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  1. Marshland too made vast improvements in the lower regons.

  2. On good authority it has been declared that the recent improvements on the Tees are to be ranked amongst the most successful engineering works of the century.

  3. Since then many improvements and alterations have been made.

  4. Great improvements in the methods of weaving were made in the following century, and these during the present one have been carried to a high pitch of perfection.

  5. Every one of those improvements is effected by the labour and at the cost of other people.

  6. We look only to the future; and for the future we say only this: that the community shall be the partner in any further increment above the present value after all the owner's improvements have been deducted.

  7. To not one of those improvements does the land monopolist, as a land monopolist, contribute, and yet by every one of them the value of his land is sensibly enhanced.

  8. This done, my uncle and Oliver made several improvements on the raft.

  9. Experience and observation have demonstrated that certain improvements in the organization of the Post-Office Department must be secured before we can gain the full benefit of the immense sums expended in its administration.

  10. Of recent years many improvements have been made in the town, which has two important suburbs--Paradiso to the south and Cassarate to the east.

  11. An energetic proposal to revive the system was made before the select committee on metropolitan improvements in 1830, but it was not listened to.

  12. Any suggestions as to improvements in institutions must be approved by the majority of the governing body of that institution before they may be put into effect.

  13. He effected important improvements in the composition of the orchestra, into which he introduced several new instruments.

  14. So the library has adopted progressive methods and among other improvements it has walled a room with the latest model of catalog trays filled with cards as silent guides to the collection of books.

  15. The man was interested and followed his guide through the various wards, listening attentively to his lecture on the advantages of the latest improvements in hospital service.

  16. They include requests from one librarian to another about details of administration for guidance in making improvements or alterations in method.

  17. Within the narrow domain of his special work, he is given every encouragement to suggest improvements both in methods and in implements.

  18. Newspaper men who are doing such excellent work in keeping the people informed about what improvements are being made to better the conditions in the city, demand a great deal of a civics room.

  19. There are constant improvements in the business.

  20. With the many improvements in sewing machines, Mr. P.

  21. In this art we are as a people little more than novices; yet great improvements are going on.

  22. They can often suggest many improvements for the comfort and health of the inmates, that would escape the notice of men.

  23. Much may be learned from visiting schools, and selecting, for one's own use, such improvements as suggest themselves.

  24. The improvements in machinery for removing dust and floating cotton in the work rooms, no doubt renders it more healthy than it was.

  25. Many improvements have been made since their introduction into this country.

  26. Improvements in the methods of manufacture are of the greatest importance in the progress of an art.

  27. Although we did not get the improvements we aimed at, still we made some advancement, and it encouraged us to aim very soon at other improvements.

  28. Vibert continued his animated conversation with his uncle, pointing out all the landmarks around, telling of the improvements made by his father, and giving lively anecdotes of the people whose dwellings they passed.

  29. His newly-inherited property would yield no immediate supply; improvements must be gradually made.

  30. The Duke of Argyll succeeded Lord Canning in the management of the Post-Office in 1855, and his years of office are distinguished by many most important improvements and reforms.

  31. In Scotland and Ireland, great improvements had also been made in this respect, considering the previously wretched state of both countries, Scotland especially.

  32. Before stating the results of postal reform, it may be convenient that I should briefly enumerate the more important organic improvements effected.

  33. At the Restoration the office was bestowed on Robert Main, and considerable improvements were made under his management, although only with existing posts.

  34. From the date of the opening of the new General Post-Office, improvements were proposed and carried out very earnestly.

  35. Many improvements were made in modes of conveyance during the century.

  36. The improvements and alterations made at this time may thus be summed up, viz.

  37. He delicately alluded to his proscription from office, regretting that he could not watch the progress of his measure narrowly, and pointed out improvements which were still necessary to give complete efficiency to his reform.

  38. The question as to who invented the postage-stamp would not be easily settled; it appears to be the result of innumerable improvements suggested by many different individuals.

  39. The seventeenth century, as we have seen, was eventful in important postal improvements; the period was, comparatively speaking, very fruitful also in great changes and improvements in the internal character of the country.

  40. Throughout the reign of the second James, the receipts of the Post-Office went on increasing, though (the King being too much engaged in the internal commotions which disturbed the country) no improvements of any moment were made.

  41. The improvements introduced by the bill of 1710 had the natural effect of increasing the importance of the Post-Office institution, and of adding to the available revenue of the country considerable sums each year.

  42. It is justifiable to look forward to great improvements in intelligence and in control.

  43. The persistent patience of microscopists and technical improvements like the "ultramicroscope" have greatly increased our knowledge of the invisible world of life.

  44. But the improvements in structure do not seem in themselves sufficient to account for man's great advance in intelligence.

  45. But we are less likely to be so generous if we reflect that the routine has been in all likelihood the outcome of a long racial process of slight improvements and critical testings.

  46. In what other country are rates, taxes, and improvements paid for you?

  47. It is a scandal that rates, and taxes, and public improvements should be paid for out of the private purse of the Director.

  48. James Walker, and Stephen Leach, Superintendant of Improvements in the Thames Navigation, that its effect would extend as far as Kew Bridge.

  49. The manners and customs of a nation are only the reflection of means of existence, which mainly consist of clothing, food, and shelter; what we call improvements of national living is in the main improvements in these three things.

  50. Improvements of domestic architecture partly owe their cause to the command of materials to be used.

  51. The usefulness of this invention was so apparent that it was not long in coming into use, or long in causing the invention of improvements on it of many kinds.

  52. But what a numerous and important progeny has been brought forth; and how wholly impossible civilization would be now, had it not been for a few basic inventions and certain improvements made upon them!

  53. How much invention was needed to make these improvements, it is not easy to decide; but probably only a little was required, and that of an order not very original or high; for the improvements were rather in detail than principle.

  54. Obviously, improvements occupy various positions not only in importance and scope, but also in the relative degrees in which invention and construction were employed to bring them into being.

  55. He believed that the landlord was even more honest than the majority of men; but, after he had commenced upon the extensive improvements of the hotel, the son feared that the father might be tempted to do what was not exactly right.

  56. I think that one of the best improvements that could be made is to cut all the pages even.

  57. Constant improvements on our monthly journal are always sought for.

  58. I regard the introduction of these improvements in the manufacture of flour into this state as of prime importance to its growth and increase of wealth and strength.

  59. Their improvements were all destroyed by the Northwest people.

  60. The expenses of building and of the improvements to her spacious grounds had been of so much assistance in removing the plethora of her income that she was greatly encouraged.

  61. Even the improvements she contemplated were, after all, such mere trifles.

  62. Malaga to superintend improvements in the cathedral there.

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