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Example sentences for "chuck"

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  1. Other friends, Johnny Chuck and Striped Chipmunk and Grandfather Frog for instance, retire and sleep all through the cold weather.

  2. If Johnny Chuck should ever see him digging, Johnny would die of envy.

  3. Sitting up in pain he blinked at the stocking-bomb and then at the plane and shouted: "Nah chuck us yer blinkin' boots dahn!

  4. You're worn to the edge, Andy, better chuck the whole thing and come off for a vacation with me.

  5. I didn't know just where the place was; but chuck the trunks at Lentwell, I'll send for them.

  6. Filled you chuck full of wonder and mystery, made you lie awake nights, and sometimes swelled you all up, wantin’ to be good.

  7. I never looked up that it wa’n’t chuck full of people wantin’ him.

  8. To chuck an accomplished envoy into the river would have been much; but to chuck the immortal poet there, laurels and all, in the teeth of the amazement of posterity, would have been a temptation irresistible.

  9. These pieces need not extend clear to the centre, but may leave an open square as shown, because the centre of a large chuck rarely requires to be used.

  10. Now suppose it is required to shape or surface the faces f and f', the round curve S and the hollow curve C of the piece of work shown held in a vice chuck in Fig.

  11. It should then be turned round on the chuck to bore it, and face the other side.

  12. The half-circular disks R fit this cone and are held to the body of the chuck by four bolts N, which are adjusted to admit disks R to move without undue friction.

  13. B is the body of the chuck driven on an arbor A.

  14. This principle of moving the jaws radially by means of a cone sliding upon a cone is applied in numerous ways, thus sometimes the jaws are provided with wings that slide upon a cone or in slide ways that are at an angle to the chuck axis.

  15. It is simply a plate of the form shown in the figure, having two flat and true surfaces, one at a right angle to the other; one of these surfaces bolts to the chuck plate, while the other is to fasten the work on.

  16. The chuck or face plate of the lathe, for turning the piece, must be of smaller diameter than the pinion, so that it will permit access to a tool applied on both sides, so as to strike the pitch circle on both sides.

  17. But in the case of the opening or expanding chuck, the reverse is the case, and the chuck is at its smallest diameter (the splits l being at their closest) when the chuck is removed from the lathe, as is obviously necessary.

  18. For F and the pin I we chuck the work on the angle plate, as shown in the plan view, Fig.

  19. P, P, the pressure of the latter will bend the work as denoted by the dotted lines, and the chuck plate in the opposite direction, and in this case the work being weaker than the chuck plate will bend the most.

  20. Haviland did say he'd chuck it," replied Medlicott.

  21. I wish he'd chuck that confounded egg-hunting, at any rate for this term," said Laughton.

  22. Your poor mother has nothing but her small fixed income, and you haven't a farthing to chuck away on what you call chances.

  23. As I am a Christian man, if my lord were alive this day, I think I could tie a stone round the boy's neck and chuck him into the Fleet Ditch at Holborn Bridge.

  24. I'll give it up if you'll chuck the parson.

  25. If you chuck him, he'll soon get over it; if you chuck me, I shan't.

  26. Chuck your expedition across the lake to-morrow, and let's go on to Zermatt now instead of a week or so later.

  27. The chuck wagon was right there at the ranch, that is, I was the chuck wagon.

  28. But if they were goin' to take the cattle off, they would have a chuck wagon.

  29. Now on the Wallace ranch, they would always take a chuck wagon.

  30. Now chuck off this presentiment, my Hazel.

  31. As Herbie started off after Chuck a merry chase followed which the other boys enjoyed, at times holding Chuck until Herbie was almost upon him and then letting him go, only to catch Herbie and hold him in turn.

  32. Chuck now turned on the lights and Linn exclaimed: "Where on earth did she ever come from?

  33. Chuck gave a puff and blew out six candles which tied Linn's score.

  34. Keep perfectly still," whispered Chuck in Fat's ear, as Hopie drew near, then as he paused before Fat and placed the stem upon his head the boys broke into shouts of laughter.

  35. Chuck now left the room, returning a moment later with a huge pumpkin which he placed on a chair in the corner.

  36. It's very easy," answered Chuck with a grin.

  37. Chuck from his corner by the fireplace, at which Reddy laughed.

  38. Reddy now chose a pink and white wind mill, Chuck a pony.

  39. That means if you're stingy no one will care when you're gone," explained Linn, at which Chuck laughed with the others.

  40. As all were now ready, Chuck led the queer looking party of long-eared figures into the library where they were met by Father and Mother Brown dressed in black gowns with tall witches' caps on their heads.

  41. Oh, chuck them away,” said his friend, “or give them to a porter.

  42. Then let’s chuck the whole subject,” said David.

  43. But I bet you can’t chuck a snowball right across the quad.

  44. We come round 'ere ter give yer a chuck up, Pincher.

  45. Between them they soon covered Uncle Jerry Chuck with a thick coat of the black paint.

  46. XIII A JOKE ON UNCLE JERRY Well, the third day Uncle Jerry Chuck once more climbed to the top of the big rock to take his nap in the sun.

  47. It will be a long time before you have another chance to be a sentinel and listen for danger," Uncle Jerry Chuck told him.

  48. And while he was wondering whether he would just waken Billy, or play some trick on him, he saw Uncle Jerry Chuck come puffing up the hill and go to Billy and give him a good, hard shake.

  49. You see, old Uncle Jerry Chuck was a sly old gentleman.

  50. At last Uncle Jerry Chuck opened his eyes and slowly rose to his feet and stretched himself.

  51. XI BILLY ASKS FOR PAY The next day, at the same hour, Uncle Jerry Chuck went to the big rock.

  52. So Uncle Jerry Chuck went to sleep on top of the big rock.

  53. Here, chuck it, Percy; somebody might come in.

  54. I say, you didn't think I meant to chuck you out, did you?

  55. You'll have to give me up as a bad job, and chuck me into gaol for the theft of Cremer's play.

  56. If you and I can't think of something to clear the weather, I shall have to chuck the army.

  57. This darned fool brute--chuck it, you blighter!

  58. The Honours List will be out in a month, and I can easily chuck it.

  59. Billing offered to buy the ships, and meant to buy them, undoubtedly; but Cole says that if you took Billing into court, the judge would chuck his pen in your eye.

  60. Why chuck away two thousand a year for six thousand cash?

  61. With any one else I would chuck the whole game, but with you it is different.

  62. I believe I'll chuck the whole business and leave New York.

  63. I'll chuck the 'ole thing, and damned lively, too.

  64. Seven cities chuck full of gold, they had it, and Coronado and his men came up to hunt it.

  65. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "chuck" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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