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Example sentences for "hoot"

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hoose; hooses; hoosh; hoosie; hoost; hootch; hooted; hooter; hooting; hootings
  1. Here men may see þe vertus of dyuerse herbes, whiche ben hoot and whiche ben coold, and to how many þinges they arne goode.

  2. Rosemarye is boþe tre and herbe hoot and drie.

  3. Isop is hoot and drie in ij degreis so seith Ipocrace if a man drynke it fastynge.

  4. A few minutes later there broke upon the night air the dismal hoot of an owl.

  5. I heard an owl hoot in the shadows yonder, no more.

  6. You can imitate its voice and deliberately "hoot it up.

  7. The hoot of the owl came again, a little nearer now.

  8. The long, sinister hoot in reply came from a point considerably farther away, but at about the same height on the slope.

  9. The hoot of an owl came from the depths of the forest behind him and he knew that it was a signal.

  10. Anyway, we can tell in a minute or two, 'cause them owls are sure to hoot again.

  11. Still the hawser was paid out at last, and Appleby stood up breathless, smeared with slime and coal-dust when the ropes astern fell with a splash, and there was a hoot from the bustling little tug.

  12. The tug went by, and Niven set his lips when with a farewell hoot of her whistle she vanished into the blackness astern.

  13. Suddenly a loud "hoo-hoo" like the hoot of an owl sounded from the shore.

  14. Now even Lathrop was enough of a naturalist to know that owls do not hoot in the broad daylight, so they all stopped and exchanged wondering glances.

  15. Just understand that I don't give a hoot in a scuttlebutt if you do turn me over to the police," pursued the man.

  16. I don't suppose you give a hoot for my advice, Captain Mayo, but I'm talking to you in the best spirit in the world.

  17. Well up in the sound the bell of Tarpaulin Cove reassured him, and after a time he heard the unmistakable blast of the great reed horn of Nobska uttering its triple hoot like a giant owl perched somewhere in the mists.

  18. My owners have never told me to let the law go to hoot and ram her for all she's worth!

  19. That his father had been a junk dealer was not reason to hoot at him.

  20. I have to know why the children hoot 'Tony the tin man' at me.

  21. But when at length the hoot of the General's car warned him of his visitors' advent as they turned in at the gate, he was suddenly conscious of a feeling of relief that he was alone.

  22. Across the park an owl called persistently, its eerie hoot curiously like the cry of a human voice through the rustling night.

  23. The merry insolence of this brought a hoarse hoot of delight from both sides.

  24. Wade did not wake when the cook's wailing hoot called the camp in the morning.

  25. There was scarcely a sound, though now and then a bird twittered somewhere in the foliage and once he beard the mournful hoot of an owl far away to his left.

  26. I have heard of a certain band of outlaws that always used the hoot of the owl as their signal to each other.

  27. The roote springith, thurgh hoot brenning, 4815 Into disordinat desiring For to kissen and enbrace, And at her lust them to solace.

  28. A hoot came across the bay, a peculiar sound.

  29. Another hoot came across the bay from the Sea-mew.

  30. Everyone was listening for the arrival of the last guests, and when after some minutes there came the rush of wheels under the window and the loud hoot of a motor everyone jumped.

  31. It was the custom of the Lord Dundonalds, moreover, to hoot the Rev.

  32. In a postscript Lamb says that he has since read the play and it is not bad: "Who knows, but Owls do make Puns when they hoot by moonshine.

  33. Even as he spoke, there came the rush of wheels on the hard road outside and the hoot of a motor horn.

  34. The glass door into the garden was wide open so that he could hear the first hoot of a motor, and he was listening for it with a lynx-like intensity, a concentration that had in it something almost terrible.

  35. I heard the drumming of a pheasant and the hoot of a wise old owl away over in "Sleepy Hollow.

  36. As we stood still there came up from the trees in the glen the prolonged hoot of an owl.

  37. A neighbour of mine, who is said to have a nice ear, remarks that the owls about this village hoot in three different keys, in G flat, or F sharp, in B flat and A flat.

  38. White owls seem not (but in this I am not positive) to hoot at all: all that clamorous hooting appears to me to come from the wood kinds.

  39. When brown owls hoot their throats swell as big as an hen's egg.

  40. Owls have very expressive notes; they hoot in a fine vocal sound, much resembling the vox humana, and reducible by a pitch-pipe to a musical key.

  41. A friend remarks that many (most) of his owls hoot in B flat: but that one went almost half a note below A.

  42. Then without the slightest warning, except one shrill hoot from overhead, a number of things happened.

  43. Twice the car stopped; each time it moved on again after a hoot or two, and at last drew up at the platform whence it had started, although a hundred yards further out.

  44. Once a hoot rang far away, as if some ominous bird of passage were crossing between London and the stars, and once the cry of a woman sounded thin and shrill from the direction of the river.

  45. She pours the owls upon us: They hoot with horrid noise And eat the naughty mousie-girls And wicked mousie-boys.

  46. The nights are getting frosty and the fire feels pretty good, I like to see the flames creep up among the burning wood; Away across the hilltops I can hear the hoot owl call, He is looking for his supper, I guess he knows its Fall.

  47. Once or twice he thought he heard cries like the hoot of the owl or the howl of the wolf, but they were so far away that he was uncertain.

  48. Far to the right of them rose the hoot of an owl, but it was a real owl and they paid no attention to it.

  49. Both hoot and howl might be a product of the imagination.

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