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  1. However, without doubt that fainting fit of Master Chico's had taken away a fine lot of self confidence, for ink-horn and paper gave all the excitement he craved.

  2. The new moon seemed to rest on the very edge of the mesa above him:--the uplifted horn looked like a white flame rising from purple shadows.

  3. Nor did he play the horn for the love of God.

  4. What the people who lived underneath and above us must have thought of my first trials on the horn I do not know, nor have I any wish to know it.

  5. He is a musician who plays the horn in a most charming manner.

  6. The first who recognized what could be achieved by the horn were Mehul and Beethoven, but Weber had to be born to invent the new perfect language of this wonderful instrument, the most sensual and the most chaste.

  7. Henry; "you were as well bid me beat a glass cup with a forehammer as tap her fair palm with my horn hard fingers.

  8. Do I not see through thee, as I could see the light through the horn of a base lantern?

  9. They will proclaim me recreant with horn and war pipe.

  10. If hoof and horn meal is not dispersed through a pile it may draw flies and putrefy.

  11. Leather dust is a waste product of tanneries, similar to hoof and horn meal or tankage.

  12. To the castle-gates of some of these monsters up rides the dapper champion of the pen; puffs boldly upon the horn which hangs by the chain; enters the hall resolutely, and challenges the big tyrant sulking within.

  13. The box is but a horn one; but to the nose of sensibility Araby's perfume is not more delicate.

  14. The pebble was used as a hammer or an anvil, and the more delicate flaking was done by pressure with a piece of horn rather than by blows.

  15. The silver arrow and the captaincy are awarded to the man who makes the first gold; the silver bugle and lieutenancy to the first red; the gold medal to most hits, and a horn spoon to the last white.

  16. At Grime's Graves large numbers of deer's horns were found, which had evidently been used as picks, as is proved by the marks found in the chalk walls; and the horn had been trimmed for the purpose.

  17. At Cissbury great quantities of unfinished and defective implements were found in the work, as well as horn tools, as in Norfolk.

  18. Even as he spoke the plaintive sound of a horn was heard far away in the distance.

  19. Shure, I thought it was a big African pig wid a horn in his nose.

  20. Ye know that grate big pig wid the horn on his nose came and upset me fire, and run away wid me wardrobe?

  21. Arrah, sor, d'ye think that great pig baste wid a horn on his nose will ever bring me clane shirt back?

  22. Recollections of Manila, Santiago, and the voyage of the Oregon around Cape Horn were in the bow, and Kansas wheat, Georgia cotton, and the Steel Trust in the dulcet tones of his voice.

  23. And so the stream of life rolls on over that bridge, as over the Bridge of Mirza, never ceasing any more than the waters of the Golden Horn which roll beneath it.

  24. They cause great annoyance, and if not put an end to will eat into the horn of the beak, and cause inflammation and other serious mischief.

  25. Though not from copse, or heath, or cairn, Start at my whistle clansmen stern, Of this small horn one feeble blast Would fearful odds against thee cast.

  26. But scarce again his horn he wound, When lo!

  27. Then through the dell his horn resounds, From vain pursuit to call the hounds.

  28. He bade that all should ready be To grace a guest of fair degree; But light I held his prophecy, And deemed it was my father's horn Whose echoes o'er the lake were borne.

  29. Merry it is in the good greenwood, When the mavis and merle are singing, When the deer sweeps by, and the hounds are in cry, And the hunter's horn is ringing.

  30. One blast upon his bugle-horn Were worth a thousand men.

  31. He was now in his gayest mood, and holding a horn in his hand, trolled forth an old French ditty, seeming confident of pleasing, or perhaps careless whether he pleased or not.

  32. He brought with him an ibex-horn still stained with blood, and a branch of juniper, straight enough to make an excellent walking-stick.

  33. The scarlet jackets of huntsman and whips move about in the distance, directing the tufters by horn and voice.

  34. Joe's horn, reechoed by an asthmatical effort in the same direction, on the part of the worthy master, who blows as if his horn was full of dirt.

  35. The horn out of which Thor tried to drink was connected with the ocean, which was lowered a few inches by his tremendous draughts.

  36. He has a horn called the Gjallar-horn, which is heard throughout the universe.

  37. The Chinese are very skilful in working horn and ivory.

  38. Vivier, the French musician, who played the horn so wonderfully the other night at the Winter Palace, and afterwards entertained us so much with his conversation?

  39. The sound of a motor horn interrupted her reverie, and she saw that a big open car, with a green body, had turned the corner and was about to stop at her door.

  40. Was this the reason of Vetch's influence and authority--this flow of ideas, as from a horn of plenty, that left the listener both charmed and bewildered?

  41. Old Astley, one evening, when his band was playing an overture, went up to the horn players, and asked why they were not playing?

  42. Unless a well-constructed dehorning rack is available for confining the animals, there is danger of injuring them and it is very difficult to saw off the horn quickly and satisfactorily.

  43. Any condition that tends to prevent the hoof from taking up moisture, or causes it to lose moisture, may cause the horn to lose flexibility and contract.

  44. The horn should be cut off at a point from one-quarter to one-half an inch below the hair line or skin.

  45. Photograph of model of uterus of cow containing a foetus: foetus; umbilical cord; placenta; horn containing foetus; and opposite horn.

  46. If this is not practised, an irregular horn growth or stub of horn develops.

  47. The horn buttons of calves from a few days to one week of age can be destroyed, and the growth of the horn prevented by applying caustic soda or potash to them.

  48. This increases the pain that the animal suffers, and horn stubs soon develop.

  49. In the dry corn we find the horn stained and infiltrated with blood.

  50. The opening at the base of the horn communicates directly with the frontal sinus, a large cavity situated between the two plates of the frontal bone.

  51. Though they have brought back no buffalo meat a twenty pound turkey "gobbler" has been all day dangling at the horn of Hawkins' saddle--enough for a plentiful repast.

  52. There, crouching down by the side of a flat stone, he pours some gunpowder upon it, from a horn taken out of his pocket.

  53. Perhaps, a stricken stag, a prong-horn antelope, or a wild horse crippled by some mischance due to his headlong nature?

  54. He has a tin canteen hanging over the horn of his saddle, which he lifts off.

  55. Perhaps collected around some animal they have hunted down, and killed--possibly a prong-horn antelope?

  56. The passage out to Port Philip should be made easily in 36 days, and home by Cape Horn in the same time.

  57. The horn was hollow, and on the thin end was a primitive teat of linen, through which the baby was drawing the milk poured in at the top of this novel feeding-bottle.

  58. They are handsome, but heavy, for the ordinary elk horn is far more ponderous in shape and weight and equal in width to a Scotch Royal.

  59. A Finnish hall, besides its elk-horn decorations, is somewhat of a curiosity.

  60. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "horn" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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