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Example sentences for "glowering"

Lexicographically close words:
gloves; glow; glowed; glower; glowered; gloweth; glowing; glowingly; glows; glowworm
  1. If Danvers were abashed by this speech he showed it never a whit, but stood very erect, his brows drawn into a scowl not unlike Nancy's own, glowering first at his father and then at me.

  2. Mr. Lister gazed at him with frigid scorn, and finding that the conversation still seemed to centre round his unworthy person, went up on deck and sat glowering over the insults which had been heaped upon him.

  3. Get off 'ome," responded Mr. Grummit, glowering at him.

  4. Godfrey, glowering and glum at the other end of the table.

  5. And you were sitting glowering like an owl in an ivy bush.

  6. I don't know when I have had such a frolic, and how silly it was of him to sit there glowering like an owl in an ivy bush, when he might have come out and joined us, and had a good time!

  7. You admire them, Father," I persisted, glowering at him.

  8. He saw himself in the dock, with the tall spikes and bunches of herbs before him, and the gross crimson face of the Red Judge glowering at him through horn-rimmed spectacles--glowering death.

  9. Glowering over his spectacles, he leaned through the open window and spat testily out into the cluttered back yard.

  10. The man bristled up for a fight, but one look into the big Irishman's glowering eyes sobered him enough to make him drop the cakes and slink away.

  11. Now, look at this board that I just flung into the dark aisle out o' the way, while Monkbarns was glowering ower a' the silver yonder.

  12. How beautiful the morning is and--" the glowering Miss Blanche Grayson was beginning to read from her cerulean booklet, when an interruption occurred.

  13. Mr. Alexander sat glowering at him but it was difficult to read the little man's thoughts.

  14. His spouse instantly silenced him with a glowering look, and Angela hoped to smooth matters out by what she now said.

  15. Instead he came glowering in fury to the house, and turned on Ursula.

  16. Well, the sight of his face, glowering back on her over his shoulder, was enough to dry up the speech in Mrs. Polwhele or any woman.

  17. Glancing back, he saw a tow-headed youth glowering at him out of pinkish albino eyes.

  18. He even unbuttoned the leather flap of the holster, and then being cleared for action, sat glowering across the aisle, with his eyes not on the faces but upon the hands of the two Purvy spies.

  19. Oh rare was the revel, and well worth while That made those glowering witch-men smile.

  20. O rare was the revel, and well worth while That made those glowering witch-men smile.

  21. I took notice of it because o' a man that came in and stood glowering at it as we were finishing our job.

  22. Forgetting Richard--though he had seen him glowering and fuming from the darkness of the veranda--he leaned upon the end of the grand piano.

  23. He was glowering at Vaughan, and biting his lip, and his fingers were twitching.

  24. It's really all your fault," he exclaimed, glowering at her.

  25. Roxana's bosom was heaving with suppressed passion, and she was glowering down upon him with measureless contempt written in her face.

  26. He had got up and was glowering unmistakably at the girl who had risen from the bottom step.

  27. Ethan under his breath, glowering at the man, who threw the reins round the whip, and helped his companion out.

  28. The fact of his great wealth, combined with his somewhat glowering good looks, his slow transforming smile, ran away with hearts by the score, and made the tumble-down Fort a centre of seething gossip and excitement.

  29. He walked up and down from Daniel Boone to the mirror, glowering out from time to time at the rain.

  30. She stopped short, and he turned round smiling and glowering at her, and then back again to the window.

  31. He was in an ugly, lowering humor and sat himself down at the table without uttering a word, resting his chin upon his clenched fist and glowering fixedly at the corn cake while Dinah fetched him a plate and knife and fork.

  32. He pointed to Uriah, pale and glowering in a corner, evidently very much out in his calculations, and taken by surprise.

  33. The man grinned in rare enjoyment, and, since he kept his eyes upon Brayley's glowering face, it was hardly strange that he handed Conniston a plate of stewed prunes instead.

  34. The cook, surly, glowering as he moved, set forth the big pots of coffee.

  35. Texas Tyler stood glowering at them from the doorway.

  36. At this Eudora gave him the wealth of her eyes, and her mother reached across two of the glowering suitors and dropped a hot flapjack on his plate.

  37. Vaniman surveyed the faces--the glowering demanding countenances, the eyes in which money lust gleamed.

  38. He accused her escort with a glowering side-glance.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "glowering" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    black; dark; dejected; dour; frowning; glowering; glum; grim; grum; leaden; lowering; lurid; melancholy; moody; moping; morose; murky; severe; sullen; surly