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Example sentences for "dishpan"

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  1. Therefore they straightway returned to the Emerald City and presented the dishpan to Princess Ozma as a token of their joy that she had been restored to them.

  2. They saw the dishpan tremble an instant and then disappear, the dove disappearing with it, and although they waited expectantly for some minutes for the magician's return, Ugu did not come back again.

  3. The King turned to the throng of toy bears surrounding him and asked: "Has any of you ever seen this golden dishpan before?

  4. So he threw a scarf over the girl's head, so she could not scream, and pushed her into the dishpan and tied her fast, so she could not move.

  5. At a magic word, which Ugu learned from the book, the dishpan would grow large enough for a man to sit inside it.

  6. But, if you cannot be happy without the magic dishpan you have lost, you are likely to learn more about it in the Emerald City than at any other place in Oz.

  7. Instantly the dishpan grew as large as a big washtub and Ugu seated himself in it and grasped the two handles.

  8. Then, when he grasped both the golden handles, the dishpan would transport him in an instant to any place he wished to go within the borders of the Land of Oz.

  9. On being questioned, the Frogman told them the whole story of the loss of Cayke's highly prized dishpan and their adventures in search of it.

  10. Stealing is a thing practically unknown in Oz, yet this Ozma has been taken and a friend of mine has also had her dishpan stolen.

  11. The diamond dishpan still remained in the cage, but the bars kept it from falling down on their heads.

  12. Then Cayke told her of the diamond-studded gold dishpan and how it had been mysteriously stolen from her house, after which she had discovered that she could no longer cook good cookies.

  13. He does so, and finds that some power is opposing him, holding the dishpan to one place.

  14. The racket with the dishpan is made by putting the toe of the foot into one of the handles or ears, and beating the pan about.

  15. Then the dishpan receives such treatment that it makes a terrible noise.

  16. Sure I do," answered the girl, removing the battered dishpan from the heap of crockery.

  17. As her eyes fell on the old cottage opposite she was surprised to see a dishpan sail through the open window, to fall with a clatter of broken dishes on the hard ground of the yard.

  18. They tied the horses to scrub cedars, and relieved Dishpan of her pack.

  19. When he returned he brought Dishpan and their saddle-horses with him.

  20. When they returned they poured some of the water into the dishpan and Spotty sucked it up greedily while they hurried to pour the rest into the mudhole where the pig liked to wallow.

  21. Levicy dropped the dishpan and retched a hand to the table.

  22. Presently, she slowly drew herself up from her chair and began to clear the table, piling the few dishes they had used, under the dishpan in the sink.

  23. Picking up the tea-kettle, she filled the dishpan and carried the kettle back to the stove, setting it down hard before she spoke.

  24. Grandpa Croaker in such a deep bass voice that he made the dishpan on the gas stove rattle as loudly as if Bully or Bawly were drumming on it with a wishbone from the Thanksgiving turkey.

  25. Anyhow, I don’t believe the old gentleman frog would have cared, for Bawly’s papa was at work in the wallpaper factory and his mamma had gone to the five and ten cent store to buy a new dishpan that didn’t have a hole in it.

  26. He dragged from the chuck box a dishpan full of steaks, cut the night before.

  27. And here we are, captured ourselves, and my darling dishpan up there in plain sight!

  28. Even Cayke neglected to get her diamond-studded dishpan because she was watching the Patchwork Girl.

  29. He listened to the story with his big eyes wide open behind his spectacles, and said in his deep, croaking voice, "If the dishpan is stolen, somebody must have taken it.

  30. I suppose you imagine, because you have stolen this poor woman's dishpan and all the best magic in Oz, that you are more powerful than we are and will be able to triumph over us.

  31. Our plan," explained the Frogman in his important way, "is to travel from place to place until we learn where the thief is located and then to force him to return the dishpan to its proper owner.

  32. If your dishpan is anywhere in the world, I am sure to find it.

  33. And is the dishpan still at the castle of Ugu the Shoemaker?

  34. For my part," remarked a third Yip, "I would rather go back home and dig and polish some more diamonds and mine some more gold and make you another dishpan than be scratched from head to heel by these dreadful bushes.

  35. It is your dishpan that is lost, not ours.

  36. But if you cannot be happy without the magic dishpan you have lost, you are likely to learn more about it in the Emerald City than at any other place in Oz.

  37. That there existed in Oz--in the Yip Country--a jeweled dishpan made of gold, which dishpan would grow large enough for a man to sit inside it.

  38. Jack found a big dishpan and he struck up a tattoo on that with a carving knife and fork.

  39. I don't mind putting the things in a dishpan outside.

  40. Immediately my dishpan began to glow with a kind of philosophic halo!

  41. He then vanished into the kitchen with his wife, whence Titania heard the cheerful clank of crockery in a dishpan and the splashing of hot water.

  42. Isn't it fairer to up and say so than to be always hoping the dishpan will spring a leak, and dish-towels will blow away?

  43. Nancy, pushing the dishpan away so as not to bend the longest stalk, which was brushed against it.

  44. Pee-Wee glanced at the bare counter and the empty jars and the shiny dishpan which held nothing but Pepsy's ball of worsted and the terrible ornamental thing that she was knitting.

  45. She was seized with sudden terror and the dishpan full of doughnuts shook in her hands as she placed it in full view by Pee-Wee's order.

  46. Failure could not lurk in such festal array, the tin dishpan full of greasy doughnuts, the homemade rolls and fresh sausages (which were better than any common wayside frankfurters) would certainly lure the hungry thither.

  47. I wish Nurse Jane's gold and diamond dishpan to be mended," said Uncle Wiggily.

  48. In all Woodland, where Uncle Wiggily and the animal folk lived, there was not another gold and diamond dishpan to be had.

  49. I'll take the diamond dishpan down to the five and ten cent store and have them mend it for you.

  50. Can't I bring you a diamond dishpan or a gold wash rag from the five and ten cent store?

  51. Put blackberries into a colander, let cold water run over them and set colander for a few minutes into a dishpan to drain; put the berries into a glass dish with powdered sugar.

  52. I suppose the spiders and centipedes come in through the open screen, too, don't they, and roost in the dishpan hanging on the wall!

  53. Yes, but see how many dishes you break, and the things you spill because you will flap your arms about like a Dutch windmill instead of keeping them in the dishpan where they belong.

  54. Connie screamed, caught desperately at the pipe, and fell to the floor in a sickening jumble of stove-pipe, dishpan and soot beyond her wildest fancies!

  55. And it was upon this same dishpan that Connie climbed so carefully in search of her darling dime.

  56. She had discovered that the dishpan turned upside down on the chair, gave her sufficient height to reach her novel banking place.

  57. If it had been a nanimal," she said, thoughtfully, "it would have knocked the dishpan off the bench and broken the plate.

  58. Faith made it for the minister's reception and put it on the wash-bench under a dishpan to cool.

  59. There is nothing under the dishpan but an empty plate.

  60. Off at one side, a dishpan struck with a drumstick resounded once with a hollow clang.

  61. The dishpan gong resounded with two slow strokes.

  62. Sally, raking the suds from the dishpan off her arms and hands, accepted the pile of garments dumbly, but resentment gushed hotly in her throat.

  63. The Potato Face Blind Man said to him, "I have to carry home a heavy load of money to-night, an aluminum dishpan full of silver dollars and a galvanized iron washtub full of silver dollars.

  64. Such is the explanation why you see the aluminum dishpan and galvanized iron tub.

  65. He shoveled out of the wheelbarrow till the dishpan was full, till the washtub was full.

  66. Then the man in overalls took a shovel and began shoveling silver dollars out of the wheelbarrow into the aluminum dishpan and the galvanized iron washtub.

  67. The aluminum dishpan and the galvanized iron washtub--what are they doing by the side of you on both sides on the sidewalk?

  68. Then as the wranglers clumped away to saddle their night-horses the dishpan clanged out its brazen summons and one by one the cowboys stirred and rose.

  69. The harsh clangor of Gloomy Gus's dishpan cut short his fitful sleep, and he rolled out of bed with his mind made up to quit.

  70. As the dishpan yammered and clashed discordantly he shuddered like a craven; and when Gus finally kicked open the door he could have cursed like any cow-puncher.

  71. You must'nt mind Daddy's crusty manner," she said with her hands in a dishpan of soapsuds.

  72. If you're finished with the dishpan I'll throw the water overside.

  73. Then from a peg on the outside wall, she took down a big tin dishpan and a huge wooden mixing spoon.

  74. Not unless you'd call pounding on a dishpan out of the ordinary.

  75. Reaching into the hollow log, he removed a tin pan somewhat smaller than the dishpan Mrs. Hawkins had used a few minutes earlier.

  76. It was annoying enough for us to have to interrupt breakfast or a bout with the razor or the dishpan to answer the bell and accept a key; but it was infuriating to be called out of bed unnecessarily in the wee small hours.

  77. One morning I had just set her in the dishpan of warm water on the kitchen table when the office bell rang.

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