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Example sentences for "gyrations"

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gypto; gyrate; gyrated; gyrating; gyration; gyratory; gyre; gyrfalcon; gyri; gyro
  1. Witness the aerial gyrations of this species above its nesting-place, when it may be seen soaring and wheeling in lofty flight.

  2. No doubt these movements will recall to the observer the gyrations of the autumn flocks of Starlings, for there is much in common between the two.

  3. That all our wisdom is insufficient to protect us from frauds, one outwitting us by gyrations and flapjacks, and another by adding new joints to the cauda.

  4. She was conscious of the gyrations of Andy Bishop curled in the straw under her slender body, and she knew her curls were shrouding a face distorted with anxiety.

  5. The gyrations of the whirl grew, gradually, less and less violent.

  6. At length the retreat takes a steadier course, around the outer edge of the arena, not by forward steps, but the whirling gyrations of a waltz.

  7. At first their flight was direct--a raking off--but in drawing nearer the doomed bird it changed to gyrations as they essayed to mount above it.

  8. After a few majestic gyrations around the head of Staunton-hill, with a scream, they darted across the river to Great Doward, and thence on to quarter Coppet Wood.

  9. Dick's course was therefore unimpeded; and after sundry gyrations and stoppages, now and then, to peep through the loopholes, he emerged into broad daylight on the roof of the tower.

  10. The gyrations of the whirl grew gradually less and less violent.

  11. The Universe spun and whirled in mad gyrations about him as he reeled drunkenly to his feet, staggering and sprawling.

  12. Besides, if the partial chaos has been really round and homogeneous, we shall see that these gyrations must have taken up, and to some extent preserved, the circular form.

  13. Instead of diminishing, the erratic gyrations of the whirling boat seemed to continually increase, if such a thing were possible.

  14. The floating shanty boat kept performing all manner of remarkable gyrations under the influence of wind and waves.

  15. He accepted Suvy's momentum, spine-disturbing jolts, and sudden gyrations with the calmness and art of a master.

  16. My eyes, dazzled with the lights and bewildered by the throngs, ceased to distinguish the gyrations and evolutions of these winged playmates, till presently my host re-emerged from the crowd and alighted at my side.

  17. Let mother get the beast, sonny," Martha pleaded as she knelt on the grass and caught the dancing boy by his arm and brought his dervish gyrations to a halt.

  18. It has been stated in the text, that the gyrations of the top depend exactly upon the same principle as that which produces the precession of the equinoxes; viz.

  19. Of this she appeared to take no notice, though undoubtedly a score of eyes were watching his gymnastic gyrations from the deck and bridge of the vessel.

  20. Up there at 9,000 feet they performed the most amazing gymnastic gyrations and contortions.

  21. The way in which Lino helps the dancers in their favourite gyrations by his inimitable and ever-varied performance on the clarionet, should be a warning to protecting mammas!

  22. It made no difference to the other dancers what his condition might be, they continued their gyrations apparently indifferent to the condition of the victim of hunger and torture beneath the blanket.

  23. He did not take kindly to dragging the deer after him and showed his displeasure by performing such gyrations as only a Texas cow pony can accomplish.

  24. Deacons and Sunday-school teachers waltzed together until the long room shook, and the very bunting on the walls waved and fluttered with the gyrations of those religious dervishes.

  25. The gyrations may either be immediately generated by the rotations of the bodies about their axes, or directly result from disturbances of the Aether caused by their motions of translation.

  26. When a traction engine passed towing a threshing machine the sorrel mare showed her mettle in a series of gyrations that all but landed Archie in a fence corner.

  27. He raised his hand as a signal to Congdon not to fire, and waited, hanging back in the shadows, watching the wild gyrations of the madman.

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