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Example sentences for "discharge"

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discernible; discernibly; discerning; discernment; discerns; discharged; discharger; discharges; dischargeth; discharging
  1. On the day of the wedding, however, the man who had exacted the promise passed by the camel on which the bride was riding, and saluted her, as is the custom, with the discharge of his firelock.

  2. What a relief it would be to get away from the common-place and humdrum tasks that had filled his hands for the last three or four years--tasks that any young man with a School Board education could discharge without difficulty.

  3. Once or twice he felt strongly tempted to let Felix Muller bear the brunt of his failure, and trust to the future and the chapter of accidents to enable him to discharge all his liabilities.

  4. He may think I have tried to discharge my debt with dollars and do not want to see him again.

  5. Her attempts to discharge her debt of gratitude might not be any proof of affection.

  6. Could he discharge a debt of honour by an act that in itself was criminal?

  7. The pump is shown at P with the discharge at W, piped with a branch to each cylinder.

  8. For the pump to discharge water, it is necessary for the water to be in motion, and to set and keep it in motion a portion of the water will rise, due to the atmospheric pressure.

  9. D'Ogeron landed his men under favour of a discharge from his great guns, which drove the horsemen into the woods, where, as he little suspected, the infantry lay in ambush.

  10. At daybreak, to their disappointment, they were awoke by the discharge of a musket and the beating of a drum.

  11. In other parts the wood was so thick that they could only tell that they were near the castle by the discharge of the cannon.

  12. Next morning very early, being the ninth of their tedious journey, they recommenced their march, Morgan bidding them all discharge their guns and then reload them, for fear of the wet having damped the powder.

  13. They were expert archers, and could discharge their arrows, like the Parthians, even when in full retreat.

  14. Every man was now compelled to discharge his musket before the searchers, that they might be sure no precious stones were hidden in the barrel.

  15. Not regarding these threats, the Spaniards began instantly to discharge their guns and muskets to alarm the town and obtain succour.

  16. As to rewards from himself, I asked only one, which was that he would give orders to his officers not to enlist any more of our bought servants, and that he would discharge such as had been already enlisted.

  17. He being at Philadelphia, on his retreat, or rather flight, I applied to him for the discharge of the servants of three poor farmers of Lancaster county that he had enlisted, reminding him of the late general's orders on that head.

  18. You have also made the unsolicited offer of concurring "in measures calculated to discharge the debts of America, and to raise the credit and value of the paper circulation.

  19. The nearer and steeper the elevation, the greater the force with which the water flows through the valley pipes, and hence the stronger the discharge from the faucets.

  20. For absolute safety the sewage discharge should be at least 75 feet from the well, and in large hotels, where there is necessarily a large quantity of sewage, the distance should be much greater.

  21. In these forms, rapidly rotating wheels lift the water and drive it onward into a discharge pipe, from which it issues with great force.

  22. In more severe burns, where blisters are formed, the blisters should be punctured with a sharp, sterilized needle and allowed to discharge their watery contents before the above remedies are applied.

  23. After the pump is in condition (6), motion of the plunger is followed by a more or less regular discharge of water through the spout, and the quantity of water which gushes forth depends upon the speed with which the piston is moved.

  24. The force pump gets its name from the fact that the moving piston drives or forces the water through the discharge tube.

  25. In order to convert this intermittent discharge into a steady stream, an air chamber is installed near the discharge tube, as in Figure 135.

  26. Since only the downward motion of the plunger forces water through E, the discharge is intermittent and is therefore not practical for commercial purposes.

  27. I was gradually relieved by a plentiful discharge of pus atque Venenum (excuse the indelicacy) which, according to my Physician, has surpassed that of fifty blisters.

  28. Let me hear from you soon; if writing be inconvenient, I am persuaded that Mrs. or Miss Gould would discharge with pleasure the office of secretary.

  29. He is pathetic, you say, on the score of money advanced; a draft for L200 which I send you inclosed would surely discharge that advance, and you will try to manage him to stay till my labours are finished for the payment of his own.

  30. If that half year is properly excepted in the Conveyance, you my omnipotent Attorney may draw it from the tenants, and it will serve at least to discharge Harris's bond.

  31. Such a battery will discharge nearly as much current as is required originally to bring about the first chemical action.

  32. Care should be used also, in this regard, not to discharge the battery too low to prevent its utilizing its function of starting the car when it was desired to use the car.

  33. The appointment attached him permanently to Cambridge, gave him an income, and showed that he was competent to discharge duties from which a blind man is often considered to be debarred.

  34. What you have possessed me withall, I'll discharge it amply.

  35. The patches are encircled by drains or ditches, which discharge into the main irrigating system.

  36. A discharge of the rifle, which they were ever obliged to carry with them, soon caused the enemy to retreat, and leave them to pursue their solitary walk unmolested.

  37. Shouts followed the discovery, and every moment we expected to find some heavy weight crashing down upon us, or a discharge from some of her lower-deck guns; but beyond the shouting we were not molested.

  38. At the same time, reviewing the laws bearing upon the commitment and discharge of the criminally insane, he proposed certain changes suggested by the actual operation of the present laws.

  39. Turning to Tod, he said: "I will at once see about getting Miss Marsh's certificate of discharge from this place.

  40. To wear the uniform after three months from the date of such discharge renders such person liable to fine or imprisonment, or both.

  41. Having squeezed the trigger to this point, the aim is corrected, and, when true, the additional pressure is applied and the discharge follows and the bullet flies true to the mark.

  42. If the danger be great, he will in either case discharge his piece before calling.

  43. Persons sentenced to dismissal or dishonorable discharge and to terms of confinement at military posts or elsewhere will be designated as "general prisoners.

  44. If the danger be great, in which case the sentinel will discharge his piece, the patrol will be as strong as possible.

  45. Under the law a soldier honorably discharged from the Army of the United States is authorized to wear his uniform from the place of his discharge to his home within three months after the date of such discharge.

  46. Do not point the weapon in any direction where an accidental discharge might do harm.

  47. He will see that all reliefs are turned out at the proper time, and that the corporals thoroughly understand, and are prompt and efficient in, the discharge of their duties.

  48. You must, therefore, be enabled to discharge petty debts, that you may have leisure, with security to struggle with the rest.

  49. It is wonderful, when a calculation is made, how little the mind is actually employed in the discharge of any profession.

  50. Hay and Mr. Elliot, might be able to procure the discharge of his lacquey.

  51. Dun If you don't find it, I'll discharge you.

  52. Passing by the Seraglio Point, which we saluted by a discharge of several Guns, in the mid Stream between it and the Tophana, we came to an Anchor.

  53. But to be serious; I never did, nor do I now, fear the persecution of Papists, while in the discharge of a duty which I owe to my Maker and Preserver.

  54. I received it in the discharge of my duty as a priest," and he departs.

  55. No Protestant priest in the United States has ever been known to be controlled in the discharge of his duty by a foreign potentate.

  56. Jesuits are active and diligent in the discharge of their duties to their superiors, and of course, this sister, who was chosen from among many for her zeal and craft, lost no time in entering on her mission.

  57. The inquisitors, in obedience to orders from their sovereign Pope, entered immediately upon the discharge of their duties.

  58. They accordingly entered upon the discharge of their duty, proceeded forthwith to Ireland, and reported the condition of affairs just as they found them.

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "discharge" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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