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elided; eligibility; eligible; eligibles; eligibly; eliminated; eliminates; eliminating; elimination; eliminations
  1. We should try to eliminate the stereo-type attitudes about, and suspicion of, communism.

  2. They will seek to eliminate conflict in their international economic policies and will encourage economic collaboration between any or all of them.

  3. Federal urban renewal has opened rich veins of public money for graft, corruption, and political vote buying; and it is destroying private property rights under the pretext that clearing slums will eliminate the causes of crime.

  4. The only way to cut it out is to eliminate the income-tax system which spawned it.

  5. From certain facts and certain experiments he concluded that the reciprocal influence of microbes might be utilised to attenuate or to eliminate the noxious action of some of them.

  6. We must therefore modify present customs and eliminate those extremes of wealth and poverty which now bring us so many evils.

  7. This, it would seem, should have sufficed to eliminate the Waīcuri from the Yuman stock.

  8. Would economic democracy eliminate or enforce the doctrine of stewardship?

  9. If we could eliminate the monopoly elements and the capacity to levy tribute, would there be much danger in the remainder?

  10. When we “overcome evil with good,” we eliminate it.

  11. From time to time you may play for people the pieces you have mastered, but take good care to go over them afterward--the difficult places slowly--in order to eliminate any slight errors or unevenness that may have crept in.

  12. To eliminate this you need, first of all, a loose wrist.

  13. That night I put all the poorest dogs in one team and began to eliminate and feed them to the others, as it became necessary.

  14. It would, practically speaking, be impossible to eliminate all influence on the part of the government protecting and closely in material contact with the Roman Curia.

  15. Some subjects, however, to a peculiar degree eliminate authority, basing conclusions mainly on reason.

  16. Such comparisons continually review original facts, and in that way eliminate much customary drill.

  17. It tends to eliminate misguided effort, and to check other action until its object is found to be worthy.

  18. But I believe that these solutions are equally absorbed, both heavy and weak, and that the purging or diuretic effect depends mainly on the quantity of the salt, as the kidneys will not eliminate beyond a certain amount of it.

  19. It is only in special cases, or when there is a fault in the normal formation of urine, that the skin is called upon to eliminate materials from the blood.

  20. After scarlatina, when the kidneys are suddenly called upon to eliminate a morbid material from the blood, congestion of the glands may be caused: the urine is diminished, and dropsy results.

  21. They may eliminate a poison or morbid material, and thus resolve a disease.

  22. Tincture of Cantharides and Acetate of Potash, both diuretics, have been employed in Lepra to eliminate the materies morbi from the blood into the urine, and have sometimes appeared to succeed in so doing.

  23. By their aid we may be enabled to eliminate from the blood a morbid material through the glands; or we may do great good by restoring a secretion when unnaturally suppressed.

  24. When a Diuretic is required to eliminate fluid from the system, the dose should not be much diluted with water; this should only be done when we desire to eliminate solids from the blood.

  25. The idea that diseases are to be cured by assisting nature to eliminate from the system the morbid material, is probably as old as medicine.

  26. Shall we not find a way to eliminate disease, to control the increase of population, to find in plastic organization a substitute for revolution?

  27. A society recruited by such a test will be devoid of artists and poets, may finally eliminate all but fact-gathering dryasdusts, and so end deservedly in nothing.

  28. It is evidently most important to eliminate those which are worthless, and to ascertain the amount of correct observation represented by those which are left.

  29. The most common device is that of referring the bills to committees, which can practically eliminate those that have no serious chance of success, and can amend others, putting them into a more acceptable form.

  30. But all kinds of influences will tend to eliminate flesh from the dietary of the new age.

  31. Leaders took it up and showed it to them; and in the last ten years we have had a great movement to eliminate corporate and money control in politics.

  32. By making them subject to recall, you eliminate all independence and courage in your officers.

  33. It was their aim to eliminate what they conceived to be the new and false and bring the government back to old and established principles which the Revolutionary movement had for the time being discredited.

  34. A new Federal constitution might be framed which would eliminate the whole system of checks on the people and provide for direct ratification by a majority of the voters, as has already been done in the case of most of our state constitutions.

  35. Their aim and purpose was not to secure a larger measure of democracy, but to eliminate as far as possible the direct influence of the people on legislation and public policy.

  36. Builders of flying machines, for several years, sought to eliminate the very thing which gives energy to a horizontally-movable body, namely, momentum.

  37. In milk the lactic-acid bacteria and peptonising organisms grow together; in ripening cheese the former eliminate the latter.

  38. The possible use of oil flotation to eliminate foreign mineral matter.

  39. To modify the laws so as to eliminate conflict in mining practice in cases where the coal is associated with oil and gas pools.

  40. The physiographer studies the surface forms with a trained eye, which sees them not as lawless or heterogeneous units but as parts of a topographic system, and he is able to eliminate much unnecessary work in the location of trial routes.

  41. The identification and draining of these clay layers may eliminate this cause.

  42. During the war there was considerable development of the low-grade English ores, but this does not eliminate the necessity for importing high-grade ores for mixture.

  43. This procedure does not eliminate the economic geologist; for when the development fails at any point, or new and unexpected conditions are met, the geologist is likely to be called in.

  44. The student in his preparation cannot afford to eliminate any of them on the ground that they are merely "scientific" or "academic" or "theoretical.

  45. Presumably it will never be possible to frame laws with such full knowledge of nature's facts as to eliminate the necessity for scientific advice in their interpretation.

  46. Coming to the geologic phases of the problem, the first step is to eliminate great areas of rock which are known never to contain iron ore, like the granite areas and the quartzite and limestone areas.

  47. For taxation purposes, therefore, it is not uncommon to adopt purely arbitrary or empirical methods which eliminate the element of judgment, and which often result in valuations quite different from those used commercially.

  48. In Oratorio, since action is absent, we feel this particular incongruity less, for we manage mentally to eliminate time; but few will be found to defend the oratorio as a form of aesthetic expression.

  49. Moreover he receives training in the process, and is the more ready to eliminate for himself; to appreciate natural beauty of a complex order.

  50. It is safe also to eliminate Philadelphia or New York if these should be written, providing you mentioned these names in the directions, and that the test is not being given in their section of the country.

  51. She knew she was never at her best in his company; he made her nervous, shy, and schoolgirlish, and so modest that she seemed to be longing to ooze away, to eliminate herself altogether.

  52. It's impossible to enjoy the present or the future if you eliminate the past entirely, as the so-called Futurists wish to do.

  53. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "eliminate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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