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Example sentences for "coned"

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  1. In this case a two-coned flame is produced.

  2. If the outer tube be now drawn down, a two-coned flame burns at the end of the inner tube; if the outer tube be slid up again, it detaches the outer cone and carries it upward.

  3. Smithells a two-coned flame of the kind described may be resolved into its components.

  4. The outer one r is cylindrical outside where it fits into the head, and coned in its bore to receive the second cone s, which rotates with spindle A.

  5. When the cutter is held in a socket of this kind it allows it to be set further in or out, to suit the convenience of the work in hand, which cannot be done when the cutter has a taper shank fitting into the coned bore of the machine spindles.

  6. Or if P be operated to force the coned edge of the disk out of contact with the coned bore or recess in gear O, then O will rotate while P' and P'' will remain stationary.

  7. At the front or dead centre end of this bearing there is between the spindle a sleeve enveloping the spindle, and coned at its outer end, fitting into a corresponding cone in the bore of the tailstock.

  8. A lathe centre having four cutting edges at its coned end.

  9. A, the coned point being left as large as possible, but still small enough to pass within the countersink.

  10. A device for steadying work in the lathe by supporting one end in a coned mouth.

  11. It is obvious that the radial face of the work at the cone plate end, as well as the circumference, must be trued up, so that the work end may have equal contact around the bore of the coned rings.

  12. The piece or part of a lathe that enters the coned recess of lathe work that is held between centres.

  13. The pins B and G and the coned holes should be of cast steel hardened, so as to avoid wear as much as possible.

  14. The underside of Z is flattened, and a small coned depression is made for the reception of the pointed end of the pin.

  15. It consists of a steel shaft coned at both ends running between two countersunk bearings, one of which is adjustable.

  16. But peradventure yet I shall return To dare the weeds of death, And plunge through the coned pink bloom, And cry on that spectre set In its silent ring of gloom, And stay my youth to learn The thing that my old age saith.

  17. B, of an internally tapered or coned form, and C of an externally coned form, wound on an iron wire bundle, I.

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