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  1. Pitt, and with them we might well include the truncated cone of Mt.

  2. Soon after passing what we now call the Umatilla Highland, they caught their first glimpse, clear-cut against the horizon of the south-west, of the bold cone of Mt.

  3. For they managed to hold back the swarm of foes until nightfall, when they reached a somewhat defensible position a few miles from the towering cone of what is now known as Steptoe Butte.

  4. At the very edge of the great precipice stands a cone of ice a hundred feet high.

  5. The adjustment should cause the presence of a greenish-white cone of flame surrounded by a larger body of burning gas, the cone starting at the mouth of the torch.

  6. The flame should be neutral, of the same size as for steel, and used with the tip of the blue-white cone just touching the work.

  7. The torch should be held so that the end of this second cone is in contact with the work, the small cone ordinarily used being kept an inch or an inch and a half from the surface of the work.

  8. The flame should be produced with a nozzle one size larger than for the same thickness of steel and the small blue-white cone should be held from one-fourth to one-half inch above the surface of the work.

  9. If the metal is one-sixteenth inch or less in thickness, the tip of the blue-white cone must be held a short distance from the surface of the work; in all other cases the tip of this cone is touched to the metal being welded.

  10. The flame is formed with an excess of acetylene such that the second cone extends about an inch, or slightly more, beyond the small blue-white point.

  11. The oxygen should be turned on until the two inner flames unite into one blue-white cone from one-fourth to one-half inch long and one-eighth to one-fourth inch in diameter.

  12. A neutral flame, from a nozzle proportioned to the thickness of the work, should be held with the point of the blue-white cone about one-eighth inch from the surface of the iron.

  13. If this single, clearly defined cone does not appear when the oxygen torch cock has been fully opened, turn off some of the acetylene until it does appear.

  14. When the lantern approached to PQ, the circle of light PQ, or the section of the cone of rays PDQ, gradually diminished, and resembled a small bright cloud, when D was close to the screen.

  15. The size of the lens C ought of course to be such that the section of its cone of rays at EF is equal to the size of the figure on the slider when C is at its greatest distance from the slider.

  16. At the foot of that cone is an extended slope of ground, covered with lofty trees, and so steep and elevated that it looks like a forest in the air, surrounded by tremendous precipices.

  17. His presence, during fall and winter, at the lower altitudes depends in large measure upon the pine-cone crop, since pine seeds are his staple, tho by no means his exclusive diet.

  18. They share also with Crossbills a strong interest in the products of fir trees, whether in cone or leaf.

  19. The heads of this committee were Daniel Sherman and Gideon Stoddard, who held their places during the entire War of the Revolution.

  20. Accordingly, on November 12th, Sherman was relieved from command and was sent to the Missouri, to drill and organize volunteers.

  21. Sherman escorted them about the camp, and then called out his troops on parade.

  22. Colonel Hicks led his regiment in the attack on Sunday, and received a wound which is feared may prove fatal.

  23. In this instance, the interior formed a single dome or cone about twenty-five feet high, well-proportioned, and diminishing till a single massive stone formed the apex.

  24. In some cases, the ear perhaps lies at the apex of a cone formed by the horn, but in others it does not lie there.

  25. In 1893 an old ram was killed on Black Butte, at the extreme eastern end of the Judith Mountains, near Cone Butte, and it is quite possible that this animal had strayed out of the bad lands on the lower Musselshell, or on the Missouri.

  26. The lynchers crowded back, they huddled against the walls in the darkness beyond that cone of dazzling light.

  27. For a shaft of light swept across the dark, a trembling cone of radiance, a dancing light on the clump of masked men who shrank aside from that shining circle, on a doorway where maskers crowded in.

  28. Following the welcome sound, we reached a scrubby ridge, where we were saluted with a whole chorus of dogs, and soon saw the dark cone of a Lapp tent.

  29. That branch of geometry which treats of the cone and the curves which arise from its sections.

  30. The basinlike opening or mouth of a volcano, through which the chief eruption comes; similarly, the mouth of a geyser, about which a cone of silica is often built up.

  31. Winding the thread around the cone he went along a wide passage in the vault.

  32. Ariadne gave Theseus the thread and the cone to wind it around.

  33. It was fastened to a cone that lay on the ground, and beside this cone was another--the clue that was to bring him back.

  34. The thread as he held it and wound it around the cone would bring him through all the windings and turnings of the labyrinth.

  35. A cone was on the ground and it had a thread fastened to it.

  36. Such is the case with the cone of Darabgerd, known as Kella Darab, apparently an imitation of a natural mound.

  37. It overcame a deception, resulting from the diminution, which makes a straight-lined cone of very steep sides appear of slightly concave outline.

  38. The elevation of the cone upon a cylindrical base was a certain advance, but its execution was such as to allow of no comparison between the monuments of the two countries.

  39. The Egyptians and the Mesopotamians rejected the cone entirely, and formed, with plane surfaces upon a square plan, the highly monumental pyramid.

  40. The cone of rammed earth was apparently not reveted with stone.

  41. The latter supports upon the cube a smaller and much lower mass of masonry, built of quarried stones, and bearing upon a doubly stepped cylindrical base a cone of concave outline, which terminates, at a height of 13.

  42. The perfectly straight outline of an inverted cone was rarely employed in Greece for the echinos; a stele of Artemis Brauronia upon the Athenian acropolis, shown by inscriptions to be of great age, is an isolated instance.

  43. After a while the sun appeared, a red ball of fire on the top cone of Canlaon.

  44. Then surmount each cone with a pink candy heart.

  45. If one cannot get fancy shapes from their caterer, use the cone shaped spoon and dish the cream in shape of cones.

  46. This with brown bread or cone pone, baked in the ashes, and good strong coffee, makes a meal in itself, and if the beans are served hot, the hungry campers feel they have had a feast fit for a king.

  47. It occurred to Weary then that a word of cheer to the Old Man and his anxious watchers might not cone amiss.

  48. Indesura, another village, or rather a district, consisting of several small settlements of cone huts thatched with grass.

  49. Of course Bukanda had been abandoned long before we reached it--the village of cone huts was at our disposal--the field of manioc also.

  50. A cone roof occupies two-thirds of the height; one-third is devoted to the height of the walls.

  51. Already there were two characteristics of pasture-land before us, the cone hut and the grass thatch.

  52. In a major step toward greater regional economic cooperation, Uruguay joined Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay in forming the Southern Cone Common Market (Mercosur).

  53. In the larvae of Staphylinidae this proleg is very long and cylindrical; in that of Cicindela it is shorter, and in shape a truncated cone rather compressed; it is very short, also, in those of the Silphae that I have seen.

  54. The corolla is saucer-shaped, bright purple, with a ring of green spots in the center, bordered with white and surrounding the bright yellow cone formed by the anthers.

  55. The flowers are white, tinged with lilac, with a purplish ring surrounding the yellow cone formed by the anthers.

  56. The upper edge of the cone may be rolled over a piece of tie wire and pasted if necessary; usually it stays in place without either sewing or pasting.

  57. Push the other end of wire through the cone from the inside and draw the knots down into the point.

  58. The innermost and smallest ring is completely lighted, and forms the origin of the cone of rays entering the image-space.

  59. The base of the cone of rays for the points of this section of the object-space is no longer a circle but a two-cornered curve which arises from the object-point by the projection of the entrance luke on the entrance pupil.

  60. Similarly there is a corresponding smallest ring in the object-space which limits the entering cone of rays.

  61. Each lead was shielded on one side; the field radiated outward, leaving a hollow cone in the center.

  62. Rising up in the center of the chamber was a squat metal cylinder, a great ugly cone of dark gray.

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