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slicked; slicker; slickers; slickest; slicking; slidden; slide; slided; slider; sliders
  1. A few seconds later he slid down the side of the small basin to Allen.

  2. The two riders slid their horses down the shelving bank of a wide arroyo.

  3. Toothpick queried as he slid a nervous hand to the hammer of his rifle and cast apprehensive glances into the darkness.

  4. His horse slid down the shelving side of the gulch, and once more he trotted along the trail to Black Rock.

  5. I ain't hankerin' to meet them jaspers," he grunted and hastily slid through the doors of the saloon.

  6. A couple slid up to me and ask me bluntlike who I am.

  7. To make sure of his shot Anderson slid off his pony.

  8. Allen told him briefly where he could find the letters, and Slivers slid through the darkness toward the door that led to the saddle room of the livery stable.

  9. The conductor waved his lantern, the engine snorted response, and the Limited slid majestically past the spectators.

  10. They twisted in and out of the brush, slid down banks and scrambled up sheer slides.

  11. Their horses slid into a deep wash floored with boulders.

  12. This claim was enough, and she slid into the head place in Johnson's household.

  13. But Addison slid into the Excise office, taking it as legal tender.

  14. Old Brick-Dusty climbed down to see a man in the tavern, and the Michigan contingent and Colonel Littlejourneys slid down the other side and went into Wythburn Church.

  15. Again and again he charged: and as many times slid down the smooth surface of the mirror and wounded himself upon the perilous pin-cushion.

  16. But beak and claw taking no hold upon the smooth glass, with each attack he slid struggling down to the foot of the mirror.

  17. Slowly, as if slid on wires, he was propelled forward, until a cushion of air seemed to block his further progress.

  18. We clambered into the small air-chamber; the door slid closed, just as a flash from below struck at it.

  19. I slid it in place--it would seal the trap for a time, at any rate.

  20. My foot struck the weapon; it slid away and fell down a crag into a six-foot pit.

  21. My bullet punctured one of them; he fell, slid scrambling off the rounded dome and dropped out of sight.

  22. He toyed with the weapon in loosely opened fingers again, and it slid deftly.

  23. There he waited patiently while the boy climbed up to the top rail and then slid onto his back.

  24. Presently he was led to the fence and again that heavy weight slid onto his back.

  25. So one day I climbed up the fence and slid onto Diablo's back, and he just turned his head and snorted at me.

  26. Bull ran to the corner of the shed and gaped after them until the pair slid around a corner and were gone.

  27. And she rubbed the helmet, and the shield, and the blue blade and haft of his spear with the juice of the red rowan berries, and she let a drop fall upon his face and hands, and then she slid out as silently as she came.

  28. And when he opened it the little woman slid into the room.

  29. Stanley put on "The Stars and Stripes," wound up the gramophone, and slid into his lounge chair again.

  30. And Stanley slid lower in his chair, with another chuckle.

  31. Late autumn slid gloomily into winter, and winter into spring, before she realized that he would never come.

  32. Now he sank a little farther into his chair, and, under lowered lids, his eyes slid to and fro, following his companion's march.

  33. She slid her cool fingers into the hand he started to raise in protest, and held it close against her cheek.

  34. Bat slid off the table, tore the sheets from his note book and handed the story of the Rim Rocks across to the editor.

  35. Now he slid along the trough of a bank of snow.

  36. Once here his task was easier, for the machine was on runners and slid readily over the hard-crusted snow.

  37. Cutting a hole through the snow-wall, which under the drive of the storm had grown to a surprising thickness, he crept out and slid down the hard bank, leaving no tracks behind.

  38. Garry tapped the message to him, and then he slid down the rope.

  39. Garry, rescuing his coat and rifle, slid down the tree and hailed him with the all important question as to whether he had found what they came in search of.

  40. The motor bubbled and slid off, and she put down the window.

  41. They had taken a punt, and pushed out from the hot, reeking boathouse that smelt strongly of the tar that was growing soft and viscous on its roof beneath the heat of the day, and slid down the backwater towards the river.

  42. Only the very cautious stood aside, and one by one even these slid tempted into the stream.

  43. Purslow, who was in waiting, slid into the room and took his seat, between pride and humility.

  44. He kept the lawyer in talk for a minute or two, and then, as Arthur had shrewdly calculated, the door opened and Brownjohn slid in.

  45. The rumble of the chaise and the exertions he had made began to incline him to sleep, but the cold bit into his bones, his feet were growing numb, and as often as he nodded off in his corner he slid down and awoke himself.

  46. He did not suspect that he was observed until a pair of warm young arms slid round his neck, and Betty's curls brushed his check.

  47. The clerk slid under the counter to his place.

  48. Josina repeated as firmly as before; and the hand that rested on her father's shoulder slid round his neck.

  49. He slid the rest of the way down the tree.

  50. Now the craft ran swiftly up the little bay and slid to a grating stop at a little landing at the very end of the cove.

  51. Handley slid a window open and dropped the message for Johnnie.

  52. Then suddenly, without warning, the dam had slid from its foundations, releasing the entire body of water at once.

  53. She slid for some distance, then came to rest in perfect safety.

  54. The lad who had just slid down the rope was Carl Dexter, Jimmy's old friend in the Wireless Patrol.

  55. It no longer slid through the air with its smooth, hawk-like passage.

  56. In a moment he reappeared at the window, slid out over the sill, and on down to the ladder.

  57. At the same time she slid her foot within the cabin of the plane and pulled herself, with Johnnie's help, after it.

  58. Knowing that a fleet left New Orleans every Saturday afternoon bound north, and that each would be trying to gain the lead on the other, he was afraid he would be run down, so he slid off the tree and made for shore.

  59. Then forcing a window, he slid down the convenient lightning rod like a young monkey, and was found in his usual haunt by his astonished mother some hours later.

  60. Paul slid down the tree and taking a shorter cut, was deep in his books when they entered.

  61. At Cattlettsburg, a banquet was spread on shore, of which he partook and slid back into the water.

  62. Smoke could hear the metallic strike and hack of the knife and occasional driblets of ice slid over the bulge and came down to him.

  63. One cake, forced upward, slid across their cake and carried one side of the boat away.

  64. So firm was the crust, frozen during the night after the previous day's surface-thaw, that they slid along rapidly on their skees.

  65. Warm small fingers touched his cheek and slid gently to a pressure on his lips.

  66. He heard a gasp that slid into a groan of despair, and felt a slackening of the rope that made him claw.

  67. A small pocket-knife, weighted on the end of the string, slid down the ice.

  68. Each lay in a shallow niche, but Smoke's was so shallow that, tense with the strain of flattening and sticking, nevertheless he would have slid on had it not been for the slight assistance he took from the rope.

  69. It slid along the smooth, green cloth and stopped fairly in the center of "34.

  70. The rope restrained him as he slid down a steeper pitch, which quickly eased until he came to a halt in another niche on the verge of another bulge.

  71. So l'Enfant Jesus slid down, and took a seat on the talus in front of the smithy, and St. Eloi at once neatly unscrewed the four legs of the horse and laid them down beside the enormous body.

  72. He slid out of the pack, laid it on the table and stretched.

  73. Then he wriggled, turned away quickly so that Jeff could not see his face, and slid to the floor.

  74. Suiting the action to the word, he lowered himself over the ledge, and slid down the bank to the beach.

  75. And this West very readily did, bringing to bear a whole host of arguments which slid off from Joel like water from a duck's back.

  76. That was slid back exposing the safe; and the door of the safe stood open.

  77. She closed and fastened the doors, and after glancing about the room, she removed the books in front of the wall-safe to the right of the door, slid back the movable panel, opened the safe and took out a bundle of correspondence.

  78. She looked about, with a habit of caution, and then removed a number of books from a shelf about shoulder high; she thus exposed a panel at the back of the bookcase, which she slid back.

  79. I will keep close to the shore," promised her brother, and he took a run and slid along the ice.

  80. The little bunny girl was just going to walk out on the ice, when Sammie, who had taken an extra long run, slid right off the ice and into the water.

  81. They were almost at the gate when the golden bars slid back and a tall soldier stepped out and faced them.

  82. Swiftly the raft climbed the bank of water and slid down on the other side, plunging its edge deep into the water and drenching them all with spray.

  83. The horse stopped and she slid from it, and as she was too exhausted to walk, was supported or carried into a hut, as she thought by women who seemed very much afraid of touching her, after which she seemed to sink into blackness.

  84. At this terrible sight he slid to the ground purposing to reach his gun which he had left there, and defend or kill himself, who knows which?

  85. But at last, happy in the possession of the long-desired boat, I slid downstream and, after an hour, pulled up at a crumbling old bridge on the right bank of the Thames.

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