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  1. I suppose he means by that, as we are not contestants, we have no right to interfere with their attempts to steal the gyroscope attachment for themselves," exclaimed Frank.

  2. It would serve them right for the mean trick they tried to play on us by attempting to steal the gyroscope plans if we were to enter in the race at the last moment and be the Planet's dark horses.

  3. The next instant his suspicions were confirmed by hearing the voice of the first comer snap out: "Which one of you has got them gyroscope plans?

  4. I don't want any strangers poking around here, especially with the plans of my new gyroscope lying in plain view.

  5. Of course, I could locate him by means of the gyroscope settings, but I'm afraid I wouldn't find him so easily visually.

  6. After eating, he went to the control room and found that every gyroscope in the place had been thrown out of place by the attractions they had passed through.

  7. I've got some great news--simply great, and your gyroscope can wait, dad.

  8. But then it's no wonder for my head is so full of my new gyroscope plans.

  9. Then he once more bent over his gyroscope model, while Tom and Mr. Damon hurried in to write the letter to the African missionary.

  10. Suppose the electric power that spins the gyroscope goes back on you?

  11. At various points sidings will be constructed with low walls, just high enough to receive the cars when their gyroscope equilibrium ceases.

  12. The first question that the average man asks when he sees a gyroscope is: "Well, this thing may be all right when it is in motion, but how the deuce is it going to support itself when it is standing still?

  13. And the gyroscope demands no overhead construction of any sort.

  14. The first model of gyroscope car showed its ability to navigate easily the full length of a piece of crooked gas-pipe, laid in rough semblance of a track.

  15. It will be a part that will receive less and less attention as folk begin to realize how little dependent the gyroscope car is upon the old laws of gravity.

  16. For there is a gyroscope car already--in fact, several of them.

  17. From a top revolving in a frame at any angle he had evolved the gyroscope car, the one thing required for the successful development of the mono-rail.

  18. All of these mono-rail roads will become applicable to the gyroscope when that wondrous man-toy becomes a man-tool.

  19. When To-morrow finally comes and the gyroscope car is in its own, provision will be made on all through mono-rail routes against just such an emergency.

  20. What is called the gyroscope governor, for steam-engines, introduced by Alban Anderson in 1858.

  21. The gyroscope can be placed on the knob, and while the disc is revolving the outer ring can be placed at any angle, and will remain stationary.

  22. Already an Australian inventor, called Roberts, has applied the gyroscope to the aeroplane in order to solve the problem of making it balance automatically.

  23. The gyroscope is driven by electricity, and controlled by a pendulum which swings right or left, according to the tilt of the aeroplane.

  24. He believes that it is mathematically demonstrable that if an elastic gyroscope be gradually tilted by some extraneous force, and if that force then ceases to act, the gyroscope as a whole will oscillate back and forth.

  25. The gyroscope which was depended on to keep the airship on a level keel at all times, or at least to bring her back to it if she were thrown to a dangerous angle, had been set in motion as soon as the start was made.

  26. The gyroscope equilibrizer must have broken.

  27. That ought to throw her nearly on her beams' end, and we'll see how the gyroscope works.

  28. When my gyroscope worked fairly well, I presume Lieutenant Larson was professionally jealous.

  29. So I put a gyroscope on my airship, and I found that it kept the machine in a state of equilibrium no matter what position we were forced to take by reason of adverse currents.

  30. I am going to incorporate in her my gyroscope equilibrizer, or stabilizer, as you suggested.

  31. The gyroscope stabilizer worked to perfection under the most disadvantageous conditions.

  32. We could not possible do it were it not for the gyroscope stabilizer," declared Lieutenant McBride.

  33. Now we'll give the gyroscope stabilizer a test!

  34. The engine is not as badly smashed as I expected, but it will take some time to examine and test the gyroscope attachment.

  35. No, that gyroscope began to act wrong before we started to fall," went on the helper.

  36. My gyroscope attachment is a total wreck, and it will cost money to build a new one.

  37. The gyroscope stabilizer worked well, and as it was automatic, there was no need of warping the wing tips, or of using the alerons, which were provided in case of emergency.

  38. So easy was the motion of the Abaris, and so evenly and smoothly did she glide along, due to the automatic action of the gyroscope stabilizer, that it really seemed as if they were standing still--floating between heaven and earth.

  39. The squat gyroscope had been planned for safety, rather than making mileage records.

  40. Instead, they had built a sort of tower inclosure out of which the strange new gyroscope was to take its flight.

  41. And the Wiljohn Works needed the uplift of that gyroscope success, had banked on it.

  42. No time for any rest for himself, no time for any preliminary testing of the splendid new gyroscope plane fresh from the skids of the Wiljohn factory.

  43. It's the position of balance that I've been working for," went on Hal, setting the little plane on his open palm and spinning the miniature gyroscope with a motion of his other hand.

  44. There was also a yellow slip of telegraphic paper bearing him congratulations and word that his gyroscope had won the Onheim Prize.

  45. The gyroscope was rising, slowly, not straightly as it should.

  46. Had he caught the vision of what the gyroscope could do in the way of taking off and landing on a mere roof top?

  47. Continually, the principal features of both the Wind Bird monoplane and the strange rotor-bladed gyroscope were given try-outs on dog planes, as the test planes were dubbed.

  48. This gyroscope idea is all your own, you have worked it out well in model.

  49. Nobody'd be interested in the gyroscope anymore.

  50. Within this restricted tower is man's latest achievement, a gyroscope on a Wiljohn-Dane plane.

  51. The steering equipment was almost ready, only the installation of the left gyroscope was necessary.

  52. The gyroscope was eased into place and tested.

  53. But I can remedy that with the use of some of dad's gyroscope stabilizers," he told Mr. Damon.

  54. The basis of the mechanical pilot is a gyroscope that controls pistons connected with the rudder and elevators of the plane.

  55. It can then be used to illustrate Poinsot's theory of the motion of a body under no force, the gyroscope being made kinetically unsymmetrical by a setting of the screws.

  56. A refers to rod and gyroscope about the transverse axis at the point of support, C' refers to rod about its axis of length, and C refers to the revolving fly-wheel.

  57. Theory of Foucault's Gyroscope Experiments, by the Rev.

  58. An experimental verification can be carried out with the gyroscope in fig.

  59. For a complete list of the mathematical works on the subject of the Gyroscope and Gyrostat from the outset, Professor Cayley's Report to the British Association (1862) on the Progress of Dynamics should be consulted.

  60. To demonstrate the rotation of the earth by the constancy in direction of the axis of a gyroscope is a suggestion that has often been made; by E.

  61. Bennie rotated the map under the gyroscope until the fine black line on the dial again lay across their destination.

  62. As it emerges from the tube the engines are set going automatically and likewise the gyroscope which steers it, after which it continues to proceed in a straight line, soon seeking and maintaining the desired depth.

  63. Another feature is the gyroscope compass, to which a passing reference has already been made.

  64. The fundamental principle of the gyroscope lies in the resistance which a flywheel in rapid motion presents to any change of direction in the axis of rotation.

  65. Another important use of the gyroscope is found in its relation to the vertical and horizontal steering gear of the naval torpedo, especially the Whitehead pattern.

  66. One of the most successful of the recent applications of the gyroscope is in its connection with the marine compass.

  67. The gyroscope has been utilized to give steadiness to vessels in rough seas, and Sperry has made considerable progress in this country in applying it to give stability to an aeroplane.

  68. The vertical rudder is controlled by a gyroscope which turns it this way or that according as the torpedo tends to veer off its course.

  69. Once the gyroscope is set spinning with its axis pointing to the North Pole of the heavens it will continue to point in that direction no matter how devious a course the vessel may pursue.

  70. But, fortunately, the gyroscope may be used as a compass and it is in no way affected by magnetism.

  71. The ship had to roll some before the gyroscope exerted its corrective forces.

  72. To do so it would have to swing around the other point of support as a center; in other words, the plane of rotation would have to be turned angularly and such a motion the gyroscope resists.

  73. The ordinary magnetic compass will not operate when entirely incased in steel as it is in the hull of the submarine and so a gyroscope compass has to be used instead.

  74. If stabilized with a gyroscope, practically all this wasted horsepower would be saved at the expense of a very small amount of power used in keeping the gyroscope spinning.

  75. If the wheel is clamped so that it cannot precess, the vessel will roll and pitch, but the instant the gyroscope is released it exerts its wonderful powers.

  76. Schlick utilized the gyroscope to prevent ships from rolling.

  77. It was in this decade that the gyroscope emerged from the laboratory and toy shop and began to be applied to practical uses.

  78. It was a close thing, requiring delicate maneuvering, and only an auto-gyroscope could have made it without crashing.

  79. Standing there on the bleak hillside, watching the auto-gyroscope run ahead for a few yards and then take the air, Talbot experienced a feeling of desolation.

  80. An auto-gyroscope could land you all right.

  81. It doesn't amount to anything, though I'm sorry now I didn't take my father's advice and bring the gyroscope rudder along.

  82. Of course you kept the gyroscope rudder feature?

  83. Tom admitted to his father that a mistake had been made in not installing the gyroscope rudder.

  84. And for holding the boat steady, if you have to make a sudden turn under water, to avoid an obstruction you come upon unexpectedly, a gyroscope can't be improved on.

  85. There's nothing like the gyroscope rudder in a tight pinch--say when there's a storm.

  86. If there is any blame it attaches to me for not installing the gyroscope rudder.

  87. Above the continuous roar of the engine and propeller Norton indicated to Kennedy the automatic balancing of the gyroscope as it bent the ailerons.

  88. Reaching back of him, he pointed out the way to detach the gyroscope and put a sort of brake on it that stopped its revolutions almost instantly.

  89. Kennedy shrugged his shoulders non-committally, as if he had never heard of the patent office or the gyroscope in his life.

  90. Norton reached over and attached the little dynamo, at the same time setting the gyroscope at its proper angle and starting it.

  91. Look at the gyroscope dynamo," he whispered.

  92. I took my hands off, and the gyroscope leisurely and nonchalantly went back to its original position.

  93. I can't say I know much about either the gyroscope or the aeroplane, but from what I hear the fellows at the office say it would seem to me that the gyroscope is a pretty good thing to keep off an aeroplane, not to put on it.

  94. You see, the gyroscope is really a flywheel mounted on gimbals and can turn on any of its angles so that it can assume any angle in space.

  95. Could you fly in this machine without the gyroscope at all?

  96. I'll show them yet that my application of the gyroscope is patentable.

  97. Then it wasn't the gyroscope in that case?

  98. Detach your gyroscope and dynamo," it read.

  99. Brennan's resource, therefore, was to treat his gyroscope as a top.

  100. Of all machines in the world, the gyroscope is the simplest, for, in its essential form, it is no more than a wheel revolving.

  101. It is a gyroscope revolving in a perpendicular plane, a steel wheel weighing three quarters of a ton and spinning at the rate of three thousand revolutions to the minute.

  102. It is seen in the ordinary spinning top, which stands erect in its capacity of a gyroscope revolving horizontally.

  103. The gyroscope governed their direction as well as their equilibrium.

  104. He wanted to make a gigantic gyroscope weighing several tons, to be run by an electric motor and put on a sailing ship.

  105. He wanted this gyroscope to keep a platform perfectly horizontal, no matter how rough the sea was.

  106. He showed me a gyroscope he had got up which made the incredible number of 4000 revolutions in a second.

  107. It is this: in order that the gyroscope may exercise its fundamental property of holding its axis fixed, it must have that axis so adjusted that it is free to oscillate or wabble.

  108. But whatever the future of the gyroscope as applied to pleasure-craft, there can be little doubt about its utility as applied to vessels of war.

  109. It is merely a top or gyroscope in gimbal frames, such as I have already referred to.

  110. It was estimated by Professor Lambert that a gyroscope of sufficient size to render even a Channel steamer stable would represent energy equal to fifty thousand foot-pounds--making it comparable, therefore, to an enormous projectile.

  111. Should such a gyroscope in action break loose from its trunnions, it would go through the ship with all the devastating effect of a monster cannon ball.

  112. Moreover, the two linked gyroscopes keep their planes of revolution parallel to the rail, as is essential to their proper action, and as a single gyroscope would not do.

  113. Reverting to the diagram, the gyroscope or top proper is at the centre, revolving on the axis O A.

  114. How the gyroscope is installed on this car, p.

  115. In any event there is an elementary fact about the gyroscope that I have not yet stated.

  116. So installed, the Schlick gyroscope does not interfere in the least with the steering or with the ordinary progression of the ship.

  117. As a friend of Sir Henry Bessemer, he knew of that gentleman's experiments with the gyroscope in attempting to make a steady room in a ship, but these also availed him nothing.

  118. Now perhaps I'll get my gyroscope finished.

  119. I was in hopes you could give me a little time to help me on my gyroscope invention," went on the aged man.

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