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  1. Abolish torture on the track and let the best horse win.

  2. I think it would be a thousand times better to abolish all oaths in courts of justice.

  3. These criticisms, indeed, seemed somewhat justified in the events which happened almost immediately, for the news was brought that the Emperor still continued to abolish convents and to confiscate their property.

  4. Efforts were made to abolish clerical celibacy, to establish a new ritual, to inflate Catholic doctrine with a certain heretical mysticism, to destroy Catholic devotion and loyalty by means of Rongeism.

  5. Abolish the law--that is abolish privilege,--and crime will abolish itself.

  6. Now the power plainly exists in the Constitution; it is to abolish Slavery, and it is for Congress in its discretion to select the means.

  7. If you abolish the private owner, I admit you abolish a very complex and clumsy way of getting businesses run, land controlled and things in general administered, but you don't get rid of the need of administration, you know.

  8. No class will abolish itself, materially alter its way of life, or drastically reconstruct itself, albeit no class is indisposed to co-operate in the unlimited socialisation of any other class.

  9. Abolish landlordism if you will, I said, buy it out, but do not drive it to a defensive fight, and leave it still sufficiently strong and wealthy to become a malcontent element in your state.

  10. No man can abolish his immediate self and specialise in the depths; if he attempt that, he simply turns himself into something a little less than the common man.

  11. Cortes to abolish the Salic law and to restore the old Castilian succession.

  12. Latin, Franklin learns, 71; wants to abolish the study of, 72.

  13. He found an old pamphlet written during Franklin's very heated controversy with the proprietary party in Pennsylvania when the attempt was made to abolish the proprietorship of the Penn family and make the colony a royal province.

  14. He wished to entirely abolish Latin and Greek.

  15. Mr. Gladstone brought in a Bill to abolish compulsory Church rates, and that was carried.

  16. The majority wanted to abolish the Court of Chancery without providing a substitute, and to abolish tithes without providing any other means for the support of the clergy.

  17. Some proposed to abolish the memory of the Caesars, and level their temples with the ground.

  18. He often talked of the lawyers as if he intended to abolish their profession.

  19. It was necessary to secure complete freedom for the colonies, to abolish the old relation of ascendancy and subordination, and it was necessary to develop new ties and new instruments of co-operation.

  20. He had always been an anti-slavery man, but his own wishes did not give him the right to abolish slavery.

  21. And if the bishops could not abolish the papacy, still less could they reform themselves.

  22. An argumentative person may stop us here and ask, "Are you of opinion that it is possible to abolish warfare?

  23. Our race has outgrown so many forms of brutality, so many deliberate changes have taken place in the course of even two thousand years, that the final change which shall abolish war is almost certain to come.

  24. GOD to abolish those euill lawes, which king William (a prince nothing friendly to the English nation) had first ordeined, and to bring in other more easie and tollerable.

  25. I know that if I had anything to say in the matter I should abolish the Cadet Colleges.

  26. We are unanimous in wanting to abolish the military college.

  27. It is the chief mercy of God to the world, next to His providing salvation for it, that this conscience is left to it, this sense of wrong, and the will and struggle to abolish the wrong.

  28. It was proposed to abolish these stations, so that the Indians might, to the great saving of transport, bring in their furs themselves, to Montreal.

  29. They reported against any attempt being made to abolish the seigniorial tenure, or change any of the institutions of the country, the continuance of which was granted by the capitulations of the colony.

  30. It points directly to Massachusetts as inexcusable for not doing her best to restrain and abolish slavery everywhere within the reach of her laws or her influence.

  31. As a result, a strong movement has been instituted to abolish the saloon.

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