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Example sentences for "cantered"

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cante; canted; canteen; canteens; canter; cantering; canters; cantharides; canthus; cantica
  1. Mellersh did not feel quite sure, but his confidence increased as he found the postboy's words correct about the badness of the road, and the smooth turf at the side, on to which they turned, and cantered along easily for mile after mile.

  2. Mellersh said "good-night" and cantered off after his companions, his steed needing no urging to join its fellows.

  3. The raising and replacing of the hat was ever elaborate, so was the kissing of the tips of the gloves to the horsemen who cantered by.

  4. Leaving the other horses tied up, she mounted and cantered down the bank, calling again and again.

  5. Then came the clear stretch to the homestead, and they cantered steadily across it.

  6. Then he and Norah had cantered away together.

  7. Leaving the darkey to follow upon black Calhoun, she cantered off up the street, greatly to the admiration of the neighbor.

  8. She cantered off down the drive and out of the gate, leaving a very puzzled young woman watching her from the window.

  9. Urging on the mare, I cantered across the fields, and the first person I met was James Ray.

  10. Camden House I had coaxed him around and into the street, and cantered back at easy speed to the church.

  11. I had cantered with her that morning from Wilmot House to Mr. Lloyd's, and thence to Carvel Hall, where she was to stay to dinner.

  12. General Sherman, jumping on the bare back of a scrawny horse, cantered through the fields.

  13. Poachers even are not so black as they are painted," he said to himself as he cantered along, and then he fell to thinking of the girl he had seen that morning.

  14. He had to turn the pony out on to the road here, for the long green strands of the brambles were hanging right out over the grass, and catching at his legs as he cantered by.

  15. He touched his pony's ribs and cantered off.

  16. He laughed as he cantered along the soft green beside the road.

  17. Billy turned and said something to Lanky and they cantered on their way.

  18. Antonio did not like this close work and cantered away, glancing back from time to time.

  19. They cantered eastward, driving back Meeker's cows whenever they were found too close to the line or over it, and it was not long before they made out Lanky riding towards them.

  20. His spirits bubbled over in snatches of song as he cantered hither and yon, but all the time moving in the general direction of the little-ridden territory.

  21. Then the three mounted and cantered east to find the H2 foreman, Johnny mauling "Whiskey Bill" in his exuberance.

  22. Then the puncher thought of Mary and cantered towards the ranch house intending to ask her where he could find her father, thus combining business with pleasure.

  23. So long," and Red cantered away, whistling softly.

  24. Saddling the better of the two, he left the other and cantered northwest until hidden from the sight of any one at the ranch, and then galloped for safety.

  25. Hopalong promised, jabbing them into the horse, which gave one farewell kick, to Red's disgust, and cantered south with ears flattened.

  26. As he cantered along he kept his eyes searching every possible cover ahead of and on both sides of him, watching the trail as far ahead as he could see it, for the Mexican might have doubled back to get a pursuer as he rode past.

  27. Off cantered the boy with the letters bagged, and scarcely was he out of sight, when Helen saw under the table the cover of the packet, in which were some lines that had not yet been read.

  28. The English esquires wheeled into their places and, headed by their captain, Arthur Pomeroy, cantered gaily into the lists in single file simultaneously with their adversaries.

  29. Let the victors approach," commanded the earl, and the four esquires cantered to the stand and dismounted.

  30. The travelling had been very exhausting, and, well pleased to be quit of it, they mounted again and cantered gaily off until they reached cultivated land, and could see in the distance the lights of a dwelling.

  31. As they cantered into the enclosure, however, he felt his enthusiasm revive.

  32. Presley cantered on, turning into the county road and holding northward by the mammoth watering tank and Broderson's popular windbreak.

  33. But once inside the gate he cantered forward briskly.

  34. This latter put a half-lathered face out of the window as Presley cantered through the gate, and waved his razor with a beckoning motion.

  35. He cantered into the haze of the moonlight and disappeared.

  36. They marched along cheering, as the white handkerchiefs waved; they proudly kept step to the tap of the drum, or moved briskly beside the cannon, or cantered by on their glossy and spirited horses.

  37. My horse neighed as he cantered up, and passed under the great oaks.

  38. Stuart cantered on, playing with his glove as usual.

  39. As I entered it, I heard hoof-strokes on the resounding boards, and a company of horsemen cantered toward me through the darkness.

  40. Stuart cantered on: we turned into the Brock road, and I found myself retracing my steps toward the Rapidan.

  41. The more the merrier," rejoined Armitage, as they cantered up and dismounted.

  42. And the glorious freshness and radiant sunlight communicated itself to the spirits of the riders, as they cantered gaily along, chatting and laughing in thorough enjoyment of the unclouded present.

  43. Our horse cantered away, so that escape was cut off.

  44. Soon after eight o’clock Lord Raglan and his staff cantered up towards our rear; a French General, Bosquet, with his staff and an escort of Hussars, followed at a gallop.

  45. Some of the hangers-on about the staff found they had business elsewhere, and cantered unobtrusively away.

  46. They cantered along in high glee; not one had received a scratch, while some twelve of the first party of Boers had fallen, and fully fifteen of the second, and it was certain that at least as many more must have been wounded.

  47. Chris saluted, wheeled his horse round, and cantered back to Chieveley.

  48. He waited at a short distance while the general talked with General Barton, and as soon as he saw him turn to ride off cantered up and joined the staff.

  49. He walked over to his horse, mounted, nodded a good-by, and cantered back toward the camp.

  50. The riders swung into their saddles and cantered off eastward.

  51. As the lad cantered away to a camping group and returned, the Preacher had a fair view.

  52. And as the tale was whispered round, it grew until it would seem that Red Rover had cantered in, while the buckskin strained himself to keep within a couple of hundred yards of the racer.

  53. The first rays of the rising sun were filling the eastern sky with a pale light as we cantered off, the long wooded ridge on which the enemy had his position standing up in a misty silhouette against the growing day.

  54. They crossed the Blackwater and Chelmer Canal, and cantered off in the direction of Langford Rectory.

  55. It was his luck; and as soon as he saw which way the wind was, he licked up and cantered home in a hurry.

  56. She was looking up at the sky as she cantered towards him, with no thought of the crowds passing along the promenade.

  57. She nodded, touched her horse lightly with the whip, and cantered off.

  58. I thought this indeed good news, and we cantered up the drive in hopes of meeting my mother in the carriage; but she had gone home.

  59. After gazing across the lake for some minutes she turned her horse and cantered toward a little cluster of buildings of all sizes and shapes that huddled about the end of the lake and constituted Loon Lake village.

  60. The boy cantered his mare across the street.

  61. Thinking him overcome with faintness from his wound, I cantered up to assist him, but just as I reached him he suddenly pulled his horse across the road, and I saw a pistol in his left hand.

  62. Before he could answer, a man who had just cantered up on horseback entered and said: "Monsieur le Maire, Monsieur Duguay-Trouin is supping with Monsieur le Duc.

  63. In the course of a morning ride, Wee Willie Winkie had seen Coppy so doing, and, like the gentleman he was, had promptly wheeled round and cantered back to his groom, lest the groom should also see.

  64. He nearly wept with pride and delight, and at the appointed hour cantered to Peterhoff, a big paper-bag full of the Fumigatory in his coat-tail pockets.

  65. They clambered up the slippery, muddy bank to where they had left their horses, and cantered back over their trail.

  66. He sat quietly for a time after the gaudy missile had disappeared into the stream and then, wheeling, cantered away.

  67. Buck, wonder and surprise struggling for the mastery as the others cantered up.

  68. As he cantered on into the wide forest road that led to his late uncle's abode, curiosity led him to wheel into a narrower trail running east along Star Pond, and from whence he could make a farewell view of Clinch's Dump.

  69. It appeared that Trooper Stormont had saddled up and cantered away shortly after sunrise, leaving word that he must hunt up his comrade, Trooper Lannis, at Ghost Lake.

  70. They cantered forward into the sunlit clearing.

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