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Example sentences for "gowns"

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gownd; gownds; gowne; gowned; gownes; gownsman; gownsmen; goyng; goynge; gozan
  1. Good heavens, then mother could have all the crepe meteor gowns she wanted without my ever--ever having to marry Guilford Blake for her sake!

  2. Down on your knees in your new gown--and gowns as scarce as angels' visits, too!

  3. Bridal gowns were sometimes given to churches, as well.

  4. And Millicent's pretty gowns have served their purposes long ago.

  5. He had wanted one of these gowns since he first saw this cloth at Geneva in 1834.

  6. For though Elizabeth did not analyse the feeling, she was annoyed at even a verbal return to a time when gowns of every kind had been a consideration worth while discussing with one whose taste and skill would help to fashion them.

  7. All the women and children would have their new gowns and bonnets on.

  8. Her description, however, had fallen far short of the reality, and the ladies held their breath, as one after another of the beautiful gowns was taken out for exhibition.

  9. Hesitating a moment Peter said, "She is giving the fancy gowns she used to wear, with the tops of the waists and bottoms of the sleeves cut off.

  10. The girls ran from one to the other, and great was their delight to recognise here and there one of the very gowns they had been admiring in the Family Chest.

  11. It was a real pleasure to Rita to give them to you, I am sure, and she could not possibly wear a quarter of all the gowns she brought here.

  12. Your pretty dresses remind me that there is a chest of old gowns here that it might interest you to look over.

  13. Likewise, poor beneficed men and curates (not being able to provide themselves long gowns) may go in short gowns of the fashion aforesaid.

  14. On the left of the picture are the burgesses of Paris; their short gowns are of green and red as described; the hats, which hang over their shoulders, are black.

  15. And both girls forgot their gowns and their suppers for a moment to look with grateful, affectionate eyes at the friends who tried to care for bodies and for souls as well as minds.

  16. Your gowns are all right, and those hats the latest thing out,' began poor 'Dolphus, convicting himself by the incautious exclamation.

  17. The ladies in light gowns yonder, behind the bench, looked like pale phantoms with all-devouring eyes, whilst the numerous groups of black-robed advocates formed large sombre patches which gradually spread everywhere.

  18. Well, you ought to have paid some attention to me, have seen that my gowns suited your taste, and have taught me your secret of looking beautiful!

  19. But she who had once taken so much care of herself, had now come down to dressing-gowns of doubtful cleanliness.

  20. It was now the fashion to decry the furniture or costumes which had prevailed during the latter half of the eighteenth century, and to seek the Athenian models for gowns and furniture.

  21. Fifty years later they played at simplicity too, these great ladies and elegant cavaliers, laying aside the silks and brocades of which a surfeit had wearied them, and wearing picturesque gowns of simple material and cut.

  22. This was in accordance with the terms of the charter, which further provided that the students were to wear caps and gowns and to be within the gates at a certain hour.

  23. These gowns were often pinned up behind in fantastic fashion, and generally quite narrow.

  24. I'd wear Worth gowns and be lapped in luxury for the next ten years at the very least.

  25. In the middle room of the suite he found Portia chatting with Marston, the lieutenant-governor; and a young woman in the smartest of reception gowns had succeeded to Elinor's place at the piano.

  26. They wear Gowns of purple Cloth, and carry a black Wand.

  27. Their Gowns so close before, with strait Sleeves, which don't reach beyond the Elbow, make them look as if they had no Shoulders nor Breasts.

  28. It was somewhat disconcerting to have Mrs. Brownville and Carlotta, in elaborate gowns and flower-laden hats, descend upon her while she was wearing an apron over her gingham skirt.

  29. We must go out at once and buy gowns and hats.

  30. Why, I heard my cousin say that it was always too cold for thin gowns there, and that the winds were something terrible.

  31. I had just about enough money for gloves and hats, but not for gowns and shoes.

  32. She had expected to see groups of girls in white and light-colored gowns walking up and down the platform.

  33. Do poor Swedish servant girls have imported gowns of gray chiffon?

  34. Miss Warner dresses more plainly, but her gowns are pleasing.

  35. Marjorie peered thoughtfully at her array of gowns and selected a half-fitted negligee of old-rose silk.

  36. Her happiness will suit nice gowns and dainty lace.

  37. Few people buy many dresses at once now, on account of the changeful whims of fashion; but the great point is to have the few gowns of good material and excellent cut.

  38. It's really very easy, and I don't do much except wear the gowns and speak a few lines.

  39. Honora admired their gowns if not their manners; for they ignored her, and talked to Mrs. Holt about plans for raising money for the Working Girl's Relief Society.

  40. If I had only known you were going to settle down in Rivington and get fat and bald and wear dressing gowns and be a bear, I never should have married you--never, never, never!

  41. The thin, fluttery silk thing with the butterfly sleeves is shaded from cream white to royal purple, and underneath is one of these Dolly Varden gowns of flowered pink, set off by a Roman striped sash two feet wide.

  42. The girls adorn their cotton gowns with 'compass work,' exact, exquisite.

  43. I wish my box of gowns would ever arrive, don't you?

  44. There were three women's parts in the last farce, and the clerks had made their bonnets out of their broad straw hats tied on; they had gowns with no plaits in them, and no petticoats nor bustles.

  45. Then I start clear for the march, six superb morning gowns and six evening ditto, some the remains of M.

  46. We have begun doing a little bit of packing, that is, I have made a grand survey of my wardrobe, and found that I had fourteen gowns to bestow on Wright, besides three of which she is to give me the loan, till we leave this place.

  47. They are such very pretty girls, and knowing-looking, and have brought out for their married sister, who is also very pretty, gowns and headdresses like their own.

  48. You have not told me what impression those two gowns made that came last night.

  49. Nellie, go at once to the dressmaker's and get her positive assurance that our gowns will be ready.

  50. Still the hats and gowns must not be ignored by any high-flown philosophy.

  51. The gowns that were to be fitted and the untrimmed hats loomed larger than the intricate questions in various states of litigation that came under her supervision.

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