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  1. I have determined upon naming this beautiful little anchorage Port Kennedy, after my predecessor, the discoverer of Bellot Strait, of which it is decidedly the port.

  2. At turn of tide on Friday morning it began to drift eastward, and by this time being much broken up, and a breeze coming to our aid, we managed to extricate ourselves and reach a secure anchorage in Point Kennedy.

  3. Dampier also in the margin of his written Journal where the second anchorage is mentioned, has inserted the note following: 'At the North end of the Island we saw water running down from the rocks.

  4. A mile within the rock is good anchorage in six, eight or ten fathoms, hard sand and clear ground.

  5. The anchorage is within a pistol-shot of the shore, in depth from 15 to 20 fathoms.

  6. The same day, they quitted their anchorage at Puna, intending to anchor again at Point Santa Elena, and there to enter afresh into negociation for ransom of prisoners: but in the evening, two Spanish Ships of War came in sight.

  7. Their fastenings, however, did not hold the ship against the strong flurries that blew from the land, and she was twice forced to sea; but each time recovered the anchorage without much difficulty.

  8. Blewet, too, has gone well to windward of the French, though he can fetch into no anchorage short of Portsmouth, if this breeze stand.

  9. But, charmed as he was with the friendly simplicity of the natives, he determined to remain some time in the vicinity, provided safe anchorage could be found.

  10. Wild plots were concocted for the destruction of the man-of-war, that, sullen and unyielding, lay at her anchorage in the harbor.

  11. She floated lightly at her anchorage under the guns of two heavy batteries.

  12. Such considerations, however, had no weight with Decatur, who had seen his ships lying idly at their anchorage off Staten Island long enough.

  13. When, by the gray light of early morning, the lookout on the "Constellation" saw the British fleet lying quietly at their anchorage down the bay, he reported to Capt.

  14. Porter remained but a short time at this island, as its shallow bays afforded no safe anchorage for the vessels.

  15. The first was lost in the gathering darkness far out in the North Sea, and still the cloud of smoke over the anchorage was as thick as ever; still the black plumes kept appearing around the bend.

  16. A submarine had about the same chance of reaching that anchorage as a German in the uniform of the Death's Head Hussars, with a bomb under his arm, of reaching the vaults of the Bank of England.

  17. It has good anchorage for vessels of large size and is well sheltered from the north winds.

  18. When the southeast winds prevail it is not a safe anchorage for ships.

  19. This anchorage they happily reached on the 24th; and expected to have met with that friendly reception which their distresses demanded, from a power professing neutrality.

  20. The sloops of war, two bombs, and several transports that were with the fleet, were more successful; as they got under weigh, and reached the anchorage under the protection of the fort of Aboukir.

  21. Sir Edward became anxious therefore to find an anchorage in the neighbourhood, where the fleet could ride out a gale, and obtain necessary supplies.

  22. The fleet sailed, and beat across the North Sea to their station, without an accident; and the enemy returned to their former anchorage as soon as the blockading force appeared.

  23. On the northern or leeward side there is an opening through which vessels can pass to the anchorage within.

  24. It was best, we thought, not to mince matters with her; and we stated minutely how time after time the anchorage of the schooner had been precisely located, and then in a little while had been unlocated again.

  25. All these things had the veteran seaman weighed in his mind, they all inclined him to wait still longer in that secure anchorage where he could not be touched by his foe.

  26. Of the twenty-four galleys which left their anchorage twelve were lost and the twelve which remained were practically valueless until large sums had been spent in repairs.

  27. In all except easterly winds it affords an excellent anchorage which was much used by ships of the Royal Navy in the old sailing days, and it is still a great yachting station.

  28. Hamoaze, a great anchorage for men-of-war.

  29. The anchorage at the head of the Sound, once very much exposed and dangerous in southerly winds, is now protected by a stone breakwater nearly a mile long, designed to shelter ships of the Royal Navy.

  30. Not many months after the Lysistrata disappeared from its anchorage at Cannes, the man who had been the reason--and means--of Riviera visits to more journalists than myself died at Beaulieu.

  31. Climate as much as the safe anchorage attracted pirates.

  32. The whole of the fleet had lain for days at their anchorage behind Tenedos.

  33. The beach"--and those two words were used to include the thousands that inhabited it and the adjacent hillsides--watched the vessels chased from anchorage to anchorage.

  34. It offered as fine an anchorage as could be wished for the forty transports and escorting warships.

  35. Approach of the Act├Žon to her Anchorage 42 Turkish Fleet.

  36. The anchorage Verrazano thought a safe one; for though there was no harbor, he says that the water continued deep very close to the shore, and there was excellent holding-ground for the anchor.

  37. Trying to make an anchorage within, one of the vessels struck a reef and became a total wreck, and only a small part of her cargo was saved.

  38. As Verrazano had good anchorage for his ship, he sent his boat in.

  39. But even so, he purposed staying at his new anchorage but three days, "for I cannot bear the thought of being absent from the scene of action" at Toulon.

  40. On the 24th Nelson joined the commander-in-chief in Martello Bay, the outer anchorage of San Fiorenzo.

  41. At half-past five in the evening of July 24 the squadron reached an anchorage two or three miles north of Santa Cruz, and all boats were ordered prepared for a night expedition.

  42. The "Minerve" and the "Romulus" looked first into the old British anchorage in San Fiorenzo Bay, which was found deserted.

  43. They had advanced, and they had seized Vado Bay, cutting off the intercourse between Genoa and France, which Bonaparte deemed so important, and at the same time securing an anchorage for the fleet.

  44. It was incumbent upon the French to repossess Vado, for, by affording safe anchorage to small hostile cruisers, it effectually stopped the trade with Genoa.

  45. The Austrian front was parallel, in a general sense, to that of the enemy, and a couple of leagues to the eastward; thus securing for the British Vado Bay, considered the best anchorage between Genoa and Nice.

  46. To the westward, her territory along the Riviera included Vintimiglia, bordering there on the county of Nice, and contained Vado Bay, the best anchorage between Nice and Genoa.

  47. A cluster of islands, called the Beaver Islands, had been in sight on our left hand, since passing the coast of the Sleeping Bear, which are noted as affording good anchorage ground to vessels navigating the lake.

  48. The present town is pleasantly situated around a little bay that affords good clay anchorage and a protection from west and north winds.

  49. From the fact of its affording a good anchorage to vessels, I am inclined to think that it is wholly composed of clay and gravel.

  50. This position was directly opposite Middle Island, a noted anchorage about six miles distant.

  51. A sail of eighteen nautical miles brought them to their anchorage at the extreme point of Cape Anne.

  52. This anchorage was between Campobello and Moose Island, on which is situated the town of Eastport.

  53. Nearly twelve leagues in a southwesterly direction from their anchorage at Stage Harbor in Chatham would bring them to Nobska Point, at the entrance of the Vineyard Sound.

  54. There is anchorage here only for shallops.

  55. The anchorage was in Chatham Roads, or Old Stage Harbor.

  56. The anchorage for the repair of the barque near this bay, two leagues from Cape Fourchu, was probably near Pinckney Point, or it may have been under the lee of one of the Tusquet Islands.

  57. This anchorage appears to have been in Quoddy Roads between Quoddy Head and Lubeck.

  58. A large fleet of ships of all sizes occupied the anchorage abreast of the town; and as we drew nearer two vessels seemed to stand out from among the rest and challenge my recognition.

  59. One of the troubles about living in a home that wanders on the waters, is that each time you change anchorage you must hunt up new places for getting things and getting things done.

  60. We were going to turn into this stream, not merely for the stream itself, but for a convenient anchorage from which to reach the last of the noted river homes that we should visit--Shirley, the colonial seat of the Carters.

  61. In this harbour, we heard often the stirring cry out of the high heavens that our ears had caught once in our anchorage at Westover.

  62. Our plan was to find an anchorage a little way up the creek, and then next day to start with the rising tide for a run on up to Weyanoke.

  63. Upon its coming out in the conversation that we wished to remain at our anchorage for some time and should like to know of any limitations placed upon visitors, the freedom of the island was most kindly extended to us.

  64. Isolated as our anchorage was, we had a connecting link between Gadabout and civilization.

  65. We found a deep place that would do for an anchorage nearly opposite Lower Weyanoke, and close beside a little company of trees that showered Gadabout with red and yellow leaves.

  66. But although it was the entrepot of a flourishing coasting trade, the shallowness of its river, the want of anchorage at its embouchure, and its vicinity to Shanghai, combined to preclude the growth of foreign commerce at the port of Ningpo.

  67. They accordingly withdrew to the anchorage of Tongku, which became the rendezvous of all the ships of war.

  68. The British community, when forced to seek safety on board of their ships, were pursued from anchorage to anchorage by the implacable vengeance of the Imperial Commissioner.

  69. Weihai-wei became very familiar, not as a place of trade, which it never was, but as a convenient anchorage better sheltered than Chefoo.

  70. Those who had seen Mrs. Ault when her carriage took her occasionally to Ault's office in the city were much impressed by her graceful manner and sweet face, and her appearance gave Ault a sort of anchorage in the region of respectability.

  71. The news went speedily round that Captain Delancy's flag was flying at the anchorage off the landing.

  72. After having returned to her anchorage off the coast of Iceland, he sailed again in July for a second attempt.

  73. If the anchorage is clear, I shall spend a few days in examining the island, which by all accounts would appear to be most curious.

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