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Example sentences for "gloves"

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glottis; gloue; glove; gloved; glovers; glow; glowed; glower; glowered; glowering
  1. My cosen Joyce Norton kept the wine and cakes above; and did give out to them that served, who had white gloves given them.

  2. I did give Luellin two pieces in gold for a pair of gloves for his kindness herein.

  3. He claims, as we have seen, occasionally to have put on the gloves with John Thurtell.

  4. I have occasionally put on the gloves with him.

  5. She was dressed for going out and was buttoning her driving gloves round her wrists.

  6. No, I am not particularly interested in this race, and I haven't so much as a pair of gloves on it.

  7. His gloves were neat, his boots well polished, and, save the horseshoe pin in his white cravat, there was no suggestion of the racing man about him.

  8. He wore no decoration in his button-hole, and doeskin gloves concealed his hands.

  9. Don't rub your gloves that way, you'll spoil them," she was saying as Pierrotin appeared.

  10. Bought clothes and gloves and lots of things that I didn’t need just because Porter said I could charge them and that he wouldn’t ask for the money until I could pay it.

  11. We thought those gloves a great success when we first dyed them, but when we came to wear them, the ink never seemed to dry, and would soak through, and dye our hands most uncomfortably.

  12. Then we had our old light kid gloves to ink over carefully, so that we might not go barehanded to church.

  13. When we were on sentry duty, walking post, many of us wore thick woolen gloves to protect our hands; and over our heads and necks frames made of thin hoops covered with mosquito netting.

  14. She was dressed to go out, her bonnet was placed beside her on a chair, and her gloves were on her hands.

  15. Bertuccio, "and you will find gloves in it.

  16. Eugenie with sovereign contempt, smoothing her gloves out one upon the other.

  17. And clutching his gloves in anger, he left the apartment.

  18. He was turning this thought over in his brain for the twentieth time, when the door opened and Eugenie appeared, attired in a figured black satin dress, her hair dressed and gloves on, as if she were going to the Italian Opera.

  19. Now he handed his fringed riding-gloves to Guido to hold.

  20. He dropped the gloves which he had held till this, deliberately, as if the act were a rite.

  21. And my niece does not precisely hate him either, let me tell you, William, for all your month's assault of essences and perfumed gloves and apricot paste and other small artillery of courtship.

  22. Those French tragedy scenes with the hero hat in one hand and gloves in the other always seem to me so comic.

  23. Trembling and in a cold white rage of determination, Betty fastened on her hat, found her gloves and purse.

  24. He put down the hat and gloves and came towards her.

  25. Tis but a wearisome relief to conversation to have interludes of songs about Strephon and Sylvia, recited with a lisp by a gentleman with fringed gloves and a languishing look.

  26. Mr. Fribbleden, your gloves would fit the giants at Guildhall: my valet will furnish you with my exact size; you will see to the legitimate breadth of the fringe.

  27. He tidied up the golf clubs and a bundle of polo sticks, and pitched the boxing gloves under a settee in the corner from which Binks promptly retrieved them.

  28. Some heavy silver photo frames stood on the mantel-piece, while in the corner a bag of golf clubs and two or three pairs of boxing gloves gave an indication of their owner's tastes.

  29. They carved at the meal with their gloves of steel, And drank the red wine through the helmet barr'd.

  30. They have twisty faces, their boots and gloves look curiously accidental.

  31. It is not admissible to try on kid gloves in a store.

  32. White kid gloves are indispensable to the footmen.

  33. To eat in gloves or mittens was always foolish; fortunately it is no longer fashionable; but greatly the contrary.

  34. For, to master science thoroughly, I believe one must take one's gloves off.

  35. Besides these bodily exertions, he had to keep account of gloves and foils sold and bought, and of the fees due both to Mr. and Mrs. Skene.

  36. I would just as soon have the gloves off as on," said the novice, a little sulkily.

  37. A new hat and pair of gloves were also visible as he stood looking upward with his hands behind him.

  38. Ought she to put on her gloves before going down or not?

  39. He was dressed as she had last seen him, except that he wore primrose gloves and an Egyptian red scarf.

  40. There was a shout of protest from the audience; and Cashel, warned by it, tried to get off his gloves in turn.

  41. He showed no chivalry and no mercy, and revelled in the hardness of his hitting; his gloves either resounding on Paradise's face or seeming to go almost through his body.

  42. At last she resolved to put her gloves in her pocket, and be guided as to their further disposal by the example of her hostess.

  43. As time went on I became so clever with the gloves that Ned matched me against a light-weight named Ducket, and bet a lot of money that I would win.

  44. Strutt notices also perfumed gloves lined with white velvet, and splendidly worked with embroidery and gold buttons.

  45. On his return he presented the queen with embroidered gloves and perfumes, then for the first time introduced into England, as Stowe has noticed.

  46. Nimrod has somewhere said that a good coachman could almost be perceived by the manner in which he put his gloves on, or words to that effect; but without going so far as that, I believe the way in which he mounts his box is no bad criterion.

  47. Protected in this way, and with a relay of dry woollen gloves and whips, a not unpleasant day might be spent on the coach box even when the elements were unpropitious.

  48. Removing gloves was the first act in undressing, it struck him.

  49. The bigger crowding pictures, scenes and sentences, thronged panorama of the recent weeks, lay in hiding underneath; but it was the incident of those yellow gloves that memory tossed up for ever before his eyes.

  50. On the day of Mrs. Byron's funeral he told his servant to fetch the gloves and spar with him; and the boy thought that he hit harder than usual.

  51. The latter was no less surprised to recognize the woman as Alicia; an Alicia dressed in an elegant but old negligee, with crumpled gloves on her hands, and a veil wrapped around her hair.

  52. When Michael looked at her again the old gloves had vanished from her hands and the veil was hidden somewhere.

  53. Here his attention was caught by a person of majestic bearing and exclusive showy appearance, with a derby of smooth gray silk, a honey colored overcoat with velvet sleeves of the same shade, and white gloves and shoes.

  54. She did not like anything scratched; she stopped in the hall to take Dolly's boa and gloves out of a vase.

  55. When they entered their room, Ida sat down in a chair by the fire without removing her things; and when Bradley came in from the hall she still sat there, her eyes shaded by her hat, her chin resting on her palm, her gloves in her lap.

  56. His coat collar chafed his chin, and the frost wet his gloves through and through.

  57. Their Sunday gowns and gloves and hats transfigured them into something too dainty and fine to be touched, and yet every glance and motion was an invitation and a lure.

  58. They were told that her Majesty was walking in the Park, and thither, so soon as the ruffs had been adjusted and the fresh Spanish gloves drawn on, they resorted.

  59. The Embassy rang with stories of the number of mails he had brought, of the milk baths he sent for, the gloves he slept in, the valets who tweaked out superfluous hairs from his eyebrows, the delicacies required for his little dogs.

  60. She wears gloves, white ones and unique among garden gloves because they fit.

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