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Example sentences for "canted"

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  1. Owing to the angle at which the vessel had canted over, it was difficult to maintain an upright position on the deck, and so they slid, rather than walked, towards the main staircase.

  2. It marked an ascending area, and there ships canted swiftly, swung their blunt noses upward, and vanished, to the upper levels.

  3. In removing the cross-file marks it will be found that the file will cut more freely if it be slightly canted so that it cuts most at and near the edge, as shown in Fig.

  4. He could only sit--his head a little canted forward--looking at Harry with the traces of a dry smile upon his lips.

  5. But though he had blinked at it, he had not taken her up, nor helped her out; but had merely stood with his head a little canted forward, as if he watched her through her defenses.

  6. Kerr presented his back, and with his head a little canted forward seemed to listen, absorbed in his companion.

  7. One ear he canted back to the pain-roughened voice which spoke at his ear.

  8. Yet he rode the spiritless chestnut with both hands, his body canted forward a little, his whole attitude one of desperate alertness.

  9. Alphonse again canted his head to one side like a bird, and one could see that he was listening.

  10. Even her white decks could be seen as she canted over, while with the naked eye one could distinguish figures moving about on it.

  11. At the ends they were canted toward the center, so that in the straight-bottom models they stood nearly perpendicular to the rocker of the bottom there; in the crooked canoe the ribs were all somewhat canted in this manner.

  12. A long piece was canted on top of the bench so that the finished part would pass by the body of the worker, and, if it were necessary to shape the full length, it could be reversed.

  13. However, not all these canoes had such double ribs; some were framed out in the usual manner, with the ribs widely spaced and canted toward their respective ends of the hull, away from the midship of the canoe.

  14. As he stood up the buckskin canted to his feet.

  15. He had been lying down, but with a snort of discontent his forequarters went up and he canted to his feet with a spring of wariness.

  16. The horse, with a little snort, canted to his feet and sniffed toward the water; the Sergeant pulled the picket-pin and led him to the lake for a drink.

  17. Once, when the big rooster canted his head and looked into his face, the boy had to wink away the tears; but he thought of the man so near death in the attic, he felt the clumsy boots on his feet, and his heart grew strong again.

  18. He had one of those long faces which invariably imply shrewdness, and he canted his head to one side while he watched Andy.

  19. It was early observed that the beaches corresponding to a given lake stage were higher to the northward and northeastward, and the natural conclusion from this was that the earth’s crust had here been canted like a trap door (Fig.

  20. Gilbert, in order to determine whether the uptilt revealed by canted beach lines is still in progress, carried out an elaborate study upon the gauge records preserved at the various gauging stations about the Great Lakes.

  21. She canted her head to one side and considered him with fearless blue eyes.

  22. Grey Molly listened with pricking ears and often canted her head to one side as though she strove to understand the game.

  23. The other stood beside the open window and there he canted his head, his glance far off and intent.

  24. One of the best seamen on the Centurion was canted overboard and drowned; his manly form was long seen struggling in the water, he being a good swimmer, while those on board were powerless to assist him.

  25. At the same time I heard a shrieking, like to that of persons in distress; I looked out, and saw the yawl canted bottom upwards by a sea, and soon afterwards disappeared.

  26. Of course, when the schooner canted over, the boom had swung out-board, and the cap of it and a foot or two of sail hung even under water.

  27. She had her chin tucked down, and her head canted to one side, and her mouth puckered into the mushiest kind of a grin you ever saw.

  28. The nacelle sank gently on to a heap of motionless pilgrims, canted to the left, and came to rest.

  29. The air-liner had, however, settled down a good deal in the sand, and had canted at a sharp angle to port.

  30. The shipwrecker and I went about her canted decks, groped through dark recesses where it might have been the rats we heard, and peered into the sonorous shades of the empty cargo spaces.

  31. The canted sides of the central lantern are supported on pendentives similar to those which occur under the angles of some of the early French domes.

  32. The diagonal or canted sides of the lantern are carried on pointed arches, the space below which is filled in with pendentives, with the stones arranged in courses radiating from the centre.

  33. It is octagonal in plan, the canted sides being carried on semi-circular arches thrown across the angles.

  34. With her extra canvas, the James was canted over perilously.

  35. About a quarter of a mile away, above the reeds, which grew in rank profusion to a man's height or higher, they saw a pair of slender masts, canted far over.

  36. Accompanied by the two boys, he made his way along the steeply canted deck of the plunging schooner to the breach of the swivel-gun at the bow.

  37. Three or four dead men lay on the canted deck, for no effort had been made as yet to clean the ship.

  38. The sloop was making great speed down the middle channel of the Bay, her canvas straining in a fine west breeze, and her deck canted far to leeward.

  39. Jeremy watched the sluggish water glide by below the canted rail, till at last small quivering blurs of light, the reflections of stars, began to gleam in the ripples.

  40. Over canted the car till it seemed that she must capsize.

  41. Turning abruptly, as Sam swung the wheel over, the launch canted on her heel till a stream of water swamped far up the rail-less deck astern.

  42. She canted heavily to port, showing the whole of her length of deck, and with such a violent movement that the passenger aboard was flung clear of the rail right out into the water.

  43. The whole thing canted up on its head, then swayed outwards, and, turning on its side, crashed on to the track running along beside it.

  44. Its body reached upward, canted slightly from the vertical, as if it were ready to spring again to the stars.

  45. The rocket was canted slightly but, he thought, not dangerously so.

  46. Bandit was a black canted monolith rising above the plain, seeming to symbolize the utter desolation and silence of Crater Arzachel.

  47. The sideward movement stopped, leaving the rocket canted at an angle of about forty-five degrees.

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