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Example sentences for "improvable"

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improper; improperly; impropriation; improprieties; impropriety; improve; improved; improvement; improvements; improver
  1. The essays of weaker heads afford improvable hints to better.

  2. I have a fine spread of improvable lands.

  3. Man is accommodated with moral principles, improvable by the exercise of his faculties.

  4. I have got a fine spread of improvable land.

  5. For what are the nations that we now glory to acknowledge, but instances the most undeniable, that man is not only an imperishable, but also an improvable creature?

  6. I have got a fine spread of improvable land.

  7. The quality of being improvable by discipline.

  8. Man is an improvable being, and some advancement may be expected in his condition.

  9. The fact is that our horses, as far as their mental powers are concerned, appear to be the least improvable of our great domesticated animals.

  10. As a whole, the creature appears to be innately the dullest and least improvable of all our servitors.

  11. It was a result of the improvable mental and moral qualities which belong to the human species.

  12. His hope of elevation rested in the vigor of his passions, for he seems always to have been courageous; in the possession of hands physically liberated, and in the improvable character of his nascent mental and moral powers.

  13. God himself has decreed it, in giving us expansible desires and improvable faculties.

  14. She who can discern the dawn of immortality, in the streaks that shoot athwart the misty night of ignorance, promising a clearer day, will respect, as a sacred temple, the body that enshrines such an improvable soul.

  15. We have just pointed out the importance of reserving the schools for defectives for improvable cases.

  16. These rocks and mountains are many of them no otherwise improvable than by planting, for which, however, they are exceedingly well adapted.

  17. I should apprehend this bog to be among the most improvable in the country.

  18. Man she has empowered and obliged to become the artificer of his own rank in the scale of beings by the peculiar gift of improvable reason.

  19. The improvable class of animals, agreeably to the monikin dogmas, commences with those species in which matter has the most unequivocal ascendency, and terminates with those in which mind is as near perfection as this mortal coil will allow.

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