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Example sentences for "ejecting"

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ejaculation; ejaculations; ejaculatory; eject; ejected; ejection; ejections; ejective; ejectment; ejectments
  1. After ejecting numerous cartridge cases from the weapon with the barrel held in a depressed condition, it was found that the cartridge cases did not exceed two inches above the level of the ejection port.

  2. Well, I couldn't see at all during the time but I know I heard a third shot fired, and I could also hear something sounded like the shell hulls hitting the floor and the ejecting of the rifle, it sounded as though it was to me.

  3. The animal is supposed to effect this operation by means of a corroding fluid that is secreted in the body, and which it has the power of ejecting upon the substance into which it has entered.

  4. The animal first raises itself to the surface of the sea by ejecting a quantity of water; if danger occurs, it absorbs water, and thus, by making itself heavier, sinks to the bottom.

  5. Diploptera is capable of ejecting its quinones from either its right or left tracheal gland according to which side of the insect is attacked (pl.

  6. Both these species are very common, and the latter is peculiar for its power of ejecting a dark purple fluid when molested.

  7. Shafts with air-locks and pipes for admitting water and ejecting silt are provided.

  8. The animal moves by opening its shell, slowly swallowing a large quantity of water, and in a rapid manner ejecting it, thereby pushing the shell backwards.

  9. In her shell she lies as in a boat, propelling herself by slowly sucking up water, and violently ejecting it through a funnel, or syphon, at the same time using her arms as oars, to increase her speed.

  10. Tiled is the roof, on each house-top Rise smoke-ejecting chimneys up.

  11. In 1635 the people again showed their independent spirit by ejecting Sir John Harvey from the Government and sending him back to England.

  12. It is particularly fond of ejecting the Martin from her carefully-built home, and has been even known to turn out the eggs of this little harmless bird.

  13. The black fluid which the animal is capable of ejecting from its ink-sac, when pursued by its enemies, was formerly employed in the manufacture of the pigment called from its source "sepia.

  14. It is more than probable that she had not acquired the art of ejecting the circles of smoke, or she would have followed up the exhibition of her husband with a similar one, inspired thereto by the innate ugliness of her nature.

  15. It was when it had had a surfeit, and was likely to be choked with the turf, that it erupted, ejecting the turf violently, and at the same time shooting upward a column of boiling water and steam.

  16. A stream of hot water runs down the valley from the geysers, which are continually ejecting large volumes of it: the stream's course is indicated by the light clouds of steam that rise from it.

  17. Even now Au Printemps was in frantic eruption, its doors ejecting violently a man at each wild revolution.

  18. Ejecting the empty cartridge case, the admiral loaded all six chambers.

  19. Pressing the trigger with the second finger is a ridiculous habit and, with an automatic pistol, results in making the pistol jamb burn the first finger with the ejecting cartridges.

  20. The eyes are apt, however, to get bloodshot and sore from powder smoke blown back into them in a head wind, especially from the ejecting cartridge of an automatic pistol.

  21. The act of expelling or ejecting a fetus or an egg from the womb.

  22. The act of ejecting or casting out; discharge; expulsion; evacuation.

  23. The act of ejecting or suddenly throwing, as a fluid from a duct.

  24. The act of ejecting phlegm or mucus from the throat or lungs, by coughing, hawking, and spitting.

  25. But he has now received a trustworthy account of a young cuckoo which was actually seen, while still blind and not able even to hold up its own head, in the act of ejecting its foster-brothers.

  26. I never saw such a galoot as that pard of yours," said Seth Davis, ejecting an emphatic quid.

  27. Some species of cuttle-fish have the power of ejecting water with a good aim.

  28. The llama has a habit of ejecting its saliva, but I am not aware of the object of this singular practice.

  29. This was placed in a tub and it swam about in a lively manner by ejecting water from its funnel.

  30. The siphon is turned toward the ridged part of the shell and the animal progresses in a backward direction by forcibly ejecting water through this organ.

  31. She wisely did not argue with the nurse, but two mornings later she was discovered ejecting and secreting the seeds.

  32. It burned, a little went the wrong way and it strangled, but the joy of ejecting a series of amber projectiles was Clifford's.

  33. Lycosa) do this while young by ejecting threads of silk until the force of the wind upon them carries the spider aloft.

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