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  1. A section just below the frond shows the two fibro-vascular bundles united into one, and the angles of the stalk slightly extended, forming very narrow wing-like borders.

  2. The two convexities, anterior and posterior, are separated by two obscure angles or ridges, which extend the whole length of the stalk.

  3. The spores of this species are spheroid-tetrahedral, the three radiating angles marked with slender vittae, or bands.

  4. The officer up the ladder called more orders, and those who had formed the lane drew up at right-angles to the others, enclosing two sides of the yard.

  5. On the concrete were placed timbers running at right angles to the ship.

  6. The rotatory motion is still less, the total distance to which any particle of water is displaced laterally, or at right angles to the axis of the ship, by one entire revolution of the screw being at the outer edge only 0.

  7. By this arrangement the barges have their longest dimension at right angles to the side of the dock, and a much greater number can be accommodated than if each occupied a space alongside the quay wall.

  8. The truss consists of a four-sided frame placed within a five-sided frame, the angles of each polygon being connected by bolts and struts with the middle of the sides of the other polygon.

  9. The total amount of motion imparted to the water at right angles to the plane of the screw by one entire revolution even at the outer edge is not quite equal to the slip, being only 1.

  10. The planking of the roadway rests on double beams, supported at several points in the manner shown in the woodcut, each point having suspension-rods to connect it with the nearest angles of the frames.

  11. Mr. Brunel also made experiments on the strength of pine timber when exposed to pressure on the side or at right angles to the fibre.

  12. The gate when closed is not at right angles to the direction of the length of the lock, but is at an angle of about 12 deg.

  13. The preliminary operation of slewing the tube to its position on a platform at right angles to the river, was a work requiring a good deal of careful contrivance.

  14. They found themselves in a low, immense room, running at right angles to the passage they had just quitted.

  15. The exhilaration of these is varied with an occasional apprehension when the car pitches down a sharp incline, and twists almost at right angles on a sudden curve at the bottom without slacking its speed.

  16. The candles were tallow, and they lopped at different angles in the flat candlesticks heavily loaded with lead, which compositors once used.

  17. The declination of a star is the arc drawn from the star to the equator at right angles to the latter.

  18. Each pair of stars in the Pleiades makes a small angle, and it is these angles which are the direct object of astronomical measurement.

  19. Some of them are inclined at angles of 30° to the plane of the earth's orbit, the inclinations of the great planets being not more than a few degrees.

  20. In fact, the paths of the satellites of Uranus lie in a plane nearly at right angles to the orbit of Uranus.

  21. In one position it hardly interferes with the polarised light at all, while in the position at right angles thereto it cuts off nearly the whole of it.

  22. On the other hand, there are also sometimes narrow bright streamers, inclined at various angles to the limb of the sun and not seldom curved.

  23. The telescope is attached at its centre to an axis at right angles to its length.

  24. To prevent blockhouses from being seen through from one loophole to another, screens of blankets or sacking were suspended at right angles to each other crossing the centre of the blockhouse.

  25. Each sporophyll was shaped like a small umbrella with four spokes, and stood at right angles to the axis, bearing a sporangium at each of the spokes.

  26. The cells of the wood are large and approximately square in shape, while at the angles formed at the junction of every four cells is a group of small, thin-walled parenchyma, see fig.

  27. In spite of the great distance we could distinguish the projecting turrets, apparently suspended from the angles of the edifice.

  28. The masses of Roman masonry are clear enough, with two round projections near the two western angles of the church.

  29. About four o'clock, if we happened to be inspired by energy, one or the other of us strolled out at right angles to the stream to see what we could see.

  30. So we took the compass direction, in order to assure consistency at least, and struck off at full right angles to the left.

  31. The centre stone of one panel is square, of another it is octagonal, and thus they alternate all round; the sides of each running down the angles like a plain pilaster, and giving an appearance as if the whole were set in a frame.

  32. It also presents the ruins of a Saracenic fort of a square shape, with circular towers at the angles and in the centre of each wall.

  33. It sides and ceiling are so exactly square, and its angles so just, that no architect could form a more regular apartment; while the whole is so firm and entire, that it resembles a chamber hollowed out of one piece of marble.

  34. Two others branch off at right angles to the principal body of the edifice.

  35. But oughtn't we to go off at right angles now?

  36. They'd be better if we were going at right angles to the shot!

  37. Then, carefully taking advantage of the angles and edges of projecting rocks for his feet and getting hand-hold of the tough shrubs, he was soon up twenty feet above the rushing stream.

  38. The streets running at right angles with Market street, beginning at the water front and reckoning back southwesterly, are named by their numbers, First, Second, etc.

  39. On the northeast of Market street, through the older portion of the city, the streets run at right angles with each other, though neither at right angles or parallel with Market.

  40. These designs are so graceful in their many angles and occasional curves that they scarcely suggest mere lettering.

  41. An old Chichi rug, like a drawing of Tenniel's, will prove what grace may come without a curve and by angles only.

  42. They had come to a long, high wall, with trees showing above it, which stretched away on their right hand for two or three hundred yards, until it ended in an arched tunnel through a massive block of buildings at right angles to it.

  43. Off we turned at nearly right angles to our former course, to the west now, over a piece of table land that gave us little trouble in breaking our own road.

  44. When about halfway across we saw some ox tracks leading toward the lake, and in the hope we might find the water drinkable we turned off at right angles to our course and went that way also.

  45. A dozen miles north of the Wekusko camp he swung at right angles to the west, traveled fifteen miles, then cut a straight course south.

  46. One continued straight east, toward Churchill, while the other turned almost at right angles into the south.

  47. Occasionally poles are seen extending across the reentering angles of a house or are supported on the coping and rafters.

  48. This wall on the northeast side of the large inclosure apparently follows the jogs and angles of the original houses.

  49. In the south half, on the other hand, the inner rows are nearly at right angles to the outer room clusters.

  50. The massive angles of the northwest, or altar end of the structure, have survived the stonework of the adjoining village and stand to-day 13 feet high.

  51. In this case, however, this portion of the room is quite large, and the row of mealing stones is built at right angles to its back wall and not parallel with it.

  52. Close by, and apparently forming part of the same group, are a number of stones imbedded in the ground with their upper edges exposed and placed at right angles to the faces of the vertical monuments.

  53. The metates are arranged in the usual manner, three in a row, but there is an additional detached section placed at right angles to the main series.

  54. It is more likely that, through the necessity of building close to the limits of the crowded sites, a certain degree of correspondence was unintentionally produced between the jogs and angles of the houses and those of the mesa edge.

  55. The rooms seem to have been clustered together with very little regard to symmetry, and right angles are very unusual.

  56. The upper portion of the flight, consisting of three steps, has been abruptly turned at right angles to the main flight, and is supported upon rude poles and beams.

  57. In some cases the modern passageways, as they follow the jogs and angles of adjoining rows of houses, display similar changes of direction.

  58. In the typical roof construction illustrated the second series is covered with small twigs or brush, laid in close contact and at right angles to the underlying series, or parallel with the main beams.

  59. The angles on each side, at the junction of the broad base band with the narrower doorway border, were filled in with a design of alternating pink and white squares.

  60. The stones of the masonry are laid with extreme care at the angles and in the faces of these splays, producing a highly finished effect.

  61. The unspeakably dismal monotone sounded loud and clear as a trumpet blast borne on the wind, which, having blown at angles to the line of sound, suddenly becomes favorable, and throws the notes forward as if on eagles' wings.

  62. Then he slackened his gait, and was going in a leisurely fashion, when he came upon a narrow creek which ran at right angles to the course he was following.

  63. Just beyond gun range the stallion turned sharply at right angles and sped off over the prairie.

  64. Below this runs a rich garland of foliage and fruit, falling down at right angles on each side of the opening of the porch.

  65. All the workmanship in the excavation is admirable, and the angles are formed with the greatest accuracy.

  66. If then our Lord was crucified with His face to the north, the other two crosses would not have been in the same line with His; and the distance between the holes compels us to suppose that they were placed at right angles to it.

  67. The arches of the doorways are composed of three archivolts finely carved, which spring from three columns of verd antique, placed in the re-entering angles of the piers of each door[404].

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