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Example sentences for "canteen"

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  1. Jake did not seem to approve of her camera and canteen and field glasses and rifle, and stepped restlessly away from her when she went to tie them on.

  2. So she compromised on the canteen and field glasses, and hid camera and rifle under some sacks in the shed.

  3. Just when she had got the canteen untied, and was unscrewing the cap to give it to the boy, another Mexican rode up behind, and he had the most insipid smile on his face, and a detestable way of trying to be polite.

  4. He filled the canteen and staggered back up the steep climb.

  5. In addition he was again very thirsty, and his canteen empty.

  6. Why, I'm calling the Canteen after Martlow when I might have given it my own name.

  7. Standing in a sheltered doorway a tramp, with a slouch hat crammed low over a notably unwashed face, watched the outside of the new works canteen of the Sir William Rumbold Ltd.

  8. You speak at seven and declare the canteen open.

  9. I then pressed my left hand, back downward, into the sand, and holding the canteen up poured a little stream of water into the palm of my hand.

  10. I found my own pastor directing the affairs of a busy port-of-entry canteen with all the earnestness and success that mark his ministry at home.

  11. I have found it quite difficult to show any tolerance at all for the opinions of certain public men of Great Britain, clergymen included, who have asked for the wet canteen in the training-camps set aside for boys of eighteen.

  12. While the dimensions of the canteen were not more than twenty feet by fifteen, it was a busy and crowded place.

  13. The canteen soon filled with begoggled soldiers; we stood elbow to elbow, and waited.

  14. The canteen service of the Red Triangle at the front is an absolute necessity.

  15. A chap from Montana came up to the canteen counter behind which I stood, and said, "Say, did you ever hear the story of the Statue of Liberty?

  16. If you have the bad luck to be wounded yourself, the contents of the canteen may save your life; and if you don't want it yourself, you may be sure that there will be scores of poor fellows to whom a mouthful will be a blessing indeed.

  17. Ralph had before starting filled a canteen with brandy and water at the suggestion of Captain O'Connor.

  18. When I found that the language of the canteen was not that of the pulpit or the drawing-room, I quickly acquired the new vocabulary and won the pleasant esteem of my equals.

  19. Then he looked round at the half-filled canteen to see that he was unobserved.

  20. Doggie had addressed and stamped a letter which he was writing at the end of the canteen table.

  21. From the language of the canteen he recoiled in disgust.

  22. If circumstances had allowed her to go forth into the war-world as nurse or canteen helper at a London terminus, or motor driver in France, her horizon would have broadened.

  23. Some one whacked his empty head with an equally empty canteen and called him a Yap.

  24. In a moment or two he returned, the first sergeant with him, and this faithful old soldier was rewarded by a long pull from the captain's canteen before returning to the recruit car.

  25. There had been a fracas in the canteen during the officers’ mess hour, which eventually developed into a riot, and then was quelled.

  26. Here they were smoking pipes with great diligence, and, at intervals not distant, applying a huge canteen to their mouths, from which they drank with upturned faces, expressive of solemn satisfaction.

  27. The canteen wash, when one was willing to carry the water from the stream to camp, rather than wash at the stream which was usual, consisted in one soldier holding the canteen and pouring the water on to the hands of No.

  28. The Confederate who died while I was gone to get him a canteen of water, the morning after the Battle of Bethseda Church had a rather peaceful and happy expression on his face.

  29. He then went and got a canteen of water and brought it to me.

  30. I turned him over on to his side, then I found a canteen and went to get a canteen of water for him.

  31. For the last eight months of the war, while I was President of the Regimental Institute, I was most anxious that our Canteen should be as good as possible.

  32. I am the canteen woman, which is the same as saying, she who gives the men to drink when they are firing grape-shot and killing each other.

  33. Now then, you come with us; they are kind lads in the battalion; you will be canteen number two; I will teach you the trade.

  34. He cautiously took up Cameron's canteen and poured water into it from his own.

  35. Gale poured the contents of his larger canteen into his hat and held it to the horse's nose.

  36. Yaqui spread blankets inside, left the canteen and the sack of food, and with a gesture at once humble, yet that of a chief, he invited Mercedes to enter.

  37. During one of the rests, when he had wetted his parched mouth and throat, he found opportunity to pour a little water from his canteen into Warren's.

  38. Warren, however, stopped in a deep pit, and, cutting his canteen in half, began to use one side of it as a scoop.

  39. Cameron measured the water in his canteen by its weight.

  40. Hastily taking up canteen and rifles, Gale put a supporting arm around Thorne.

  41. We took Kearton off his horse and stretched him on the ground and poured the lukewarm water from a canteen on his head.

  42. But the Colonel kept wandering over to the prize, to examine a knot, to arrange a better shade, or to pour the last drops of water from his canteen into her open mouth.

  43. Oranges, lemons and cocoanuts are plentiful, and every trooper has his canteen full of lemonade all the time.

  44. I saw the colonel fall and I gave him my canteen and he soon revived.

  45. The canteen was open from ten o’clock until half-past ten.

  46. A canteen was placed on board in addition.

  47. The arrangements at the men's canteen had not been fully thought out, and in the Tropics it was not possible to obtain fruit of any description.

  48. The canteen was over three miles away and the unit possessed neither horse nor cart.

  49. If we could only get this wretched canteen ship along, and if, when she comes she contains anything like condiments to let them buy freely from her, I believe it would make all the difference in the world.

  50. About the middle of the month the Battalion received its first supply of canteen stores.

  51. An Australian Imperial Force Canteen was established on board.

  52. Having noticed a large canteen near the landing pier, the C.

  53. Doubtless he will fortify himself with a litre of wine at Madame's bar in the Canteen before walking down here.

  54. Perhaps 'twould be as well to accept ce beau Luigi at once, marry him immediately, and see that he spent his evenings helping in the Canteen bar, instead of gallivanting after Neapolitan hussies of the bazaar.

  55. Put on that uniform, disguise yourself, and go to the Canteen any night in the week.

  56. So called (in the American Army) because it is the signal to leave the Canteen and turn off the beer-taps.

  57. Then I will stand on a table in the Canteen and shout it, night after night.

  58. Twas but a clumsy fool that would lose both the substance and the shadow--both the Canteen and the Cafe.

  59. Entering the Canteen that evening for his modest litre, 'Erb caught sight of his good friend, the Bucking Bronco, seated beside a Legionary whom 'Erb did not know.

  60. I wish to God Carmelita could be brought to see him as he is and to understand that the moment the Canteen will have him, he is done with the Cafe.

  61. He challenged me in the Canteen this night, and I, who could break him like a dried stick, must stand up to be shot by him, like a dog.

  62. Reginald Rupert never forgot his first glimpse of the Canteen of the Legion, though he entered it hundreds of times and spent hundreds of hours beneath its corrugated iron roof.

  63. A pretty pass he would be brought to if both Canteen and Cafe were closed to him!

  64. But I was more than half dhrunk wid pure joy, an' that canteen beer was so much whisky to me.

  65. He propped himself up and asked for his canteen and his rifle.

  66. Then she worked in the first canteen in Paris, and was in charge of all the women’s work in establishing the first American officers’ hotel.

  67. Roosevelt gave one of the wounded his canteen of water and ran back to find out why the other soldiers had not followed.

  68. One of the party filled his canteen and hurried down to meet him; but when he arrived, the other was gasping his last in the bottom of the sun-baked gorge.

  69. And when I die I want to be buried here with my canteen and my prospector's pick beside me.

  70. Gildersleeve had clearly emptied his canteen unassisted; he never talked about Christianity when perfectly sober.

  71. See if ye can't confiscate a canteen of whiskee somewhere in the camp.

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