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Example sentences for "gyro"

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  1. Joe heard the small gyro motors as their speed went up.

  2. Now hold the gyro as shown at B and give the wheel a good spin.

  3. The gyro is set with its shaft at right angles with the long axis of the torpedo, as shown at C.

  4. This done, walk straight ahead, and as long as you do so you will hardly know that you are carrying the gyro, but the moment you try to change your direction you will feel the gyro twisting in your hand to counteract the movement.

  5. This is the purpose of the gyro in a torpedo, but in this case the wheel is very heavy and it is revolved at a high speed by a compressed air motor.

  6. Then Joe threw a switch and the reconstituted pilot gyro assembly began to hum quietly, and the humming rose to a whine, and the whine went deliberately up the scale until it ceased to be audible at all.

  7. If a precisely mounted gyro had its shaft pointed at the sun, for example, while it ran, its axis would try to follow the sun.

  8. The pilot gyro was essential to the functioning of the Platform.

  9. Of course the main-gyro linkage to the fabric of the Shed had to be broken for this test, or the gyros would have twisted the giant upon its support and all the scaffolding around it would have been broken and the men on it killed.

  10. Joe only remembered afterward to be astonished that Mike would know gyro theory.

  11. Every imaginable precaution would be taken to make sure that a critically essential device like the pilot gyro assembly would get safely where it belonged.

  12. A high-speed gyro could only be run for minutes in one single direction if its mount were fixed.

  13. This was two hours from the field from which it had taken off with the pilot gyro cases as its last item of collected cargo.

  14. Then the Chief yawned, and his eyes glazed as he stood in the huge gyro room.

  15. I'll bet when its body tilted over, the brain wasn't sure whether the gyro would keep it from being wrecked.

  16. The robot body tilted, but its gyro kept it from toppling over.

  17. His mind went back to the first gyro ball he had ever issued; the remembrance of his pride in the thing sickened him.

  18. He could have picked a safety belt or foetic gyro just as well.

  19. The foetic gyro ball was worn day and night, for life.

  20. A psychiatrist wouldn't give a foetic gyro to a man with claustrophobia.

  21. People would start needing two Cures--perhaps a foetic gyro and a safety belt--then another and another.

  22. The gyro actually passed over a man's shoulder, through his legs, under his arms.

  23. Others were large lumps from the computer-banks, gyro platform, fuel pumps, and other more massive components.

  24. The heading gyro in the autopilot is still drifting.

  25. He turned the base and we all watched the gymbal rings rotate to keep the gyro wheel in the same plane.

  26. If the axle is depressed on the right side, the gyro will turn so the far edge looks to the right.

  27. If you make the axle horizontal in front of you and rotate the gyro with the top edge going away from you, you can define a common reference.

  28. After climbing into the gyro and transmitting his flight plan, he had to sit seething for all of fifteen minutes before the Mount Diablo Flight Control Center deigned to lift his remote-controlled gyro into the air.

  29. He didn't want to answer, and he stayed on the roof securing the gyro and plugging in its battery-charger.

  30. The licenses that pertained to the gyro were in order, but there was trouble over Fred's personal documents: his ration-book contained far too few sales-validations.

  31. Motor-generator—for converting the ship’s current into current of proper characteristics for spinning the gyro wheels and operating the repeaters.

  32. We have the best Benoist models, Gyro motors, and every standard wrinkle.

  33. Another thing,” resumed the manufacturer, “when this lieutenant of yours speaks of Benoists and Gyro Motors, he is talking about something he does not understand.

  34. I noticed that he steered by a large gyro compass.

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