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  1. France, after having them trotting forth from the top of the Arc du Carrousel for eighteen years, had to trot them back to Venice.

  2. The grand Arc d'Etoile was in full view, and but a few rods from my lodgings, and consequently the very first sight that I "did.

  3. In practice, the motions that we have just described are exceedingly slight; the carbon moves imperceptibly, and the length of the arc remains invariable.

  4. The arc then forms, and the current divides between the arc and the bobbins, E.

  5. Since the month of May last, the concert at the Champs Elysées has been lighted by sixteen voltaic arc lamps on a new and very simple system, which gives excellent results in the installation under consideration.

  6. Squatting on the lowest step, his face upturned, by the light of the arc sputtering above the street he looked like a yellow frog, his eager eyes directed toward Janet, whom he suspected of intelligence.

  7. By the white, cruel light of the arc I saw Krebs lying motionless.

  8. The ghostly blue light from a distant arc came slanting in at the window, glinting on the brass knobs of the chest of drawers-another Bumpus heirloom.

  9. The white arc above the end of the bridge cast sharp, black shadows of the branches of the trees on the granite, the thousand windows of the mill shone yellow, reflected in the black water.

  10. In front of the central entrance to the court of the Tuileries, in the Place du Carrousel, is the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, also erected by Napoleon I.

  11. Up the broad vista of the Champs Elysees the eye rests upon the wonderful Arc d'Etoile, one of the most conspicuous monuments in Paris.

  12. At this camp, however, the paraffin arc lamps were particularly brilliant, and when star-gazing on several occasions I have seen rats and mice scuttle across the white sand some distance away.

  13. After ten minutes' walking down a lonely road we made out a group of low wooden huts surrounded by high arc lamps and wire, on a desolate moorland.

  14. After leaving this my way lay beyond the shadow of the hut across a cultivated patch of moor, planted with potatoes, which was illuminated by the arc lamps.

  15. My first impression was of a wide arc of desks that circling from wall to wall seemed to be a barrier between a number of gentle-spoken, elderly gentlemen and a vague mass of people that pressed forward.

  16. He would put a piece of meteorite in the electric arc to see what light it would give; he had never tried the experiment before.

  17. Thus radius O A' is twice radius O A, and so the versed sine of the arc A' B' is twice the versed sine of the arc A B.

  18. This decimal is the versed sine of the arc of 3°15', or of 3.

  19. In this figure, also, you observe in each of the angles A O B and A O C that the deflection, from the tangential direction toward the center, of a body moving in the arc A C is represented by the versed sine of the angle.

  20. The distance between O A' and this short line is 1° of the arc A' B'.

  21. The tangent to the arc at A, from which this deflection is measured, is omitted in this figure to avoid confusion.

  22. The solution of this difficult problem was the invention by Heffner von Alteneck of Germany, and his device came into use wherever throughout the world arc lamps were operated.

  23. By this method the magnetic force was vastly multiplied, and electricity was produced in such abundance as to fuse thick iron wire fifteen inches long and one-fourth of an inch in diameter, and to develop a magnificent arc light.

  24. The two pointed pieces of hard conducting carbon used for the separated terminals constitute the voltaic arc light--a light only excelled in intense brilliancy by the sun itself.

  25. The arc light is adapted for streets and great buildings, etc.

  26. For Herd grazing hold right 5 over left 5 wrist; draw right back toward body in a slight arc up and down.

  27. But it seems a good logical sign, the large arc being equivalent to “object.

  28. Before 1880 Sir William Siemens showed that an electric arc could be used to melt iron or steel in a crucible, and he patented an electric crucible furnace which was the first attempt to use electricity in iron and steel manufacture.

  29. K is lifted until the increasing resistance of the lengthening arc weakens the current in H H' and a balance is established.

  30. It is commonly reserved for the arc lamp, which has a resistance so low that a moderate electromotive force can overcome the added resistance of the lamps, but, of course, if the circuit breaks at any point all the lamps go out.

  31. By the use of the electric arc and passing air through a furnace, various substances have been tried to take up the nitrogen of the air.

  32. The electric arc not only supplies light, but heat of great intensity which the electrical engineer as well as the pure scientist has found so valuable for many practical operations.

  33. As a matter of fact, the temperature of the carbons in the arc is comparable to that of the Sun.

  34. The electric arc is also applied to the welding of wires, boiler plates, rails, and other metal work, by heating the parts to be joined and fusing them together.

  35. A third type of furnace that is meeting with some extensive use is the Giroud, which, like the Heroult furnace, is based on the arc and resistance in principle, but in its construction has a number of different features.

  36. Combined arc and resistance heating is applied to raise the charge to the melting point.

  37. Electro-metallurgy of steel, as in all utilization of electrical power, depends upon obtaining electricity at a reasonable cost, and then utilizing the heat of the arc or of the current in the most practical and economical form.

  38. The transverse arc of the skull, measured from one auditory foramen to the other, across the middle of the sagittal suture, is about 13 inches.

  39. The arc described by any one bone or plane, however, is not by any means always in proportion to the arc described by another.

  40. The arc of my flight was sharply bent as I went hurtling down.

  41. My dive from the Cometara carried me in a slow arc some three hundred feet away.

  42. And within a minute, as he went in an arc toward the Cometara bow and I toward her stern, I suddenly thought of that returning enemy vessel.

  43. His head is formed of five bright stars, arranged in the arc of a circle, which is crossed in the centre by the ecliptic nearly at right angles, near the brightest of the five, Beta Scorpionis.

  44. C A and C B, that is, the angle A C B, is measured by the arc A B.

  45. D,--the former being measured by the arc M N, and the latter by the arc O P.

  46. The arc A B, therefore, contains the same number of degrees as the arc E F, and either may be taken as the measure of the angle A C B.

  47. The angle made by two great circles on the surface of the sphere is measured by an arc of another great circle, of which the angular point is the pole, being the arc of that great circle intercepted between those two circles.

  48. Northeast of the tail of the Scorpion are three stars in the arc of a circle, which constitute the bow of the Archer, the central star being the brightest, directly west of which is a bright star which forms the arrow.

  49. In 1764, two English mathematicians of great eminence, Mason and Dixon, undertook the measurement of an arc in Pennsylvania, extending more than one hundred miles.

  50. The lowest point of their arc was at an elevation of a mile and a half above the level of the sea; and, in some instances, the heights of two neighboring signals differed more than a mile.

  51. If the place is north or south of the equator, then its longitude is the arc of the equator intercepted between the meridian which passes through the place and the meridian of Greenwich.

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