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Example sentences for "eject"

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ejaculates; ejaculating; ejaculation; ejaculations; ejaculatory; ejected; ejecting; ejection; ejections; ejective
  1. When a worm comes to the surface to eject earth, the tail protrudes, but when it collects leaves its head must protrude.

  2. Worms do not always eject their castings on the surface of the ground.

  3. The worms here eject their castings only during the rainy season; and at the time of Dr.

  4. If we assume that they work for only half the year--though this is too low an estimate--then the worms in this field would eject during the year, 8.

  5. They do not act in this manner at the times when they eject much earth from their burrows; for their castings then serve to cover the mouths.

  6. As soon as the hollows are filled up, the worms eject the earth which they have swallowed beyond the circumference of the stones; and thus the surface of the ground is raised all round the stone.

  7. Castings when first ejected are viscid and soft; during rain, at which time worms apparently prefer to eject them, they are still softer; so that I have sometimes thought that worms must swallow much water at such times.

  8. A full-sized casting at the mouth of a single burrow often exceeds, as we have seen, an ounce in weight; and it is probable that worms eject more than 20 full- sized castings during a year.

  9. A small cylindrical passage runs up the centre of each tower, through which the worm ascends to eject the earth which it has swallowed, and thus to add to its height.

  10. The worms which eject them are seen only during the wet season, and are reported to be from 12 to 15 inches in length, and as thick as a man's little finger.

  11. The lower surface was nearly flat, so that the worms must soon have been compelled to eject their castings beyond its circumference.

  12. Arius, officers appeared at Rhinocorura who were charged with orders to eject those opposed to Arianism.

  13. The Strombolian explosions have sufficient violence to eject small fragments of hot lava, which, falling about the crater, slowly built up a rather sharp cone.

  14. If the stirring motion be stopped for a moment, the steam expands to form great bubbles which soon eject the pasty mass from the kettle.

  15. A peculiarly favourite method was to eject the wife and children of the farmer from the homestead, while he was in the field, and to bring him to compliance by means of the theory of "accomplished fact.

  16. The very circumstance, that the senate carried a permission to eject from the city all non- burgesses before the day for the decisive vote, showed the fate in store for the proposal.

  17. Not only do the Holothurias eject their organs and afterwards renew them, but they divide themselves spontaneously into two portions.

  18. Flanders, who, after I had sent a staff-officer to forcibly eject Wells in case of necessity, took possession of the Governor's office.

  19. In 1605, Philip III transferred the tribunal to Burgos, with orders to the inquisitors to eject any occupants of buildings that they might find suited to their purposes.

  20. The Council of Castile ordered that the tenant be maintained in possession, while the Suprema instructed the tribunal not to yield a jot, but to eject him by whatever means it could.

  21. In England, the Leeds methodist conference resolved to eject from their communion, a brother, who should propagate opinions in opposition to the established church.

  22. Revolution in Athens, which, though not sufficient to eject king Otho from the throne of Greece, yet obliged him to concede much to the popular will.

  23. Having taken society as it exists at the present moment, we eject those elements of civilization which have brought it to its present condition, beginning with the latest first.

  24. The function of the latter is to draw in the pure water to bathe the gills and to furnish food, while the office of the former is to eject waste materials and the water which has already passed over the gills.

  25. They take in and digest food and eject excrement from the area inclosed by the collar.

  26. Sperm-whales killed by man often eject great quantities of the squids in their death throes, showing this food to be almost their exclusive diet.

  27. Wild rumors had been in circulation that the President was determined to install General Thomas by military force, and to eject Mr. Stanton with violence from the War Office which he refused to surrender.

  28. It was believed, and indeed openly asserted, at the time, that if he had chosen to remain the attempt to eject him by resolution, as was threatened, would have led to a practical dissolution of the convention.

  29. They are separated from each other by a muscular septum formed of striated fibres inserted in the chitinous skeleton; by the contraction of this septum the animal is enabled to eject its venom.

  30. I cannot eject her, if I would; and I would not, if I could, eject so lovely and so winsome a tenant.

  31. She wanted to eject the poison by the aid of an emetic.

  32. Glenarm, I don’t like to invoke the law to eject you from this property, but I am left with no alternative.

  33. It’s an unpleasant business, but the court orders me to eject all trespassers on the premises, and I’ve got to do it.

  34. So I should be able to move the whole unit into the cargo lock and eject it from there.

  35. On the other hand, Gefty realized that he wouldn't now be able to bring himself to eject the janandra out of the cargo lock and into the Great Current.

  36. If we can eject the nobles, the others will run away at once.

  37. The military can be sent for to-morrow, if you but help to eject these madmen to-day.

  38. In my opinion, the writer of this letter had just as much right in that car as the Senator from Indiana, and it was as great an outrage to eject him as it would be to eject that Senator.

  39. The instant, however, that the other unmoored his tent and began to move about, the invader renewed his efforts to eject him, persevering in the struggle for several hours, but without a chance of success.

  40. The apex of this cone was not closed up, but left as an aperture through which to eject its excrements.

  41. She knew that now she occasionally forced her passion for Merthyr; but what nothing could teach her was, that she did so to eject another's image.

  42. His visitors declined to eject the London fog by this aid of the mountain monks, and Mr. Pericles warmed himself alone.

  43. Was it her own strength, inspired by some sublime force, that had sprung up suddenly to eject a worthless love?

  44. The huntress of Grey Worms induces a temporary torpor of the mandibles; the ravisher of Bees makes them eject their honey.

  45. The Pompilus' intention is plain: she wants to eject the Spider from her fortress and fling her some distance away.

  46. The power to detect and eject evil spirits was claimed by both.

  47. Upon this ground hundreds of millions of the established believers in divine revelation--hundreds of millions of believers in the divine character and origin of religion--eject the pretentions set up for Jesus Christ.

  48. O urbem venalem, but this seems to require that the verb should be in the second person; and it is probable that in Livy we should either eject the O or read inveneris.

  49. The words quae proxima est Numidiae Cortius would eject as superfluous and spurious.

  50. If he did urge these pretensions, the government could, at a moment's notice, eject him from the new place which had been created for him.

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