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  1. Hormones Another important point to be borne in mind is the intimate correlation that exists between the reproductive organs and the general appearance of the organism, more especially of the secondary sexual characters.

  2. The evidence upon which the doctrine of hormones is based is admirably summarised in the above-quoted paper by Cunningham.

  3. Phenomena such as these seem to suggest that in some cases the bright colours of the male may be pathological, that the hormones which the male sexual cells secrete may exercise an injurious effect on the somatic or body tissues.

  4. The tendency to develop in a certain direction is there, but something else, such as the secretion of hormones from the sexual cells, is frequently necessary to enable a given tendency to fully develop itself.

  5. The hormones (see page 61) in each individual body pour from one organ and affect another, and thus influence the whole character of the individual's life processes.

  6. The facts concerning the action of hormones are beyond the scope of current conceptions of the action of factors or genes localised in the gametes and particularly in the chromosomes.

  7. Two other methods are conceivable by which the influence of somatic hormones might be evident.

  8. In this case the habits and the stimuli which they involve will be common to both sexes, and the hormones given off by the hypertrophied tissues will act upon the corresponding determinants in the gametocytes.

  9. The altered hormones will circulate in the blood and bathe the growing and maturing genital cells.

  10. Theory supposes that somatic modifications by means of hormones affect the determinants in the gametes.

  11. This is therefore the kind of organ which would be expected to be affected by hormones from the generative organs.

  12. In the adult stage activity of the legs produces hormones which influence the same determinants in the gametes to develop legs, but again in the presence of the different hormones which are present in the body generally in the adult stage.

  13. This seems to imply a serious misunderstanding of the idea of the action of the hormones from the gonads and of hormones in general.

  14. The hormone theory only postulates such influence from hormones issuing from tissues modified by external stimuli.

  15. Last time I tested all the normal hormones were present.

  16. Is that also true of hormones concentrated from blood donations?

  17. She lacked male hormones and the bodily processes were out of control, upset, running away with themselves.

  18. In Maureen's case every function began to be disturbed after the supply of hormones was cut off.

  19. There must be some way to extract the hormones you need from the bloodstream.

  20. These substances which are now called internal secretions or hormones develop gradually during embryonic development.

  21. It should be added, however, that this result cannot at present be generalized, since in the hermaphrodites the specific hormones of both sexes must circulate without suppressing each other's efficiency.

  22. More Tracers in Animal Nutrition Research Female hormones in microgram amounts[1] accelerate fattening of cattle and sheep.

  23. On account of the mutual tolerance of goat and human hormones the goat gland speedily attaches a blood supply in the human body, and cell by cell is replaced so that it soon functions as the original gland would had it been present and normal.

  24. We use the whole goat gland, as a rule, because we do not know in what part of it the hormones hide.

  25. We still know less about the causes of hormones than the effects.

  26. In other words, the hormones of goat and man agree.

  27. Hormones are similar in type to the ethereal salts, or esters, which constitute the natural essential oils that develop in many plants at this stage of their growth.

  28. In time, hormones began to disappear from the picture, whereas enzymes were given a billing parallel to that accorded to the microbial component.

  29. For some reason, hormones were attracting attention at the time, and so most starters were supposedly laced with hormones.

  30. Although principally a source of nitrogen, I reason that there are other nutritional substances like growth hormones or complex organic "phytamins" in blood meal.

  31. For we know that anything that will upset- -reduce or increase--the hormones is a matter intimately concerned with health.

  32. It seems that few ordinary drugs approach in their effects on metabolism the hormones of the thyroid.

  33. These various hormones or chemical controllers in the blood interact in a nicely balanced chemical system.

  34. The hormones (endocrine or internal secretions) do not come from the ductless glands alone--but the liver and other glands contribute hormones to the blood stream, in addition to their other functions.

  35. After castration, the hormones being absent, all these points of contrast between the sexes fail to appear.

  36. First, the male sex hormones have not the instability nor cyclic rhythmicity of the female.

  37. The hormones reply to every call of life and respond in every reaction.

  38. The female's various emulsions of coyness and display are motivated by posterior pituitary and gonad hormones in alliance.

  39. In persons afflicted with uncontrollable impulses, the inhibiting hormones may not be present in sufficient quantity.

  40. In short, we must regard the individual as an immensely complicated pattern of designs traced by the hormones as the primary etchers of his development.

  41. Periodic seasonal and critical fluctuations in the equilibrium among the hormones will have to be taken into account in the explanation of what have hitherto been put down to laziness, naughtiness, stupidity, or obstinacy.

  42. In addition, the brain cells themselves are excited or depressed by the new hormones bathing them.

  43. Natural disability must vary similarly with a perversion or improper mixture, deficiency or absence of the hormones that combine in natural ability.

  44. These traits appear only when the hormones occur which are present in one sex and that only when the gonads of that sex are mature.

  45. The chemical isolation of the hormones is, of course, of interest but may not be as vital to organotherapy as we have thought.

  46. The activities of the ductless glands and their hormones equally serve both ends in ways that cannot be distinguished.

  47. Since the importance of hormones (internal secretions) in the body became known, it has often been suggested that their action may furnish the clue to some sort of an inheritance of modifications.

  48. Among academic larvæ you have for centuries absorbed the almost undivided interest of the nest, and not without reason, for the very life of the workers depends on the hormones you secrete.

  49. It is not too much to say that the discovery of hormones has changed the whole of physiology.

  50. They grew native plants and extracted hormones in crude little chemical plants.

  51. Only the valuable plant hormones from Mars made commerce possible at the ridiculously high freight rate.

  52. The hormones were traded to the big chemical plants for a pittance to buy what had to come from Earth.

  53. Thus far we have spoken of hormones only in connection with their ability to excite those nerve cells by which smooth muscles and glands are controlled.

  54. One of the hormones is interesting in connection with the relation of emotions to smooth muscle and gland activity.

  55. When these hormones are at high levels in the blood, the person often feels very good, has a sense of well-being.

  56. Other amino acids help my body manufacture growth hormones and I use them from the time I begin training seriously in spring through the end of the summer triathlon competition season.

  57. But Elsie did not wish to eliminate her ability to have children and preferred not to risk throwing her hormones off balance.

  58. The adrenals tire, becoming incapable of dumping massive amounts of stress-handling hormones or of repeating that effort time after time without considerable rest in between.

  59. Generally weak adrenals causes this because the adrenal's job is to produce hormones that reduce inflammation.

  60. She was able to stop taking synthetic thyroid hormones and instead, supported her endocrine system with protomorphogens.

  61. This leaf might perhaps elaborate the necessary hormones or enzymes for wound repair purposes--and also for conducting polarity of sap movement toward maintenance of that scion and leaf.

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