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Example sentences for "chimneys"

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  1. Howls the shrill wind round Chesney Wold; the sharp rain beats, the windows rattle, and the chimneys growl.

  2. There is iron-dust on everything; and the smoke is seen through the windows rolling heavily out of the tall chimneys to mingle with the smoke from a vaporous Babylon of other chimneys.

  3. Ludlow is an excellent example of a small English provincial town that has not been soiled and disfigured by industry: I remember there no tall chimneys and smoke-streamers, with their attendant purlieus and slums.

  4. They had puncheon floors and chimneys built of sticks and clay.

  5. There is no more fighting here, unless when some of the village urchins come out to have a tussle upon the sward, and the chimneys of the town are unmolested by hostile shot.

  6. I decided not to mention my idea of altering the chimneys and fixing up imitation gables, especially as young Bute seemed pleased with the house, which by this time we had reached.

  7. If you do succeed in reconciling her to the water, then she feels sure that the chimneys smoke; they look as if they smoked.

  8. Why--as you tell her--the chimneys are the best part of the house.

  9. St. Leonard's chimneys we can also see above the trees.

  10. The buildings seemed black spectres against the crimson sky--their fantastic pinnacles and chimneys reaching up like countless arms.

  11. The mighty chimneys rose high above the blackened building, belching great columns of curling smoke.

  12. And where are the factories, with their tall chimneys and dirty smoke?

  13. At last there loomed in the distance, enshrouded with a grey fog, a giant city--a dark maze of masts and chimneys and towers.

  14. But modern wings had been united to the old building on the left and in the rear pointed with gables, and so interspersed with chimneys that the whole mass formed a gothic exterior singular and beautiful as it was picturesque.

  15. That would be to build the chimneys before the walls.

  16. Unlined chimneys are not prohibited but the best arrangement is one in which all flues are lined with fire clay tile, joints well set in mortar, and each flue separated by a partition of brick.

  17. Where original fireplaces have been torn out and chimneys intended only to serve stoves put in place, two courses are open.

  18. Building proper chimneys and hearths was slowly evolved through the centuries.

  19. All chimneys should rest on an adequate foundation located below the frost line and both chimney and flues should adhere strictly to the perpendicular.

  20. All chimneys should rest on a solid foundation in the ground.

  21. They had never heard of aerodynamics but they knew how to construct fireplaces that would give out real heat as well as chimneys that carried the smoke where it belonged, up and out.

  22. The minimum height of chimneys above the roof line is two feet for hip, gable, or mansard roofs, and three for flat ones.

  23. Chimneys connected with open fireplaces ought to be equipped with spark arresters.

  24. Incidentally, the chimneys of an old house should be examined carefully.

  25. A number of shabby dwellings which encumbered the approach have recently been swept away; one dilapidated old building with curious circular chimneys (said to have been used as a lazar-house) alone being spared.

  26. Two-and-a-half stories high, large twin chimneys rise out of the hipped roof and three dormer windows break the front and back.

  27. The floors, mantels, much of the trim, some hardware and two chimneys are original.

  28. Three dormer windows pierce the roof, front and back, and four great chimneys rise from the gable ends.

  29. The workshop at the Chimneys would in that case not have escaped destruction.

  30. From the two posts of the Mercy and the Chimneys they watched her without giving a sign of life; but not without some emotion.

  31. The pirate's design was now only too evident: he wished to bring her broadside to bear on the Chimneys and from there to reply with shell and ball to the shot which had till then decimated her crew.

  32. Two sturdy, six-foot chimneys had been built on one side of the house, as stoves were unknown in those days.

  33. In the olden times, when the first chimneys were erected, they were so carefully built that they were less liable to smoke than the smaller ones, so that it is better to let the old one remain if possible.

  34. The exterior of the house is painted white with conventional green blinds, the chimneys following the same treatment, while the windows remain unchanged.

  35. In remodeling a house many people tear down these old chimneys for the space which may be converted into closet use and alcoves, making a smaller chimney do service.

  36. The earliest chimneys were daubed in clay, and in the masonry oak timbers were often used.

  37. There was one other distinct type, in which the fireplaces in the four corner rooms were in the outer walls, and four separate chimneys were built.

  38. There are two main chimneys opening into four fireplaces on the first floor.

  39. The chimneys were touched up wherever needed, but on the whole very few repairs were necessary.

  40. It must be remembered that the chimneys of these old houses were often six feet square and had many fireplaces opening from them.

  41. The chimneys of Filbard Hall showed for some distance above the trees of the park, for the house stood on high ground.

  42. One or more streets for a space run conterminous with it--the wall on one side, the low cottage-houses on the other, and their chimneys are below the coping.

  43. Such chimneys are not often seen on recent buildings.

  44. They have no chimneys or fireplaces in the houses, the climate being such as to make a fire unnecessary; and all their cooking is done in a small kitchen, separated from the house.

  45. And now, five years after that father's death, Ned was sharing his brother Frank's care and responsibility in keeping the great wheels turning and the great chimneys smoking in the town below.

  46. Beyond rose tier upon tier of red and brown roofs flanked on the left by the towering chimneys of the mills.

  47. Down in the valley the countless gleaming windows and the tall black chimneys showed where the mill-workers still toiled--those mill-workers whom the man had come almost to hate: it was because of them that Margaret was going!

  48. Huge chimneys had their openings in the fields overhead, and strange, indeed, did it seem to find one of these old chimneys in a wheat field with poppies and corn flowers growing in its crevices.

  49. The rough stone chimneys and foundations are lovely, I know, and will make such a beautiful support for English ivy.

  50. The dampers of ashpits and chimneys are also, in some cases, connected with machines in order to regulate their speed.

  51. It threw down several battlements and stacks of chimneys at St. James’ Palace; tore to pieces tall trees in the Park; and killed a servant in the house.

  52. Many of the large houses and tall chimneys in Manchester and Salford were built by her.

  53. A great swirl of swallows came soaring out of the big kitchen chimneys and circled in the sky, darting down again and again upward.

  54. In the background the ugly, prosaic sulphur pits, dumps and chimneys make splashes of harsh modern color in this world-old landscape.

  55. In this case the size of both chimneys was barely sufficient to vent the smoke of the lower one.

  56. It was a gloomy November day, and the tall chimneys of Barmester rose dark and dismal against the outlines of the grey sky.

  57. Within George's view at that moment might be seen high chimneys congregating in all directions, throwing out volumes of smoke and flame.

  58. It was a low but not very small building, facing the road on one side, looking to those tall chimneys and the dreary country on two of the others.

  59. You might see its chimneys but for them trees.

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