it corresponds to the description of it given in Exodus.

  20. There is no other body of literature which closely corresponds to the books of the Hebrew prophets.

  21. This corresponds to the statement in Gen.

  22. It is evident, however, that this crooked handle is equivalent to a wheel; for the handle describes a circle as it revolves, while the straight piece which is united to the axle corresponds with the spoke of a wheel.

  23. Security stands leaning on a pillar, indicative of her being free from all designs and pursuits; and the posture itself corresponds to her name.

  24. The list of facts that have been scouted in this way, corresponds pretty exactly to the list of human discoveries, down to the recent improvements in street lighting and steam locomotion.

  25. The wreath on the head corresponds with the bouquets.

  26. Newman has constructed a scale of assent according to its varying degrees of intensity; and we might, perhaps, assume that to each degree there corresponds a mock assent accorded to different kinds of fiction.

  27. This is his “sacrifice,” which corresponds to the exertion of the laborer.

  28. The practical state of the case, however, seldom exactly corresponds with this supposition.

  29. The word “sacrifice” conveys a just idea of what the laborer undergoes, and it corresponds to the abstinence of the capitalist.

  30. Assuming this to be carried on six troughs, which corresponds to 11 feet 3 inches of width, the extreme fibre stress works out at 7.

  31. The force requisite to cant the main girders in this manner is usually less than that which corresponds to fixing the cross-girder ends, and is, generally, slight.

  32. To each particular crop corresponds a design with little shelving beds of special forms.

  33. To them this must be the city that most closely corresponds to their preconceived ideas of the sunny and romantic South.

  34. The latter closely corresponds to an Australian gesture described by Smyth (The Aborigines of Victoria, London, 1878, Vol.

  35. It may be said to be quite probable that the unexplained part of the sign (2020) corresponds to the unused title, "the rumbler.

  36. Which one of these it corresponds to must be settled by other means than a direct comparison.

  37. The small character inside the curve which represents the sky, corresponds with the gesturing hand.

  38. It corresponds with another sign made for medicine-man by the Absarokas and Comanches, viz, The hand passed upward before the forehead, with index loosely extended.

  39. My opinion in this case is only the opinion of an individual, and so far only as it corresponds with the opinions of the honest and substantial part of the community, is it entitled to consideration.

  40. The vaulted roof is divided into four segments; and the picture in each segment corresponds to a great fresco on the wall below.

  41. I have already pointed out that in many respects the clitoris in the female corresponds to the penis in the male, In the clitoris, also, erection occurs, conditioned partly by psychical and partly by physical stimuli.

  42. The popular saying, "What is bred in the bone will not out of the flesh," may be to some degree an overstatement, but nevertheless corresponds to the actual facts.

  43. But in other respects the dream ordinarily corresponds to the psychical processes of the waking state.

  44. This stage corresponds with that in which the young of oviparous animals breaks the shell and escapes.

  45. Protestant scholasticism corresponds to a decline of religious life.

  46. Hence, worship in spirit and in truth, the only worship that can be universal, the only one that corresponds to the Christian idea of God.

  47. The dogma of transubstantiation was bound to follow; to the materialisation of Christianity in the Church corresponds the materialisation of God in the host.

  48. It should be added that this principle of Christianity admirably corresponds to the two fundamental affirmations of the Christian consciousness already established.

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