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  1. On the rim of a shallow, saucer-like basin that lay cunningly concealed until one stood upon the very edge of it, Annie-Many-Ponies stopped again and stood looking out from under her spread palm.

  2. Perhaps here was once a torrent flowing from the basin-like hollow walled round with rock; at any rate, great bowlders were scattered all along the rim as though spewed from the basin by some mighty force of the bygone ages.

  3. Reed flutes and drums are their chief instruments of music; the former they immerse in a shallow basin of water, and thereby imitate the warbling of birds.

  4. Under the name of Yampatickara or Root-eaters and Bonacks they occupy with the Utahs the vast elevated basin of the Great Salt Lake, extending south and west to the borders of New Mexico and California.

  5. Inhabit the Tonto basin from the Mogollon Mountains on the north to Salt River on the south, and between the Sierra Ancha on the east to the Mazatsal Mountains.

  6. The Nijoras dwell in the basin of the Rio Azul.

  7. Carolus knew where he was, he received the slop-basin with its contents full in the face.

  8. I don't know how to throw a basin of coffee.

  9. Killarney's lakes are irregular sheets of water lying in a basin at the foot of a very high range of mountains, set with islands and begirt with rocky and wooded heights.

  10. Its outline is bold and jagged, and it sits ensconced in a basin of blue water, which, in the twilight, is lit up by the western sun in a manner like nothing else so much as that of the theatre.

  11. The hills forming the sides of this basin are very low and partly wooded.

  12. The rim of this basin is the divide Pike crosses over to-day.

  13. The whole of this Kansan route would be in the Missourian watershed, were it not for the northward extension of the Arkansan basin in the drainage of the Neosho and Vermilion rivers.

  14. Atlantic waters collectively from those of the general basin of the Colorado.

  15. Sand Dunes and the mountains, in the San Luis basin (Saguache Co.

  16. The far-famed Fort Chartres is called by Wallace "the only great architectural work of the French in the entire basin of the Mississippi, over which, in succession, had proudly floated the flags of two powerful nations.

  17. Arkansaw River basin he has reached are those of a river called the White, which is perfectly true.

  18. The early names themselves seem open to the interpretation here offered, and I know from several futile attempts which I made that Pike's geography of the Colorado basin would be hard to square with the facts in any other way.

  19. In cutting off this small segment of the Verdigris basin he passed from Lyon into Chase Co.

  20. The Verdigris has of course its proper basin or drainage within the more general watershed of the Neosho and other Arkansan as distinguished from Missourian waters.

  21. III-39] The Expedition crosses the Sangre de Cristo range to the basin of the Rio Grande, and is about to enter the San Luis valley.

  22. Proceeded on to the dividing ridge between the waters of White river and the Kans [more exactly, from basin of the Cottonwood to that of the Smoky Hill].

  23. When we had the basin excavated to a depth of about a foot, all three of us (for Peter was once more on the job) scattered to find stones to hold the banks.

  24. Then, while Stella sat on the bank and watched the water rise, I shovelled some of the earth removed from the basin into the now abandoned temporary channel, and packed it down.

  25. I scrubbed my hands and face at the kitchen sink in a tin basin which recalled my childhood, took a long draught from the tin dipper, filled my pipe, and strolled down through the budding orchard toward the brook.

  26. During the six weeks of her life in Canaan, she had never once seen in this or any other household the least sign of any toilet appointments, except a tin basin at the pump, a roller-towel on the porch, and a small mirror in the kitchen.

  27. Underneath this table, the space between the four legs was occupied by a heap of ashes; in front and behind this were ill-defined basin hollows.

  28. At one spot, there was a dainty basin of limestone into which a pretty veil of spring water fell gracefully.

  29. The operation is carried on through the entire series, until the liquor in the last basin contains about 2% of boric acid.

  30. Water is led into the highest basin and by the action of the heated gases is soon brought into a state of ebullition; after remaining in this basin for about a day, it is run off into the second one and is treated there in a similar manner.

  31. In the London Basin these beds are represented only by thin sandy clays In the Middle Bagshot group.

  32. The principal plateaus are in the Tambunan and Kaningau valleys, in the basin of the Pagalan, and the Ranau plain to the eastward of the base of Kinabalu.

  33. The water-parting between the Niger basin and the coast streams of Dahomey and Lagos runs north-east and south-west near the western frontier.

  34. The basin here excavated by ten years of labour, lying 385 ft.

  35. There is also a tidal basin opening off the entrance channel.

  36. In the Paris Basin the "Calcaire grossier" lies upon the same geological horizon.

  37. Two jetties enclose a channel leading into the river, which forms a tidal basin with a depth at neap-tides of 24 ft.

  38. The place was accessible from the sea through a narrow inlet, opening into a small, perfectly sheltered basin at the back of the sand-dunes.

  39. I had escaped from the dream of a cavern, I found myself with my head pillowed on a fat woman's breast, and drinking chicken broth out of a basin held to my lips.

  40. He dropped a gold ball into a silver basin that was by the bedside, and it sounded like a great bell.

  41. I took a chair near the marble rim of the basin with its border of English flowers, its splashing thread of water.

  42. The cloistered court, with its marble basin and a jet of water in the centre, remained empty for a moment after the negro had run across; a growing clamour penetrated into it.

  43. She left the other girls to do so and from another worker in this up-to-date, sweet-smelling place, Dorothy begged a basin of milk for their new pet.

  44. An involuntary shudder overcame me, as we passed the head of the island at the foot of our host's orchard, which he had described as a catch-basin for human floaters.

  45. The whitewashed cabin of a squatter and his few log outbuildings occupy a little basin to one side of the bluff.

  46. The good frau steeped for us a pot of tea, and in other ways helped us to grace our dinner, which we spread on a bench under a grape arbor, by the side of the yawning stone basin of the lock.

  47. This latter river had for its estuary a broad basin resembling a lake, and its entrance was marked by two round mountains on the one side and a lofty promontory on the other.

  48. This chain is continuous and of fairly uniform altitude, with the exception of a break in the vicinity of Santiago where the wide basin of Santiago Bay cuts across the main trend of the range.

  49. This promise brought the inquisitive Jenny to the basin directly.

  50. Jenny brought in a large basin of warm water and began to foment it first, touching it so tenderly.

  51. When the juice is given medicinally it causes a bad stomach-ache, with much dryness of the throat: for which reason Sydenham [70] always ordered a basin of soup to be given after it.

  52. Branches, leaves, and chips of the trees are soaked in water until it is saturated with the extract, which is then turned out into an earthen basin to coagulate.

  53. And now will you take a basin of soup, and warm yourself, while his Highness continues his account of being frozen to death this spring at the top of Mont-Blanc: how was it, Prince?

  54. The dame accordingly soon appeared, bearing a tray with a basin of boiling water and one large thick biscuit.

  55. When anyone said "Aunt Lison" the words caused no more feeling of affection in anyone's heart than if the coffee pot or sugar basin had been mentioned.

  56. A basin of the latter was brought to me, but unless I had been told it was coffee, I'm sure I should never have guessed it.

  57. A chair was placed under the trees and on it a wash-basin into which each plate was put.

  58. The studio was at the back of the house, and the drawing-room looked over the river, and we seldom went into it, but I remember that he had matting on the floor, and a large Japanese basin with water and goldfish in it.

  59. Scarcely five minutes on an average intervened between every two successive peals; and after the direct shock of each avalanche had died away the air of the basin continued to be shaken by the echoes reflected from its bounding walls.

  60. The basin had been scooped by glaciers, and as we paused at its entrance the rounded and fluted rocks were beneath our feet.

  61. After crossing the basin our way lay partly over slopes of snow, partly over loose shingle, and at one place along the edge of a formidable precipice of rock.

  62. Right in front of us, and from its proximity more gigantic to the eye, was the Schreckhorn, while from couloirs and mountain-slopes the matter of glaciers yet to be was poured into the vast basin on the rim of which we now stood.

  63. Two moraines run along the basin of the Talefre, one from the Jardin, the other from an adjacent promontory, proceeding parallel to each other towards the summit of the great ice-fall.

  64. All round the basin the snow reared itself like a buttress against the precipitous cliffs, being streaked and fluted by the descent of blocks from the summits.

  65. In the Murray basin the average discharge relative to the rainfall is estimated to be about 27 per centum from a record of seven years, and has risen as high as 36 per centum in a flood year.

  66. During the last four years, forty thousand settlers have taken up lands in the Yazoo basin alone, and it was estimated that in the fall of 1889 twenty thousand more would seek homes in the same district.

  67. What must have been the effect when each one of these 'breathing holes' was vomiting liquid fire and sulphur into the basin in which we stood?

  68. This basin was the last vestige of Aztec dominion; and when there no longer was any safe shelter upon the land, Guatemozin retired to his canoe and took shelter here, and calmly waited till his time should come to be murdered.

  69. The little stream that had burst its way through the upright columns and over the broken fragments, fell into a perfect basin of basalt, heightening immensely the attractions of the spot.

  70. If we consider the two partly separated valleys as one, the whole will constitute an oval basin 75 miles long from north to south, with an average width from east to west of 20 miles.

  71. It is gathered from the central basin by cutting off a side-leaf and cutting out the heart, just before the sprouting of the hampe, for whose sustenance this juice is destined.

  72. The mines of the Boise basin in Idaho not only were rich and easily worked, but were so situated as to encourage homemaking and the up-building of a permanent community.

  73. Lying in the Tarim basin to the east of the Pamirs, the principal scene of his labours is far removed from those regions of Western and Central Asia from which direct light may be expected upon the Sumerian problem.

  74. Limestone head of a lion which decorated the corner of a basin set up by Gudea in Ningirsu's temple at Lagash (Shirpurla).

  75. Limestone head of a lion from the corner of a basin in Ningirsu's temple 23.

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